whipped creme fraiche

Can You Freeze Creme Fraiche?

All the answers if you’re wondering can you freeze Crème Fraiche. There are several popular condiments that we use in the kitchen, each with its importance. Some are more versatile, while others are strictly for special occasions. While we may not dream of making such condiments ourselves, often the tastiest ones are the simplest. Crème …

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yuzu fruit

What on Earth is Yuzu Fruit?

What Is A Yuzu? Its Uses and Health Benefits Yuzu fruit, the superfood from Japan is considered ugly due to its lumpy physique. However, it’s perfectly tart, tangy, and tropical flavours paired with numerous health benefits have got everyone’s attention. Let’s learn more about this Japanese traditional fruit. What Is Yuzu Fruit? The scientific name …

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low calorie ice cream

Low Calorie Ice Cream

Should you make the switch to low-calorie ice cream? On a hot summer’s day, there can be nothing better than a creamy, airy scoop of ice cream. It’s something beloved by both adults and children alike, and for many good reasons. Chocolate lovers and fruit lovers can come together to enjoy the rich, decadent, creamy …

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how to make curry thicker

How to Make Curry Thicker

Learn a few Fixes to your Watery Curry! Curry is an essential part of many cuisines. We’ve already done a couple of articles about reheating a curry and cooling down a curry, but what happens when your curry is too watery? We are here to learn: how to make curry thicker.  A decent curry always …

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collard greens

What Are Collard Greens?

What’s the deal with Collard Greens? Collard, colewort or collard greens is a form of cabbage belonging to the mustard family. This plant contains vital minerals, Vitamin A and C and it’s one of the common leafy green vegetables used in a variety of recipes. What Are Collard Greens? Collard greens have dark green fanlike …

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An Indian Curry

How to Cool Down a Curry

All you need to know about How to cool down a curry The best thing a foodie can ever eat in your life is a curry. That is why travellers and people all over the world prefer curry whenever they visit a restaurant. Curry is a mouth-watering rich hot, to milder saucy food that brings …

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how to dry basil

How to Dry Basil

How To Dry Basil Leaves – Complete Guide One of the brightest tasting herbs to have in the kitchen is basil. The best thing about this herb is that it’s just as good even if it’s dried. Basil is very easy to grow in a home kitchen or garden. If you have a basil plant …

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