5 Of The Best Carving Knives

As a chef, you’re always wondering how you can enhance your skills. Cooking is more than just taste. 

It’s about presentation, finesse and creativity too, and if you want to upgrade your skills, these are a few vital areas to work on. To properly hone your skills, you need to have the best tools in the kitchen. 

A chef’s knives are easily one of their most prized possessions. There is a vast range of knives to choose from, and having each one can help you stay prepared for each dish. 

One of the most important knives to invest in is the carving knife. Carving knives are the perfect addition that can help you work with extreme precision and enhance each dish. 

If you’re wondering about the benefits of the best meat carving knives, keep reading below.

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What are they?

Carving Knives

Carving knives or slicers are different knives compared to regular cutting or slicing knives. Carving knives are knives used to cut thin and large slices of meat. 

Carving knives are the longest knives with a narrow width and are easily the longest knives in your kitchen. These high-quality carving knives give you precise cuts of meat each time. Knives or slicers may have pointed or round tips and have a smooth edge that is non-serrated. Both rounded and pointed tip carving knives work efficiently and are excellent at carving strips of meat.

However, the pointed tip carving knife works better at cutting meat slices like poultry, ham or roast and is also ideal for cutting along the board. Conversely, the round tip carving knife or slicer is excellent for cutting around the bone.

These carving knives are not an everyday option are designed for special cuts. They can also help speed up your work, and you can produce an excellent meal in terms of flavour and presentation. 

Electric carving knives have narrow thin blades, and these blades reduce resistance when you move the knife back and forth. So, you can cut up the largest pieces of meat with minimal effort. 

The blade length of the knife also reduces the effort of cutting meat again and again. Even on large pieces like turkey or large roast, these knives cut uniform slices. 

With these knives, you can also cut large fruits or many other items, especially when you want a neat, precise cut. So, these knives can be an incredibly useful tool in your kitchen.

The Benefits

Here are a few benefits of carving knives.


Carving knives are incredibly long-lasting knives. These knives are stronger and sharper, and the blades are thin and short. 

Carving knives cut the meat slices thin and even, and these knives have long, sharp blades which can cut large thick meat or poultry in uniform slices. 

Some have a pointy tip, and some have a round tip, but both work efficiently. As these knives are not meant for daily use, they can last much longer with proper maintenance. 

The blades are high in quality and can produce stunning cuts which even a chef’s knife can’t give. 

So, these carving knives are an excellent addition to your kitchen, and you can test this easily when you put a turkey or roasted lamb or large fish on your holiday table.  

Cut professionally

The best electric carving knives give you neat and precise cuts of meat slices. Their sharp tips are designed to pierce the meat evenly around the bone, which releases delicious juices onto your platter. 

These knives make all the difference when it comes to professional work. Chefs have many tools, and these kinds of special knives produce the best cuts of meat. So, if you love making roast turkey, ham, fish or poultry on Sunday brunch table and love to serve your family a feast, this carving knife will help you a lot. 

It can make your work easy and give you professional results each time. You can even cut a cake with this knife as it cuts clean slices without dragging through the food, or you can cut large fruits easily. 

Large fruits are slightly difficult to cut properly with a regular slicing knife. However, these knives can help you get clean fruit slices each time, so you don’t fall short on presentation.

Carving Knives Buying Guide

Here are a few guidelines to follow when purchasing carving knives.

Handle material and size

When purchasing a carving knife, consider getting a knife with a handle that is comfortable holding while you cut large meat items. When cutting up a larger bird or a bigger cut, you need to ensure your hand doesn’t slip or get tired. 

Additionally, you need a material that allows you a strong, firm grip without sliding. There are a few materials you can consider which allow you a comfortable, slip-free grip when it comes to carving knives. 

Handles made with different materials like plastic, pakkawood and silicone handles are some ideal options. Silicone handles are considered the best pick. 

The carving knife handle must be in a smoother finish or must have a polished finished surface that is easy to grip. 

Knife handles are usually between 4 to 6 inches, depending on the blade length. When you buy a carving knife, you need to consider your hand size too. 

For example, if you have a smaller hand, you must buy a smaller carving knife for good grip and comfortable use. 

Blade quality and size

When buying the best carving knives, always consider the size and weight of your knife. The knife weight and size are vital to consider for comfortable working. 

Blades which are too flexible aren’t good for cutting through the meat as they will not cut the meat slices thin and even. Flexible, bendy blades will also fail to go through tougher cuts of meat and can thus have limited use. 

When getting a carving knife, you want to go for long, thin designed blades. These allow you to cut the meat with precision, and they also won’t drag or shred the meat. 

Your meat cuts stay beautifully thin without destroying the meat fibre. Carving knife blades can be smooth or bevelled, so use them accordingly. 

Normally these knives have 8 to 16-inch blades. You can use larger blades for large meat items, and the blade has to be sharp enough if you want to cut through meat easily. 

Stainless steel is an excellent pick for blade material. The blades which have divots along the edge are also useful for carving knives. 

It prevents the meat from sticking to the sides of your knife, and meat slices easily fall away from the knife. 

Buy a set

Carving knives often come in a set, which includes the fork and knife. These forks are designed to hold the meat while you cut through. 

When you hold the fork in your hand, your hand stays away and safe while you cut the meat with sharp blades. These forks are designed to be long and have sharpened curves so that you can easily insert the fork into the meat. 

They are made from durable materials and will hold the meat stable while cutting. So, consider buying a set of two as these forks help cut meat.

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Our Top Carving Knives Picks




Recommended Products

  • Award-winning design
  • Incredible quality
  • Complete, perfect set
  • Long-lasting durability
  • High-quality blade
  • Smooth handle
  • Specially designed
  • Japanese steel
  • Sharp blade and protective handle
  • Anti-corrosion blade
  • Perfect to gift
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Excellent blade quality 
  • Comfortable handle
  • Professional cuts

1: Meat Carving Knife and Fork Set

knife and fork set-gladiator




  • Award-winning design
  • Incredible quality
  • Complete, perfect set

Dalstrong carving knife and fork set-gladiator series review

This carving knife is made with a heavy material which you can feel very easily while holding it. The black G10 garolite handle gives you an incredibly firm grip and increased comfort while you move the knife. 

The design is incredibly sleek and attractive, and the set can look stunning on your knife rack or placed on your countertop. 

Additionally, the fork and honing rod handles are both made with luxury G10 garolite and give a good grip to hold. 

This carving knife has sharp, quality blades. It’s made with imported carbon German steel, which is hand polished on both sides. 

This knife ensures that every item will be cut perfectly and precisely, and effortlessly. The Zelite knife set is made from premium material and offers you the best quality knife to add to your kitchen. 

This is a carbon blade knife with a fork and honing rod. The honing rod can help you keep the blade razor-sharp and in excellent condition. 

The Zelite set of carving knives has a fork and a honing rod which ensures that your blade will be in its peak performance always. Also, with the fork, you can cut your meat easily as the fork helps you hold the meat in a stable position while you cut the meat in slices.

2: Dalstrong slicing carving knife 12“ – gladiator series

Dalstrong slicing carving knife 12 – gladiator series




  • Long-lasting durability
  • High-quality blade
  • Smooth handle

Dalstrong slicing carving knife 12“ – gladiator series review

This dalstrong carving knife is an NSF certified, high-quality product that is incredibly durable. Both the knife and the sheath are incredibly long-lasting. 

This knife has a stunning design, premium quality material and cutting edge technology. Its sharp razor gives you peak performance every time. 

Professionals love and trust the Dalstrong brand to deliver high-quality products, and they can satisfy you each time with their well-designed products. 

This carving knife is made with imported high carbon German steel, and the edge is hand polished at 14-16 degrees from both sides. The tall blade height provides you with complete knuckle safety while giving you improved hardness and flexibility, which gives you minimal slicing resistance.

It is also made to perfection at 56+Rockwell hardness. 

This product gives you complete safety of use when it comes to the handle. It’s made with premium G-10 garolite and is triple-riveted.

Additionally, it is laminated and polished, which gives you a smooth and comfortable grip while slicing the meat. Apart from being smooth and safe, the handle is made in black colour pakkawood, which is incredibly attractive.

3: Global Knives G-11 Yanagi Sashimi Knife with 25cm Blade

Global Knives G 11 Yanagi Sashimi Knife with 25cm Blade




  • Specially designed
  • Japanese steel
  • Sharp blade and protective handle

Global Knives G-11 Yanagi Sashimi Knife with 25cm Blade review

This sashimi knife is ideal for cutting thin meat slices as it has a hollow edge. Thus, when you cut the meat, it prevents the meat slice from sticking to the knife. 

This quality makes your slicing procedure faster, and with this knife, you can make beautiful thin slices of different meats with complete ease. It is also perfect for making sashimi, which requires incredibly delicate pieces of meat. 

This sashimi knife is made with high quality Japanese stainless steel, which is rust-resistant. It provides you with a stable, hard blade even while cutting even large meat items. 

Furthermore, its rust-resistant quality can maintain the appearance through the years and keep your -knife stain free. 

This knife edge is angled at 15 degrees, is incredibly sharp. However, the sand-weighted handle can make cutting effortless. The ergonomic handle with triple rivets and a reinforced non-slip handle gives you a comfortable grip while cutting slices.

4: Koi Artisan professional carving knife-7.7inch razor-sharp blade

Koi Artisan professional carving knife 7.7inch razor sharp blade




  • Anti-corrosion blade
  • Perfect to gift
  • Ergonomic handle

Koi Artisan professional carving knife-7.7inch razor-sharp blade review

Perfect product for meat carving.

This Japanese carving knife is made with high-quality carbon stainless steel, which gives it extreme sharpness and strength. Additionally, this makes the knife highly corrosion resistant. 

When you’re done with the knife, simply wipe the knife with a clean cloth and bring it back to your kitchen corner. 

The smooth finish can make it easy to clean. 

This beautiful Japanese knife comes in a perfect black box which makes it perfect for a gift too. Whether it’s for a housewarming party or a gift for an aspiring chef, you can’t go wrong with this pick. 

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee with an additional 2-year replacement warranty to satisfy its customers completely. 

This carving knife’s handle is made with pakkawood and has a subtle curve that is made to give complete comfort while holding. So, you can easily cut meat, and your hand won’t ever get tired.

5: Victorinox 12 inch fibrox pro slicing knife with Granton blade

Victorinox 12 inch fibrox pro slicing knife with Granton blade




  • Excellent blade quality 
  • Comfortable handle
  • Professional cuts 

Victorinox 12 inch fibrox pro slicing knife with Granton blade review

This is an excellent product with great functionality.

This knife has a carbon stainless steel blade with a round from tip and fluted edge, which makes it an excellent investment. Also, it has an ice-tempered blade which helps sustain its sharpness.

This gives you the best performance every time. 

The handle on this knife is made with thermoplastic rubber with a non-slip grip, and it also gives you complete knuckle clearance. You can comfortably hold the knife while cutting, and your hand won’t get tired.

Additionally, you also don’t need to worry about any cuts or accidents. 

Its 12inch blade Granton slicing blade with a round tip allows you to cut deep in all kinds of meat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carving Knife

Why is the carving knife curved?

Some carving knives have long blades that curve to the tip. The length and curve of the knife allow you to cut through meat with long smooth strokes, while its sharp, curved tip holds the meat chunk stable. 

What is the best knife for slicing meat?

The Dalstrong carving knife is easily one of the best options to go for. It is a durable, high-quality product that can last you many years to come. 

The sleek design can elevate any kitchen, and the razor-sharp blade can help you get delicate, thin slices perfect for all kinds of dishes.

Should a carving knife be serrated?

A serrated edge cutting knife is usually used to cut bread as loaves of bread have a hard outer crust. The serrated-edge cutting knife cuts through any hard surface very easily without tearing the bread. 

Serrated edge knives, however, are not suitable for cutting meat or poultry as meat has a soft texture. The sharp serrated edges can tear or shred the meat rather than cut it into a proper slice.

What is the difference between a carving and a slicing knife?

Carving and slicing knives are the same. Some call it a slicer, and some call it a carver. 

Different brands name these knives differently, and that can cause some confusion. However, you can use the two terms interchangeably.

Can you carve meat with a chef’s knife?

Chefs work with a variety of knives, and picking the right blade will allow you to cut precisely each time. So, different knives mean different cuts. 

The chef’s knife is the most versatile and useful, so it can be multipurpose for many tasks. However, it’s not suitable for carving meat, especially when the meat is dense or when you want thin, even slices.

Carving knives are more practical for cutting meat when cutting around the bone.

What is special about a carving knife?

The elongated shape of the blade and the thinner, longer size makes it very useful. As it’s thin, it cuts even slices. 

The 8 to 10 inches long blades cut, slice and move around the bones or cartilage very easily.

Best carving knife for turkey?

Boning knife and carving knife are the best for turkey cutting, and your carving knife or slicer must have a 9 to 11inch long sharp blade. The length and sharp razor of the knife will cut your turkey just as you want.


If you want to up your cooking game, you’ll want to go the extra mile. Picking the right tools can make a world of difference, and with a carving knife, you can improve your cooking immensely. 

Whether you’re cutting through a turkey, a rack of ribs, or slicing through fish for sashimi, you can do it all with these fantastic knives. They can help you add some much-needed precision to your work and highlight your skills even more.