Our Best Mandoline Slicer Picks

While cutting vegetables seems like an easy task, slicing them into perfect uniform slices sounds like something only a Michelin star chef could do. The majority of people end up slicing their fingers instead of the vegetables when it comes to thin perfect slices.

However, who doesn’t like to enjoy a fancy dish of food prepped to perfection? Fortunately, with the help of smart kitchen tools such as Mandoline Slicers, you no longer need to earn a Michelin star or put your fingers at risk to get those perfect vegetable slices.

All you need to do is slide vegetables through the sharp blades of the mandoline slicer, and you’ll get vegetable slices cut to the exact thickness you need in an instant.

What’s even better is that mandoline slicers are multipurpose tools. While their main purpose is to slice vegetables, you can also use them to cut meat and cheese, taking your cooking to the next level.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that not all mandoline slicers are worth buying, as they’re not quite good at slicing things. So, make sure to continue reading below through the Best Mandoline Slicers to find out the best choice for you.

An In-depth Look at Mandoline Slicers in 2022



Recommended Products

Masthome Mandoline Slicer


An Indepth Look At Mandoline Slicers in 2022

OXO Mandoline Slicer




OXO Mandoline Slicer Review

OXO’s mandoline slicers may turn out to be the perfect choice for your kitchen for several reasons. The first one is their build quality. OXO mandoline slicers are built with durable plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel, to give you the best slices for years to come. 

What’s best is that OXO mandoline slicers come in five different models, which allows you to select the most durable slicer according to your needs. 

For instance, the handheld and simple slicer models are made with durable plastic and stainless steel. However, their more premium counterparts are equipped with even sturdier materials arranged in a more durable design.

However, the most important aspect of any mandoline slicer is not the durability, but the quality of the slices it produces and the OXO mandoline slicer does not disappoint in this matter. 

All five different models can produce excellent slices no matter what you throw at them. Professional models such as the chef’s 2.0 and steel chef 2.0 slicers can cut several different types of slices at several different thicknesses. 

Lastly, OXO mandoline slicers are also a great choice if you’re looking for a product that’s easy and comfortable to use. With OXO mandoline slices, you can cut all your vegetables without breaking a sweat.

Fullstar 6-blade mandoline slicer




Fullstar 6-blade mandoline slicer Review

The Fullstar 6-blade mandoline slicer is another excellent choice for cutting vegetables with perfection, the name says it all. This slicer comes equipped with six different types of detachable blades, allowing you to cut in different shapes and sizes.

One of the most popular blades is the spiralizer which can slice vegetables in a beautiful thin spiral, which you can use to garnish dishes and make them look spectacular. However, you can also use the grater, mandoline, and julienne cutters. 

Alongside allowing you to cut vegetables in six different ways, the Fullstar mandoline slicer is also quite easy to use. It only takes a few seconds to change blades, and it also comes along with a blade box to store sliced vegetables in. 

More importantly, the Fullstar slicer comes with a protective glove and a fingerguard to improve safety and allow you to cut vegetables without any worries. Additionally, the blade box and slicer are both made with non-toxic plastic. 

So, if you want a truly multipurpose slicer that’s easy to use, clean, and not too heavy on the wallet, it’s best to get the Fullstar 6-blade mandoline slicer and prepare for a fancy dinner.

Sedhoom Direct 6 in 1 Mandoline Slicer




Sedhoom Direct 6 in 1 Mandoline Slicer Review

The Sedhoom direct mandoline slicer is another product that comes with several different modes of slicing thanks to different detachable blades. 

Vegetable shredding, julienne cutting, potato waffle cutting, and ginger grinding are some things you can do with different blades.

The Sedhoom direct mandoline slicer is also quite clean while in use and prevents vegetables from being spread all over the kitchen counter. It also comes with a special tray to hold all the different blades.

However, if you always end up with a mess on the kitchen counter, get a food waste bin to gather all the trash for throwing away to keep the mess to a minimum.

Moreover, this mandoline slicer is made with the most durable and food-safe materials, which are non-toxic and tasteless. Additionally, it’s also equipped with hand protectors and anti-skidding silica gel to prevent your hand from slipping into the blades.

Furthermore, the design of the Sedhoom direct mandoline slicer makes it perfect for prolonged usage, as it doesn’t require you to put in much energy or exhaust yourself. 

So, it’s safe to say that the Sedhoom direct mandoline slicer is a great choice for your kitchen. What’s best is that you can ask for a refund if there is any defect, as the company offers great customer service.

FUKTSYSM Mandolin Slicer




FUKTSYSM Mandolin Slicer Review

The FUKTSYSM mandolin slicer can take your vegetable slicing to the next level as it offers 7 different blades.

As a result, you can dice onions, slice cucumber, cut thin julienne slices, and grate cheese all on the same kitchen tool. But there’s more to this mandoline slicer, as it has four different functions on top of slicing.

Alongside being an 11-in-1 tool, the FUKTSYSM mandolin slicer is built with sturdy materials and ultra-sharp blades, allowing it to cut through any vegetable in an instant without breaking.

But don’t worry about cutting yourself while using its ultra-sharp blades, as the slicer is also equipped with a great safety design that prevents your fingers from reaching the blades. Additionally, the slicer’s build materials are food grade.

Not to mention, the FUKTSYSM mandolin slicer is incredibly easy to clean and even dishwasher-safe, making it perfect for daily use. 

The FUKTSYSM mandolin slicer is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a convenient kitchen tool that can not only help you cut vegetables but also handle other tasks efficiently.

Masthome Mandoline Slicer




Masthome Mandoline Slicer Review

One of our top mandoline slicers also includes the Masthome slicer. The key feature of this slicer is the adjustable blade that allows you to vary the thickness of slices through a wide range.

Additionally, the blades also come with two julienne cut settings if you’re looking for long thin slices of vegetables or other food items.

Moreover, the Masthome mandoline slicer can be quite convenient and easy to use as you don’t detach or assemble anything. All you need to do is adjust the thickness and start slicing.

Not to mention, safety gloves are included with the product, and a non-slip design prevents your fingers from sliding into the blades. 

After using your Masthome mandoline slicer, you can make it spotless again by simply rinsing it with water, thanks to its convenient design.

Overall, the Masthome mandoline slicer is a simple kitchen tool that gets the job done efficiently and reliably. If you’re looking for convenience and ease of use, this product might be the best option.

MILcea Pro Mandoline Slicer




MILcea Pro Mandoline Slicer Review

The MILcea Pro mandoline slicer is quite similar to the Masthome mandoline slicer, as it also includes the feature of adjustable blades that allow you to cut slices from 1mm to 9mm.

However, the MILcea Pro mandoline slicer sports five ultrasharp blades that can easily slice through the toughest vegetables, providing you with professional quality slices.

For the safety of your well-being, the company has manufactured this product with BPA-free and food-grade materials. 

Additionally, with adjustable blades, there will be no need to detach and store dangerously sharp blades. The product also comes with a free-hand glove and sports a non-skid bottom to prevent finger cuts.

What’s best is that MILcea offers great customer service and will help you with any complications you may face after purchasing the mandoline slicer.

So, it’s safe to say that the MILcea Pro mandoline slicer might be one of the best choices for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mandoline Slicer

Is it worth getting a mandoline slicer?

It’s fair to ask yourself whether you need need a mandoline slicer or not and whether it would be worth getting one. But if you cook daily, then the answer would be an obvious yes. 

As mentioned earlier, mandoline slicers allow you to cut perfect slices out of vegetables in an instant without having to need fancy knife skills of any sort. But that’s not all, and mandoline slicers are a great way to protect your fingers from getting cut.

Due to their reliability, even professional chefs make use of mandoline slicers instead of manual cutting to save time and their fingers. 

So, it’s safe to conclude that a mandoline slicer would be the perfect tool for anyone who frequently cooks.

Can a food processor replace a mandoline slicer?

A mandoline slicer is an incredibly precise tool to cut slices to the exact dimensions you need. On the other hand, a food processor can cut things but not to the degree of precision you might expect from a mandoline slicer.

So, if you simply want to grind vegetables to inconsistent dimensions, the food processor is the right option. But if you’re looking to cut julienne, mandoline, and other types of specific slices, then the mandoline slicer is the clear option.

In conclusion, the two cannot replace one another.

If you’re looking to use something in place of a mandoline slicer, the best choice would be a kitchen scissor. They are quite precise and allow you to cut slices to the exact dimensions you need.

What can you slice with a mandoline slicer?

A mandoline slicer is a multipurpose tool. You can use it to cut anything from vegetables to meat and even cheese. However, it’s best to use a suitable blade when cutting food items besides vegetables.

However, for cutting onions, you can alternatively use some of the best onion choppers.

Buying Guide

Some of the best mandoline slicers available on the market are mentioned above. However, selecting the right one for yourself out of so many options can be quite confusing. 

So, to help you invest your money in the right place, here’s a guide that will allow you to pinpoint the best mandoline slicer for your kitchen.

Slicing capabilities

Considering the slicing capabilities of a mandoline slicer should be your top priority before making a purchase. After all, the main purpose of a mandoline slicer is none other than slicing.

Think of the kind of slices you will be using the mandoline slicer to cut and make your purchase accordingly.

For example, if you’re looking to cut simple slices with several different thicknesses, it’s best to get a mandoline slicer with an adjustable blade. However, if you want to cut slices with different shapes, you’ll need one with detachable blades.

Furthermore, you must also focus on the quality of the blades. You don’t want your slicer’s blades to wear out in a few days and give you a hard time cutting vegetables. 


Design is another aspect you will need to consider before buying yourself a mandoline slicer. A poorly designed mandoline slicer might give you the slices you need, but you will have a difficult time cutting them out.

An excellent mandoline slicer design allows you to cut the toughest vegetables without any exhaustion, thanks to its smart inclination and arrangement of blades.

However, a good design will also support safety features such as a non-slip surface to prevent your fingers from being cut and a holder to slice the vegetable. 

Furthermore, alongside safety features, don’t forget to look for convenience in the design. You need to look for a mandoline slicer that’s easily detachable and cleanable.

So, make sure to get a mandoline slicer that includes all the features of a good design to prevent yourself from facing complications after the purchase.


While making a purchase, make sure to keep in mind the durability of the mandoline slicer. You don’t want to use a mandoline slicer that might break down in just a few days of use.

To avoid such a situation, avoid buying mandoline slicers manufactured entirely out of cheap plastic. Chances are, a tough vegetable like a potato will crush your mandoline slicer in an instant. 

It’s best to purchase mandoline slicers that are made from a mixture of steel, tough plastic, and aluminium. 

However, the materials used must be corrosion-resistant. After all, no one wants to eat vegetables covered in rust and microplastics.


Spending hours trying to cut out the perfect garnish for your dinner is now a thing of the past. With the help of mandoline slicers, you can cut vegetables, meats, and cheeses in the exact way you need in an instant.

So, the next time you begin to cook, make sure to take out your mandoline slicer and get ready to feast on a gorgeous meal. However, remember to get the best mandoline slicer to take care of your needs by referring to the top picks mentioned above.