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what are anchovies

What Are Anchovies?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Everything you Need to Know About Anchovy Fillets Almost everyone loves the small forage fish, anchovy, but very few know how to cook with anchovy fillets. If you talk to any experienced home cook or chef, they will tell you anchovies are their secret weapons when it comes to enhancing the flavor. The anchovies are the …

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porridge reheated

Can You Reheat Porridge?

Reading Time: 6 minutes An Ultimate Guide to Reheating Porridge Porridge is the best breakfast option that not only digests slowly but also keeps you full for a long time. Above all, it is very healthy and has a great nutrition value. But it’s cooking process takes around 25 minutes that keep you from having it as a breakfast …

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Tarragon Substitute

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tarragon Substitutes to Make your Food Shine! When it comes to cooking, it’s often the smaller ingredients that pack the most of the punch. The subtle yet distinct aromas of these ingredients can add an unparalleled complexity. This is why, in most cuisines around the world, different herbs are the most important in flavoring. Adding …

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Oven conversion chart

Oven Conversion Chart UK

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oven Temperature Conversion Chart There is nothing worse than discovering a great looking recipe, only to find the oven temperatures are listed in Fahrenheit but you use gas or celsius.  Sounds like what you need is an oven conversion chart!  The number of times I have had to search for things like:  What is 180 …

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Can You Reheat Couscous

Can You Reheat Couscous

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cooking and Reheat Couscous – All You Need to Know Couscous is a North African dish made of tiny balls of semolina. It’s readily available as instant food in the grocery shop these days. It’s cooked like pasta. You simply boil it up. But have you ever asked yourself; Can you reheat couscous? Couscous is …

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Umami Mushrooms

Umami Paste 101: What is it, How to Make it & More!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ever taken a bite of something and been left with an explanation sensation in your mouth? Perhaps a savoury and meaty taste despite there being now meat in whatever you’ve eaten? If that sounds familiar to you, then you have just experienced the little known 5th taste sensation: Umami. Umami has been a thing since …

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Dominos Catalan chicken Style Pizza

What Is Catalan Chicken?

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Catalan Chicken? You’ve likely come across Catalan chicken in some way shape or form before, but have you ever actually stopped to think about what it is? Well we have and we were pretty surprised to say the least! There are two stories to be told here; one of the authentic catalan chicken …

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pasta bake

Overcooked Pasta: 6 Ways To Fix Overcooked Pasta

Reading Time: 6 minutes A momentary lapse of concentration. Perhaps the phone rings or someone knocks at your door and you leave your post. By the time you head back, you see it. You are filled with dread as you curse the disturbance and race through all of your next steps. We are, of course, talking about overcooking pasta. …

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