Global Cooking Front Cover
Global Cooking Front Cover

Improve Your Cooking & Try New Food

Download 195 excellent recipes from 195 different countries spanning the entire world.

From the rich Russian Stroganoff to the delicate Fijian Kokoda, this cookbook has something for special for you.

What YOU get?

195 Recipes

In Global Cooking, you will find 195 high-quality recipes.

195 Countries

We've created 195 recipes from 195 countries.

Expand Culinary Culture

Discover unique dishes and ways of cooking.

Cooking Challenge

Embark on a culinary challenge and cook around the world today.

All Types Of Food

Appetizers, main courses, desserts, baked goods and more.

Learn About Countries

Discover interesting facts about each of the countries featured.

Easy to Follow

Each of the recipes is easy to follow with simple measurements.

DIscover New Favourites

With so many recipes on offer, you are bound to find new favourites.

Cooking Challenge Tracker

To keep track of your challenge and to share your progress with friends & family, download our FREE Global Cooking Challenge tracker

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Travel the globe in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Take a journey across the globe without leaving the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Readers say

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This book is excellent value and has really opened my eyes to the way other culture cook and prepare their food. 

Tim Betho

Found some excellent recipes in this e-book and a couple of them are regularly requested by the family and make a weekly appearance at the dinner table! 

Emma Harris

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195 Recipes In ONE e-book!