Cooking Basics

potato milk

Potato Milk: The Complete Guide

Reading Time: 7 minutes Potato milk is the trendy plant-based milk that is something you never expected to see in the non-dairy milk section of your grocery store. But it

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beef chuck

Beef Chuck In the UK

Reading Time: 6 minutes Everything you need to know about Beef Chuck In the UK If you are a fan of beef steak, you may notice a certain variety

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What Is Bottarga

Reading Time: 6 minutes What Is Bottarga? How Is It Made and What Does It Taste Like? Bottarga is among the delicacies that are savored all over the world

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hard cheese

10 Types of Hard Cheese

Reading Time: 8 minutes Types of Hard Cheese – An Ultimate Guide Do you like your grana soft and ready to grate while your cheddar in chunks? We are

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Is Tomato Frito the same as Passata

What is Tomato Frito?

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is Tomato Frito? Origin and Uses Spanish cuisine has blessed the world with many delicacies that bring a joyous taste to our recipes and

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Chipotle Paste

6 Chipotle Paste Alternatives

Reading Time: 5 minutes All you need to know about Chipotle paste alternatives Key Takeaways Ancho Chili Powder: A mild alternative with similar smokiness, made from ground, smoked poblano

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Haddock fish

Haddock vs Cod: All You Need To Know

Reading Time: 7 minutes Most kinds of seafood, especially fish, is widely popular throughout the different regions of the globe, where people make fabulous recipes and enjoy the protein-rich

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French grapes

Your Guide to French Grapes

Reading Time: 7 minutes Your Guide to French Grapes France is the oldest and one of the biggest wine-growing nations globally, and the demand for French grapes is increasing

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Cheese Curds

What are Cheese Curds?

Reading Time: 5 minutes What are Cheese Curds & Are They in The UK? Dairy products have a way with people where many of us use them in our

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what is Garam Masala

Top 3 Garam Masala Substitutes

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cuisines worldwide typically have a secret ingredient(s) that bring an added nuance to the recipe, making it unique and native to that region. For some,

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Beef Burger

6 Reasons YOU Need a Burger Press

Reading Time: 7 minutes What’s the Deal with Burger Presses?! Devouring a juicy burger has to be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world, especially if you’re

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reheat brussel sprouts

How to Reheat Brussel Sprouts?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Only Guide You Need for Reheating Brussel Sprouts When you think about Brussel sprouts, you may feel a strong sense of nostalgia taking you

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seitan stir fry

Seitan: What On Earth Is it?!

Reading Time: 9 minutes Everything you need to know about Seitan Nowadays, people have an increasing focus on health. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of staying

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What’s The Deal With Cornmeal?!

Reading Time: 7 minutes The ultimate guide to understanding & using cornmeal Cornmeal has numerous uses in the kitchen, making your food taste even more delicious. It’s especially used

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