Best Microplane Zesters

Why do you need zesters to upgrade your cooking game?

A chef is always looking for some ingredient or technique that can help make their food taste better and look better. While the big ingredients have their importance, sometimes it can be something minor that takes your breath away and gives you that ‘voila’ moment. 

Whether you’re cooking sweet or savoury dishes, you’ll always appreciate having a zester on hand. The bright, poppy punch of citrus zest can brighten up just about any dish. 

However, it can be challenging getting the zest or rind if you don’t have a zester. A zester or micro-plane is a small yet powerful tool every chef will appreciate having in the kitchen. 

This tool can help you get all the citrus zest you need and liven up your dishes. However, it is also incredibly multipurpose, and you can use it to grate, shave and shred a variety of ingredients. 

If you’re still debating the merits of getting this handy tool, keep reading below.

What are they?

A zester is a kitchen tool that grates lemon or other citrus fruits. Originally a zester consists of a single row of holes that can easily peel the skin of citrus fruits. 

These are also called micro-plane zesters because the blades are closed and sharp. Usually, there is stainless steel, the long spatula that has a handle at the end to hold the zester easily. 

A zester is a very smart and compact kitchen tool, which is incredibly handy and sometimes it’s much faster than using a knife. Zesters are durable and useful tools for any kitchen because they help you grate peel perfectly. 

Also, you can use zester in many ways in your kitchen. It’s multipurpose and takes very little space in your kitchen arsenal. Micro-plane is relatively a lesser-known name instead of a zester. A micro-plane is like a zester, but it is much better than a box grater. 

It has a sleek shape and has several sharp blades. Micro-planes are a great way to enhance your dish’s flavours. Micro-planes are available in many different types and sizes. 

There are different varieties available in micro-planes and zesters. Some are single-headed with closed holes or blades, and sometimes they come with different-sized holes, which you can use in several ways.

The Benefits of the Best Microplane Zesters

Here are some benefits of using zesters and microplanes.

Grate nutmeg and other spices 

We all know that freshly-powdered or grated spices are always better than powdered spices. The freshly grated spice gives you the perfect, intense taste and fragrance. 

Sadly, not every spice can be powdered in your chopper. A micro-plane is the best option for freshly grated spice, especially if you want to grate nutmeg and hard spices. 

Nutmeg has a very hard shell or and it isn’t easy to grate, but with a zester, you can easily get beautiful fragrant spice. Additionally, you can also grate cinnamon sticks with a zester. 

Grate hard cheeses 

A micro-plane is suitable for finishing touches. For example, if you make different kinds of pasta or any other dishes that demand last-minute touches, you can easily grate hard cheese on top with your zester. 

Even soft textured cheeses can be grated with your zester, and this tool gives you the best shavings of cheese which you can’t get with your knife. A zester can shave your cheese in fine strings, which no other knife can give you, and it takes no time to do this job. 

A zester’s blades beautifully grate cheese in the same texture. When you try this tool on your own, you’ll love the result and convenience. 

Perfect for ginger, garlic

The best zesters are perfect for a ginger and garlic mince. Almost all recipes require ginger and garlic, and this can elevate your dishes immensely. 

Using a zester allows you to get a fine mince on these aromatics, and you can get the intense juices in your food. Working with a zester also means that you need to put in minimal effort. 

Grinding ginger or garlic can make your choppers smelly, and it can be a lot of hard work to clean out the smell. However, zesters and micro-planes are super simple to clean and can make mincing super easy. 

Remove zest from fruits.

A zester is the only way you can remove the zest from fruit skins. Gently run the zester on your citrus fruit skin, and you can get soft shredded strings.

Our Top Microplanes Zesters Picks




Recommended Products

  • Make zest beautifully
  • Handy and works well on other ingredients
  • Dishwasher safe, quality tool
  • Very easy in use and maintenance
  • Minimize hassle 
  • Lifetime guarantee with quality
  • Multifunctional kitchen tool
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made with High quality and nonslip material
  • Traditional zester style
  • Sharp holes and cannelle knife makes different strings of zest
  • High-quality material with a guarantee
  • Durable quality product with TPR material
  • Dishwasher safe, with extra features
  • Multifunctional zester

The Best Microplane Zesters Online

Microplane Zester-Grater

microplane zester




  • Make zest beautifully
  • Handy and works well on other ingredients
  • Dishwasher safe, quality tool

Micro-plane – 40020-zester-grater, black Review

This micro-plane is suitable for fruit zest and even cheese grating. The blades are incredibly detailed and designed like teeth, and it removes the rind beautifully, leaving the bitter white part behind. 

This zester makes zest in no time, and you can remove any citrus fruit’s zest with this micro-plane tool. This micro-plane zester will work on other ingredients as well as it works to make zest. You can also make parmesan shavings with this, and it makes fluffy, soft strings of cheese that melt quickly on top of your pasta, eggs and salads. 

You can even shave any hard ingredient with this zester, like chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon. 

This micro-plane zester is dishwasher safe. You can even clean it with a sponge after soaking it in warm water and rinsing it. 

It’s super easy to clean as its blades are made with photo-etched technology, and its handle is made with non-slip plastic.

Orblue PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater

Orblue PRO Citrus Zester Cheese Grater




  • Very easy in use and maintenance
  • Minimize hassle 
  • Lifetime guarantee with quality

Orblue PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater Review

This zester grater makes your life so easy. The sharp holes make fruit zest beautifully with a fluffy texture.

You also can grate ginger with this tool very easily or make chocolate shavings for your dessert and sprinkle them on top. This zester grater is an excellent, all-rounder kitchen tool. 

With this tool, you can improve your cooking as it gives you professional results. 

Having this tool means you do not need those bulky gadgets anymore, which takes a lot of space in your kitchen and are also difficult to clean. Now, there’s no need to take out your electric food processor just to get ginger mince. 

You can grate many ingredients with this multifunctional tool, it saves your kitchen space, and it’s really easy to clean. All you need to do is give it a tap and rinse it. 

This zester grater is comfortable to use with its nonslip handle and gives you a firm hold while you grate your ingredients. Its unique side curves keep it in a stable position no matter how much force you apply. 

Additionally, this brand gives you a lifetime warranty of the product, which makes it a lifetime partner in your kitchen.

Ourokhome Lemon Zester Cheese Grater

Ourokhome Lemon Zester Cheese Grater




  • Multifunctional kitchen tool
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made with High quality and nonslip material

Ourokhome Lemon Zester Cheese Grater Review

This zester is an amazing multifunctional kitchen tool, and it can grate ginger, garlic, lemon and lime zest citrus fruits, parmesan shavings, chocolate shavings, nutmeg and ground cinnamon. This zester makes fluffy grinds and zest, which gives your dish a deeper flavour and makes your cooking easy. 

The biggest issue chefs might face when zesting is that it can be incredibly tiring. However, this zester is ergonomically designed and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, ensuring that you’re never tired. 

This product is available in different colours. The handle is non-slip silicone, which has a slight thumb to protect your knuckles while grating. 

This zester is made with high-quality stainless steel, which is rust-resistant, sharp and has a hook to hang so that water completely drains out from its holes. This product is also dishwasher safe, and you can easily wash it with warm water to increase longevity.

Oxo good grips citrus zester with channel knife, black

oxo microplane




  • Traditional zester style
  • Sharp holes and cannelle knife makes different strings of zest
  • High-quality material with a guarantee

Oxo good grips citrus zester with channel knife, black Review

The Oxo zester has a traditional style, and it consists of a single row of holes on its head, and these holes are sharp enough to zest any citrus fruit.

If you like the traditional type of zester, then it’s perfect for you. 

It has an added feature with the cannelle knife, which makes beautiful strings or twists for garnishing. Thus, it not only gives you zest but also makes your dish look gorgeous. 

The Oxo zester is made with high-quality stainless steel, and the nonslip black handle is soft, and its size and design perfectly fit in your hand. Its stainless steel head won’t get rusted easily, which makes it durable. 

Oxo gives you a full guarantee of their products, but if you still have any complaints, you can easily get in touch, and they will replace the product or repair it. Additionally, they are open to any suggestions and fully devoted to giving their customers the best experience possible.

SHiZAK Kitchen Lemon Zester Stainless Steel Cheese Grater

best microplane zesters




  • Durable quality product with TPR material
  • Dishwasher safe, with extra features
  • Multifunctional zester

SHiZAK Kitchen Lemon Zester Stainless Steel Cheese Grater Review

This zester is a beautiful product made with high-quality stainless steel, and the handle is made with soft TPR material, which is incredibly comfortable to hold. The 18/8 stainless steel blades are incredibly sharp, durable, and rust-resistant. 

This zester grater comes with a sheath and a brush wand. The sheath protects your fingers by keeping the blade covered during storage, and the brush wand makes it easy to remove each particle from the holes. 

It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This zester is multifunctional, and you can use it for grating many ingredients. One tool makes your cooking easy, and it works efficiently in less time. 

It also comes with instructions on the box for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microplanes Zesters

Can I use a knife instead of a zester?

You will never get fluffy, fine shreds if you try to use a knife to zest any citrus fruit. Additionally, you can’t use a knife to grate cinnamon, nutmeg, or minced garlic. 

So, it’s better to invest in a proper zester or the best micro-plane.

What is a zester used for?

Micro-plane or zesters are used for zesting lemons or other citrus fruits. However, there are many other ways you can use your zester, even though this is the main purpose. 

What is the difference between a zester and a grater?

Zesters and graters have just one main difference, and it’s the size of their holes. Grater and zester both work the same, but the difference of holes and shapes when you grate your ingredients can give you varying textures. 

Overall, both are essential tools to have in the kitchen, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your cooking game. 

What is a micro grater?

A micro-plane is relatively smaller and sleeker compared to a regular grater. It’s also called a rasp grater, and it comes in different sizes. 

Micro grater works just like a zester and performs many kitchen jobs well. Micro graters are more suitable and compact, and the holes are sharper than a regular box grater. 

That’s why it can give you more professional results.

What is the difference between a zester and a Micro-plane?

Micro-plane is a grater, and its design comes from the traditional woodworker’s rasp. Micro-plane shaves better compared to regular graters.

It has sharp holes, and it makes zesting super effortless. Making zest with a zester and with a micro-plane will give you almost the same results.

Zester and micro-plane are both used for the same purpose, and it’s all about your preference whether you want zester or the bigger version, which is the micro-plane. 

What is a Microplane used for?

Micro-plane is the perfect gadget for any kitchen and makes your life easy. It’s perfect for shredding or shaving, zesting, and grating. 

Micro-plane is a multifunctional tool, and you can use it with different ingredients. For example, you can make chocolate shavings, or grate spices or shave coconut, so it’s highly recommended to have it in your kitchen. 

Additionally, its size is pretty small, which makes it perfect for storage.

Can micro-plane go in the dishwasher?

Micro-planes are dishwasher safe, but as they are made of stainless steel, it isn’t recommended to wash them in the dishwasher always. The detergents in the dishwasher are harsher than usual and can corrode the stainless steel coating easily. 

Instead, you can clean your micro-plane simply by dipping it in warm water. Then, after soaking it in for a few minutes, take it out and clean your micro-plane with a soapy sponge and wipe it clean.

Microplane Zester Buying Guide

Here are a few considerable points when buying food graters & zesters.

Choose the right type

Traditionally there are two types of zester varieties. One consists of a single row of holes that removes citrus fruit zest. 

It removes only the outer skin of the citrus fruit and not the bitter white part of the fruit. The second version is more similar to a grater, but the holes or blades are closed and small. 

These types of zesters are multifunctional. No matter which type of zester you choose, mostly they work perfectly for a range of uses. Some zesters give you a bigger cut, while some offer you a finer mince.


When buying a zester or a micro-plane, you need to consider which material to opt for. Traditionally, a stainless steel model is the best one. Stainless steel blades are incredibly sharp, long-lasting and rust-resistant. These qualities make it an excellent pick.


It’s vital that you have a firm, stable grip on your zester while you make zest of the fruit. If your zester slips or moves while zesting, then you might hurt your fingers. 

Additionally, it can take more time. So, when buying a zester, look for the one which has high quality with a rubber handle as they offer the best grip.

Easy cleaning

Zesters with small miniature holes might be harder to clean as the food particles dry up and are harder to remove. So, always pick a dishwasher friendly zester as it will save your time and effort.

Blade and holes size

Zesters with a longer blade allow you to remove the zest from fruit in one go, making them much easier to use. This will be helpful when you have a bigger citrus fruit like oranges, as you can easily remove the zest in one go. 

If you have a smaller zester, you might have to give the strokes again and again. 

The other thing to check is the size of the blade. If you like very fine zest strands, then go with the smaller, closed holes.

However, if you want slightly chunkier strings, then choose the zester, which has slightly bigger holes. Some zesters have the option of different-sized holes, which give you the option of both.


Improving your cooking is all about focusing on the finer details. Sure, you can put together a simple meal by following the bigger steps. However, if you want to elevate your cooking in terms of flavour and presentation, focusing on the finishing touches can make a world of difference. That’s why having a zester and micro-plane in your cooking arsenal can be such a good choice. 

This is a multipurpose tool that can help you refine your cooking and bring added finesse. Whether you’re a home cook or an aspiring chef, this is one tool you won’t regret investing in.