Food Waste Bin: Do You Need One?

Cooking is a big part of any household, even in the smallest of families. No matter how much you cook, you’ll have some leftovers and some garbage that needs to be disposed of appropriately – Up step the food waste bin.

Rotten garbage produces harmful gases that mix with air and can cause many health issues, like breathing problems. Having a waste bin can help you deal with such problems and more.

A food waste bin holds all your kitchen waste and lets you dispose of it responsibly.

When every individual fulfils the duty of managing their food waste in their homes or workplaces, it benefits the population and environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of the food waste bin, keep reading below.

Top Food Waste Bin Picks




Recommended Products

  • Ventilated design
  • Compact, stainless steel model
  • Replaceable filter
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • High airflow
  • Beautiful, functional design
  • Large opening
  • Easy to clean material
  • Perfect size and colours
  • Excellent countertop caddy
  • Long guarantee

An Indepth Look At Food Waste Bins

Joseph Joseph 30016

Joseph Joseph 30016​ food waste bin




  • Ventilated design
  • Compact, stainless steel model
  • Replaceable filter

Joseph Joseph 30016​ Review

This is a cleverly designed waste bin caddy for home use.

It has an exceptional design that lets air pass through, reduces moisture, and control unpleasant smells.

It’s perfect to use for warmer climates, where some bins may not be suitable for their lack of odour control.

This is a very smartly designed waste bin, with a flip-top lid which helps to open it quickly. Its compact design makes it easy to place it even in a small area.

The stainless steel designed handle makes it easy to carry. The easy-clean polypropylene body makes it a hygienic, safe option.
The replaceable odour filter, helps to keep air fresh and keep bad smells at bay. You can get custom-fit liners separately.

Full Circle Kitchen Compost Bin

Full Circle Kitchen Bin




  • Made of recycled plastic
  • High airflow
  • Beautiful, functional design

Full Circle Kitchen Compost Bin​ Review

This bin has the perfect size for heavy use in the home and office.

It’s made of recycled plastic and partially recycled steel. This compost collector is 100% safe for you.
No toxic chemicals are found in this BPA-free recycled plastic. It also has a patented body easy to clean.

You want to keep oxygen moving through your kitchen waste, to slow down the decomposition process. This helps you minimize any smells, which can occur if your bin isn’t ventilated.
Without airflow, your waste-bin can start to smell rank after just a day and destroy your compost.

This bin is a good-looking bin, convenient to use, and easy to clean. It has a push-button which opens very quickly.

The five compostable bags give it high functionality and will last you a long time. This extra addition makes it better than other models, which may not come with any bags.

Display4top Stainless Steel Bin

Display4top kitchen bin




  • Pet lock safety
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy function

Display4top Stainless Steel Bin Review

If you want a sleek, modern solution to your waste disposal needs, it doesn’t get better than this.

One of the unique features of this waste bin is the pet safety lock. Pets are especially intrigued by food waste and can make a huge mess as they dig through it.

The new anti-pet function lock effectively prevents pets from digging in the trash can. You can thus ensure more cleanliness in the kitchen while keeping your pets from eating something harmful.

This waste bin cover sensor is the highlight of this bin. It allows you to smoothly deposit your waste without coming in contact with the bin.

The sensor remains functional even if you keep it in a humid environment or after spills. The waterproof quality helps this bin last you a much longer time without the sensor or the motor needing any repairs.

When its cover is about to close, it flashes the light to warn the user, so you never get scared by a sudden shutdown. Its smooth working system is very impressive, and even children can use it very quickly.

Mepal Waste Bin

Mepal Waste Bin




  • Large opening
  • Easy to clean material
  • Perfect size and colours

Mepal Waste Bin Review

This type of small food waste bin is convenient and takes little space on small kitchen counters.

This waste bin has a large opening, making it easy to put in and take out the trash. This is a huge plus compared to other models, which may have a narrow space that causes spills.
It also has an easy-to-wash body because it’s dishwasher safe. Its lid is detachable, making it easy to clean.

This trash bin has a beautiful compact look and colour choice. It is available in different colours.
The small size fits anywhere in your kitchen and even matches with your kitchen cupboards.

Barbantia Sort & Go Food Waste Bin

Barbantia Bin




  • Excellent countertop caddy
  • Long guarantee

Barbantia Sort & Go Food Waste Bin Review

This product has a beautiful space-saving design that gives you an intelligent solution to your food storage needs.

This is an excellent caddy that you can use on a countertop. Most people look for a small caddy for quick peelings of fruits and vegetables, but they don’t find one with a compact size for countertops.

The Barbantia bin is perfect for this purpose and offers the best colours and aesthetics for a countertop bin. It has an easy remove lid and has a wall-mounting bracket, making it even more functional.

Most products come with a warranty that lasts for a few years at max. The Barbantia bin, however, can last you ten years or more.

KitchenCraft Living Compost Bin

Kitchen Craft Food Waste Bin




  • Carbon filter
  • Vintage design
  • Easy to carry, easy to wash

KitchenCraft Living Compost Bin Review

This compost bin is perfect for any modern, contemporary kitchen.

This compost bin comes with an integrated carbon filter that absorbs odours, and it makes sure that no bad smells spread into your kitchen.

This is a vital feature because many waste bins can develop a stench of garbage that can permeate your entire home.

This bin has a vintage design, and it can easily sit on your kitchen top. Its subtle colour and shape suit your kitchen corner, or maybe under your cupboard.

It has a steel swing handle, and the lid has a steel grab handle too. The handle makes it easy to carry and unload, letting you dispose of waste without coming in close contact.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Waste Bins

What should you never put inside your recycling bin?

There are a lot of things that you should not dump inside your waste bin, including oils, pizza boxes, light bulbs, and aluminium foil, to name a few. Your food waste bin should only have food items.

Can you put cooked food in the food waste bin?

You can put all types of food waste in your waste bin, be it cooked or uncooked. However, you cannot add fats, oil, or any other greasy products.

What is the best way to dispose of food waste?

Sustainably disposing of food waste can be challenging if you are unaware of the available choices.

Throwing food waste responsibly is very important, especially given the shocking food waste statistics currently affecting the world. When food rots, it releases methane gas which is dangerous for the environment.

You can compost your food waste at home and use it in various ways.

Another way to deal with food waste is to visit the local recycling centres and leave the trash there. Be sure to follow their guidelines to prevent any issues.

Separate the food waste in a particular way before you go there, and make sure you know what food they accept.

Put the liner in your bins and then dumped your food waste separately in bins. When your liner is full of garbage, tie your liner and leave the entire plastic bag in the large bin.

Do eggshells go in the food waste bin?

Yes, you can put eggshells in the food waste bin. Eggshell and eggs are a good source of nutrients and can be a vital addition to your compost.

You may put them in your home compost bin and later spread this to your plants and vegetable garden.

Can Dog Food Go in a food waste bin?

You can put dog food in food waste bins too.

Can you put raw chicken in food waste?

You should act quickly to deal with those food items that spoil quickly, and you should separate such food items from your other food waste.

Dispose of meat quickly to avoid any problem like maggots.

What can you do with food waste at home?

You can make compost at home and use it to fertilize your home garden.

Composting is a natural process of decomposition using oxygen. It’s also better for the environment than using synthetic fertilizers.

You can put green food waste in a separate bin like fruits and vegetable skin, tea bags, and eggshells and generate a free high-quality compost for your garden.

You can use this healthy blended soil in landscaping and horticultural use.

Food Waste Bin Buying Guide

What is a food waste bin?

Even if you’re preparing a small meal, the amount of food waste can be immense. Peelings, cuttings, and surplus food often get tossed in the bin, going to waste.

However, a waste food caddy allows you to put even these clippings to good use. Food waste bins are essential for every household and those businesses that produce a lot of food waste, such as restaurants.

Food waste bins allow you to properly dispose of your food waste so that recycling authorities can recycle it.

Furthermore, to keep your kitchens and workplaces hygienically clean, it is a must to dispose of the food waste properly.

Each household has three or two waste bins, storing wet and biodegradable wastes and non-biodegradable wastes, respectively. Food waste bins store your biodegradable food items and let you recycle them.

Why Use One?

The main reason to collect food waste and dispose of it properly is to protect the environment and prevent health issues. Food waste can cause air and water pollution, and it affects a vast population.

Putting food waste in the right bin helps the recycling process. Suppose you dump all food waste in the same container. In that case, it will become a hazard, and the waste collection company won’t collect it.

Waste collection companies also separate the waste and put it into different columns. By using a food waste caddy, you make their job easier.

You need one food waste bin to segregate your garbage correctly. When you collect your food waste properly, you can prevent pests and flies from entering your house too.

Furthermore, you can also use the waste as compost and create a natural, safe fertilizer for your home-grown veggies and fruits.

Benefits of Using Them

When you recycle your food waste properly, you can reap several benefits.

Healthy environment

You can make a beneficial impact on the environment by adopting the recycling process. Food waste bins reduce the amount of waste produced, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Recycling is a process that collects waste material and turning it into new products. When you reuse your food waste and use it to create organic compost, you pave the way for a greener earth.

Help your local recycling agency

Recycling agencies often have to go through immense effort to find recyclable products amidst the trash. If you dump all your trash together, they can have a hard time finding things to salvage.

However, using a worktop food waste bin means your degradable and non-degradable products are separate, making it easier for agencies to recycle your trash.

Buyers Guide

There are plenty of different types of food waste bins available. Here are a few areas to consider before you invest.

Consider placement first

Before buying a waste bin, you need to select the place you want to place your caddy. Determine where waste is generated in your facility and what type of trash they collect.

When you have a good idea of the waste flow in your facility, it will help you select bin placement.

Waste bin capacity

The capacity you need depends on how much waste you generate. If you live alone or with a small family, you can do with a smaller bin.

However, if you want a food waste bin for your office or if you frequent the kitchen a lot, you might need a larger model.

Consider climate

When ordering waste bins for the outdoors, always consider the climate. Waste bins have accessories for harsh weather areas, like anchor kits, so that your containers remain safe and grounded.

Furthermore, if you live in a warmer climate, your waste can start to smell soon. You would do well with a bin with odour filters to keep any unpleasant smells at bay.


Adding a food waste bin to your home is a small step that comes with long-lasting benefits. Not only will you have a cleaner, more organized, and odour-free kitchen, but you’ll also ensure optimal hygiene.

Furthermore, food waste bins make it incredibly easy to make your compost get your kitchen gardens to thrive. It is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and get your family to develop the habit of recycling.