The 7 Best George Foreman Grilling Machines

The Ultimate Grill Guide.

If there’s something we know, it’s that George Foreman knows a thing or two about grilling. His grilling machines have become the industry standard and revolutionised how we cook in our own homes.

The only problem is that there are so many of his grilling machines on the market right now, it can be difficult to know which one to go for!

If you are looking to purchase a George Foreman grill or are looking to upgrade your existing grilling machine, look no further! We have developed the ultimate guide on the champs grilling machines and which one is most suited for your requirements.

We have conducted extensive research on 7 of the best George Foreman grilling machines and have collated all of our findings into this easy to follow guide just for you.

A look At The Best George Foreman Grilling Machines

We independently research, test, and recommend the best products just for you. In order to keep this site going,  we may receive commissions on some of the purchases made from the links below.

1. George Foreman 4-Portion Family Health Grill

The George Foreman 18471 grill enables you to cook all of your favourite foods in a healthier and more time efficient manner! The top and bottom grilling method reduces cooking time by 50% and unwanted fat/grease is pushed out of whatever you are cooking.

This 4 portion grill is the ideal solution for couples looking to cook quicker and healthier.

You can cook everything on this brilliant gadget from Pork, Tofu, Beef, Chicken & even Vegetables. It really is a must have for any health conscious person.

The “Ready To Cook” light indicates when the grill is ready to be used and the handy removable drip tray allow for easy cleaning.

Sleek, compact design
Easy Clean
Quick grilling

Struggle to fit 4 decent sizes pieces of meat on here
More of a 2 portion grill

6 Month Thoughts
Just like any George Foreman Grill, this machine is super reliable and easy to use. It cooks great tasting food in 50% of the time and you can visibly see all of the fat/grease coming out of your food. 

We don’t really agree with the 4 portion statement. We struggled to fit 3 decent sized chicken breasts on here, let alone 4. Because of this, we would say this machine is more suited towards couples, looking to make a meal for 2. Still that doesn’t mean that this grill isn’t one of the best George Foreman grilling machines. 

Best George Foreman Grilling Machines 4 Potion Grill

2. George Foreman Steel Health Grill, Five Portion Grill with Adjustable Rear Foot

The family sizes, 5 portion George Foreman grill is the perfect solution for cooking healthier meals for the whole family!

You can comfortably fit enough food on the grill to keep the whole family happy and the 50% less cooking time also does wonders for efficiency!

The non stick grill plates heat up quickly and the machine can be used in a matter of minutes after plugging it in. Once placing your food onto the grill, you can see the fat run of into the removable drip tray and simply empty this tray once your done cooking. The grill plates themselves offer easy cleaning and simply need to be wiped down with a wet cloth between uses.

The bold, striking red colourway of this George Foreman grill makes a statement in your kitchen. Short on space? This grill features a clever vertical storage system which allows you to store your George Foreman away in a cupboard until next use. All of this combines in one of the best george foreman grilling machines money can buy. 

Vertical Storage System
Larger Grill Area
Easy Clean
Removable Drip Tray

Reports on Non-stick Coating coming off within the first 12 months

6 Month Thoughts
After using this grill for 6 months we can safely say we appreciate the extra grill space. It’s a reliable unit that makes cooking Chicken, Beef, Pork etc effortless and efficient. The removable drip tray and the non-stick plates allow for easy cleaning and simple packing up. The vertical storage system is a nice touch, although we kept it on display in our kitchen as we liked the red paint job!

George Foreman Red Grilling Machine

3. George Foreman Entertaining 10-Portion Grill

The 10 portion George Foreman grill is ideal for large families, entertaining your mates or hosting a dinner party. Just like any other GF grill, it’s easy to use and you can grill up a healthier, tastier meal in half the time!

It is a lot simpler to clean than earlier models due to the better quality non-stick coated plates. Just simply wipe with kitchen roll once it’s cooled down slightly after your last use.

The 10 portion grill also has a cleverly designed floating hinge which enables you to cook thick cuts of meat/veg on your grill.

In addition to the floating hinge, it also offers an adjustable rear foot. This rear foot allows you to cook foods on an angle or you can set the grill completely flat to cook more delicate foods such as fish or paninis.

Loads of Space
Floating Hinge to cook thick food
Vertical Storage

Large Unit

6 Month Thoughts
If you’re looking for a George Foreman fit for the family then look no further. We really enjoyed having the extra space to cook all of our food on and it just seemed more efficient than the lesser portion machines. The only downside we experience is the size of the grill. However, luckily it can be stored vertically and hidden away inside a cupboard.

George Foreman 10 Portion

4. George Foreman Compact 2-Portion Grill

If you are short on space but still want all of the benefits that comes with one of the best george foreman grilling machines, then this compact 2 portion grill is for you.

Much like it’s bigger brothers, it’s super easy to clean and comes with a removable drip tray to catch all of that unwanted fat & grease.

If you struggle for space within your kitchen then look no further. You have found the ideal grilling machine.

Super compact
Easily stored inside a cupboard
Same great grill
Easy Clean

Small grill surface area

6 Month Thoughts
Simple to sum this one up. It’s perfect for individuals looking to get all of the benefits of one of the best George Foreman grilling machines, but not wanting to waste the counter space. It’s as reliable as it’s larger counterparts and can just so easily be cleaned.

2 Portion Grill

5. George Foreman 23450 10-Portion Entertaining Grill and Griddle

The George Foreman Grill and Griddle combines a separate grill and griddle feature which allows you to cook up a incredible meal in no time at all. On the grill you can grill up some lovely bacon and toast your buns whilst at the same time on the griddle, you can rustle up some mean quarter pounders!

The Grill and Griddle have independent temperature controls which allow you to alter the temperature on either side depending on the dishes you are cooking. This is a really feature and enables you to cook up some pretty incredible meals.

Both the Grill & Griddle have the improved 3x longer lasting non-stick coating and require little effort to clean.

Both Grill & Griddle easy to clean
Easy to use
Variable temperature control
Super reliable

Takes some time learning what temperature will be best

6 Month Thoughts
We absolutely love the combined grill & griddle George Foreman have rustled up for us with this machine. To be able to cook different cuts in different ways at the same time on the same machine is excellent. We found ourselves experimenting with some pretty crazy burger recipes just because we had the ability to cook things side by side with ease. One of the standout best George Foreman grilling machines

Large Grilling Machine

6. George Foreman 4-Portion Family Grill and Melt

The George Foreman 4 portion Family Grill & Melt has an elevated grill feature with an articulate hingle which gives you the option of cooking with a contact grill – Perfect for cooking meats, fish, veg etc OR a elevated grill – Perfect for melting cheese on a burger or sandwich.

Apart from the elevation feature, this grill operates much like the other George Foreman’s in our list. It offers easy cleaning with the non-stick coated grill plates & removable drip tray.

This one comes with a metal handle and vertical storage so it can be easily tucked away inside a cupboard.

Melting Feature
Metal Handle & Vertical Storage
Floating Hinge

No Temperature Control

6 Month Thoughts
During our 6 months with this grill, we used the elevated grill feature a handful of times. It works well, but in the grand scheme of things it’s more a gimmick than a USP. However, it’s not a bad grill overall as it’s a George Foreman at heart!

Family Grilling Machine

7. George Foreman Enhanced 5-Portion Grill and Melt

The George Foreman Enhanced 5 portion grill & Melt boasts patented angled plates designed to channel away excess fat/grease. The removable plates allow for easy cleaning and then grill itself has top lid which locks open for fast, grilling using infrared technology.

The main selling point of this grill is its clever locking lid feature which includes an intense quartz heating element. This turns your Grill into a conventional grill much like the one found in your oven! You can use it for a variety of things including to melt cheese on sandwiches or when cooking delicate foods such as fish where you don’t want to apply pressure, just radiant heat.

You can easily remove the grill plates once they have cooled down. Once removed you can either easily hand-wash them or stick them into the dishwasher for a deeper clean.

Quartz Heating Element
Removable Grill Plates
Cook up to 5 portions
Temperature Control

Non-stick coating can come off after a while

6 Month Thoughts
Again, much like the 4 portion Grill & Melt, we only really used the melt functionality a handful of times throughout our 6 months with the grill. Despite this, we enjoyed using it and found it super easy to clean after use. Being able to remove the grill plates and wash them easily by hand was a god send. This machine is truly one of the best George Foreman grilling Machines money can buy. 

Grilling Machine From George Foreman
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