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history of fish and chips

The History of Fish and Chips

Reading Time: 15 minutes The Origins Of Fish & Chips Fish and chips are a national institute. They are about as British as you can get. Really up there with Tea, Queen Lizzie and poor dental hygiene. Winston Churchill called both fish and chips good companions. John Lennon covered his chippy tea with ketchup and Michael Jackson always ordered …

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history of french toast

French Toast History

Reading Time: 13 minutes The History Of French Toast Before we get into french toast history, I want to know what first comes to your mind when I say the words French Toast? For me, the first thing is big Dwayne Johnson tucking into a massive cheat meal of the stuff, topped with peanut butter and heaps of maple …

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history of peanut butter

History Of Peanut Butter

Reading Time: 12 minutes Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Peanut Butter Welcome to the history of peanut butter.  In the first episode of our new podcast, What the Food, Andy and Miles took a look into the fascinating history of the worlds favourite nut butter.  Either listen below or read the transcription of the episode to …

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