Can You Reheat Couscous

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Can You Reheat Couscous

Cooking and Reheat Couscous – All You Need to Know

Couscous is a North African dish made of tiny balls of semolina. It’s readily available as instant food in the grocery shop these days. It’s cooked like pasta. You simply boil it up. But have you ever asked yourself; Can you reheat couscous?

Couscous is a wonderful replacement for rice or grains. Generally, it’s served as a side dish. You can also mix it with salads. It is also one of the best foods for heart patients. People who train can get healthy carbs and energy from this wonder food as well. You can also consume it as a main dish. Couscous can absorb liquids, just like pasta and rice. Because of its small size and porosity, it must be cooked carefully. If you are not careful, you may make it mushy.

Many people ask can you reheat Couscous. Yes, you can. But reheating this food is an art just like cooking it. Let’s walk you through the process of cooking and reheating this wonder food.

How to Cook Couscous?

If you know how to boil a kettle, you can easily cook Couscous.  However, you will need some secret tips to make it fluffy because that’s when it tastes best. Here is how to cook Couscous:

  • Bring water to boil and add a bit of salt
  • Add the uncooked Couscous and cover the pot
  • Let it cook on low heat
  • Make it simmer for 10 minutes
  • Turn off the heat and let it sit for 5 minutes 
  • Fluff the Couscous with a fork

The secret tips:

  • Don’t add too much liquid
  • Don’t leave it in boiling for too long
  • Use a fork to fluff them
  • Giant Couscous cannot be fluffed

As you are cooking Couscous, you will realize it is not really cooked, it is rehydrated. It can take 5 to 15 minutes for it to cook. There is no harm in testing a small amount. If it’s soft, it’s ready to fluff. On the contrary, if it’s crunch, it’s not ready yet.

Can You Reheat Couscous?

Yes, you can reheat couscous. Many people, after cooking it, freeze the extra catch. When you are heating it, the goal is to do it in such a way that it feels as if you have cooked it for the first time.

The best approach is to sauté it. This allows you to re-fluff it and separate any grains that have clumped because of freezing it. 

Follow these steps to reheat couscous:

  1. Place a non-stick saucepan over medium heat and drizzle a bit of oil and 2 tablespoons of water
  2. Add the defrosted couscous to the saucepan and stir it
  3. Continue stirring until it has absorbed the water
  4. Remove the saucepan and use a fork to fluff it.
  5. Add spices if you want to and serve it.
So the answer to the question; Can you reheat couscous? Yes! 

Can you reheat couscous in a microwave

Yes! Here are the steps for that:

  1. Take out the frozen couscous from the freezer
  2. Transfer it into a microwave-safe container
  3. Add three tablespoon of water into the container and place t into the microwave
  4. Heat it for 1 minute, fork and then microwave it again until you see steam rising 
  5. Fluff it with a fork after each one-minute increment 
  6. Once it’s done, serve and enjoy

Tips for Reheating Couscous Safely

  • Before refrigerating, allow the cooked couscous to cool down for at least an hour. It’s never recommended to put warm food inside the fridge or else it raises the temperature inside.
  • Don’t leave cooked couscous at room temperature for more than 2 hours.
  • When stirring Couscous, do it gently. Start around the pan’s edges and slowly move toward the center. Don’t stir too much, or you might break the granules.
cooking couscous

Common Questions About Cooking Couscous

How long you freeze Couscous?

It is safe to keep Couscous in the freezer as long as you want. It won’t expire or go bad as long as it remains frozen.

However, sometimes, Couscous develops freezer burn. This happens when all moisture is sucked out of it and it becomes frosted. When this happens, the food becomes bland after being reheated. To avoid freezer burn, freeze it in an air-tight bag.

Can couscous become mushy after reheating?

It can become mushy after reheating only if it’s prepared fully or frozen the right way. To avoid the mess, make sure you prepare it by following the instructions and freeze it the right away.

Can reheating spoil the taste?

Generally, couscous tastes better after its prepared fresh. However, by reheating it the right way, it will still taste good.

The only thing that may spoil the taste is freezer burn. To avoid this, follow the right procedure of freezing it.

Should I thaw the couscous before heating?

There is no need to thaw it before reheating. However, if it’s turned into large blocks of frozen food, then you might have to thaw it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Couscous

To make perfect Couscous, make sure you avoid these mistakes:

Using Plain Water
Never use plain water to cook Couscous. Instead, use stock or infused water by adding crush garlic, ginger, and onion. This makes it fluffy and tastes good at the same time.

Forgetting To Add Salt
Just like you add salt when boiling spaghetti or making rice, you should add salt in the liquid, which you will cook Couscous in. Yes, you do season it once it’s cooked but adding salt enhances the taste.

Fluffing the Wrong Way
Fluffing Couscous is the key to make it taste and look good. If you don’t fluff it the right way, it will form into clumps. Most cooks recommend using the fork to fluff your Couscous but don’t mind using your fingers to break the grains when necessary.

Over Seasoning
Never drench your Couscous with seasonings such as melted butter, olive oil, herbs, and other spices. Keep it simple so that you can actually enjoy its flavor.

Serving It Cold
Couscous tastes delicious when it’s at room temperature. It clumps when it gets cold. Therefore, nobody likes their Couscous cold.

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