Coconut Wraps: The End Of The Tortilla Era?

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Why you need to switch to coconut wraps today

coconut wraps with chicken salad

Having food with flatbreads is no new concept to the southeast, but it is a novel, fascinating concept as we begin heading towards the west.

Nowadays, however, flatbreads are becoming increasingly popular, and none more so than the humble wrap.

Wraps make it amazingly easy to have your favourite foods on the go. There’s no filling you can’t put in wraps, be it sweet or savoury.

They’re quick to make and even quicker to eat. You can prep them up for your kids, take them to work, the gym, or for picnics.

Each bite is incredibly fulfilling, and each wrap is totally customizable. However, there’s a downside.

Most wraps are made from all-purpose flour, which we should all steer clear of if we care about our health. If you regularly eat wraps as a way to stay healthy, you may be doing yourself more harm than good if you have white flour wraps.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to stop having wraps altogether. Instead, you can switch to a healthier alternative.

Coconut wraps are an excellent alternative to traditional wraps, without any health drawbacks. If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate these into your diet, keep reading below.

What are coconut wraps?

coconut wraps

Wraps can be the perfect addition to a healthy diet plan. They’re the perfect way to have a filling meal without feeling like you’re overeating.

However, it’s important is to choose a suitable wrap that has a better nutritional value. There are many wraps available on the market that taste delicious, but you need to know precisely what kind of wraps are better for your health.

Coconut wraps are made with three or four simple ingredients. Coconut meat, coconut water, and unrefined coconut oil are the main ingredients.

You can make it by processing the coconut meat and sea salt in a food processor until it becomes mushy. Then add the coconut water to make this batter easy to spread. They shouldn’t be too thin. Otherwise, you may get holes.

They are vegan and gluten-free, and you can eat them raw or toasted. They have a mild, pleasant smell of coconut, and you can fill them with anything sweet or savoury.

Benefits of coconut wraps

Coconut offers many benefits, and the same goes for coconut flour wraps.

A healthy alternative to other wraps

Coconut wraps are healthy alternatives for those who don’t want to eat more wheat flour, which comes with various health drawbacks. Coconuts wraps are healthier because coconut itself is high in fibre, minerals, and vitamins.

The high fibre content also aids digestion and reduces constipation. They strengthen your immune system by promoting a healthy gut.

Coconut wraps are also an excellent source of iron. Iron helps keep your blood levels in check while keeping your body oxygenated.

Good for weight watchers

Coconut wraps are perfect for those who want to maintain their weight or lose some excess fat. Coconut offers fibre and protein both, and they are incredibly filling, reducing hunger and appetite.

Coconut wraps are comparatively much lighter and healthier than any other wraps. They can help you feel full without feeling bloated.

Keeps blood sugar stable

The fibre in coconut meat helps stabilize your blood sugar. It also has a lesser carbohydrate count than whole wheat and all-purpose flour wraps.

Carbohydrate count is important to watch for diabetic patients, as carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars in the body. If you eat a diet high in carbs, your blood sugar level can spike.

Furthermore, foods that are high in fibre slow down the speed at which sugar enters the bloodstream. This will regulate your blood sugar levels and keep them within the advised levels.

Why eat Coconut Wraps?

Coconut wraps are a healthier low-carb alternative to regular wraps.

Coconut wraps are rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, and they are perfect for your health.
Coconut wraps also contain organic coconut water, coconut meat, and beneficial fatty acids. So, it’s better to eat coconut wraps than eating wheat tortillas.

Coconut wraps make you feel full and will stop you from craving unhealthy food items. You can eat them with a well-balanced filling to maintain nutritional value.

Coconut wraps are the perfect addition for those who follow different diet plans like keto, paleo, or a gluten-free diet. They are also versatile, and you can have them in different ways.

You can make sushi rolls, sandwiches, tacos, and burritos with these wraps. The unique mild flavour goes with both savoury and sweet. They also work with a tortilla press!

tortilla vs coconut wrap

Buyers guide

Check ingredients before purchasing.

Before purchasing coconut wraps uk, check carefully if they are made from regular organic coconut meat or young organic coconut meat. Young coconut meat is healthier than mature coconut meat in terms of flavour and nutritional value.

Furthermore, some coconut wraps are made with coconut oil and some with coconut water. Their shelf life may differ, and they have different tastes too.


Coconut wraps are generally cost-effective, and you don’t need to pay so much for them. You can find various brands with wraps made from coconut oil or water and young coconut meat at affordable rates.

Where to buy

Coconut wraps are very easy to find in many grocery stores. You can get these online also as they are not hard to find.

If you’re having a hard time finding them, you can easily make your own.

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A clean, healthy diet is crucial for everybody, regardless of age. It protects you from many chronic diseases and lets you lead a much more fulfilling life.

A healthy diet is a combination of different food items, so you need to shop carefully when buying food items for yourself and your families. Choose the diet which is lighter on your body, with fewer fats, salts, and sugar.

The small changes you may today go a long way in promoting well-being years down the line.

Coconut flour is incredibly healthy and versatile too, and you can use it in many ways. Coconut wraps are becoming favourites globally because they’re delicious and versatile, but most importantly, incredibly healthy.

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