Author: Andy Canter

Andy Canter

Andy Canter

In my 10-year culinary journey, I've been privileged to explore the nuances of cooking, uncovering the unique methods each individual brings to even the simplest tasks like frying an egg or grilling salmon. This exploration of diverse culinary traditions has taken me around the world, enriching my understanding and approach to food. My insights and recipes have gained recognition, being featured in esteemed publications such as YAHOO, The Independent, Tasting Table, Mashed, among others. This exposure has not only validated my culinary pursuits but also broadened the reach of my gastronomic philosophy. However, I've noticed a trend in the online culinary world that needs addressing: the over-complication of online recipes by bloggers. There, I've said it. The internet is awash with recipes buried under lengthy life stories, which can be a hindrance to those simply wanting to cook a dish like a quick carbonara. At Cooked Best, I break away from this norm. Here, the food is the star. My approach is straightforward and to the point, respecting your time and culinary needs. Recipes are presented clearly and concisely, without unnecessary detours or anecdotes. After all, we understand that sometimes, all you want is to get straight to cooking and savoring your meal.
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