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Why Hard Kombucha is the Best, New Way to Drink

hard kombucha

Food trends come and go, and only a few can exert their influence and stick around. If you keep yourself updated with all the new trends, you’ve undoubtedly heard of hard kombucha by now.

Hard kombucha is the feistier alternative to regular, virgin kombucha. Packed with all the health benefits but with an alcoholic kick, hard kombucha is the latest way to stay healthy while having some fun

If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating new trend, keep reading below.

Hard kombucha brands in the UK

If you’re looking for where to buy hard kombucha, here are the best kombucha brands in the UK.

KYLA hard kombucha

kyla hard kombucha

KYLA kombucha has a crisp, refreshing taste that can be addictive. It is one of the most popular brands in the UK.

KYLA has two hard kombucha recipe, the Tangerine Ginger and Hibiscus Lime, and both can be an excellent way for you to liven up your day.

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha

wild tonic kombucha

Wild tonic kombucha has honey in it, which gives it a distinctly unique flavour profile. Wild Tonic has probiotic and prebiotics, with lower sugar content.

So, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, this is a great pick. It has 100 calories, with only 2g of sugar, making it the most health-conscious kombucha option


Kombrewcha hard

Kombrewcha claims to be the world’s first hard kombucha producer and has four delicious flavours to back up that claim. Kombrewcha is a bright, refreshing alternative to your regular beer.

However, Kombrewcha has the nutritional content that is like beer, as it has more carbs.

GT’s Classic Gold Pina Paradise

gta hard kombucha

This flavour can take you to the tropics while getting you your alcohol fix. It has a unique, almost savoury taste, thanks to the habanero and turmeric.

For a different way to get drunk, try this experimental brand.

What is hard kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented drink that originated in China around 2000 years ago. Kombucha is made from tea, sugar, yeast, and bacteria.

After mixing, kombucha makers leave this mixture to rest for a few weeks. During this time, the combination transforms into a lovely, fizzy, nutritious drink.

Hard kombucha is just a more alcoholic version of regular kombucha. Hard kombucha has more sugar and yeast than traditional kombucha and is fermented for a longer time.


Benefits of hard kombucha

There are many benefits of drinking alcoholic kombucha UK instead of your regular beer. Here are a few.

Hard kombucha is excellent for your gut

Most of the health benefits of drinking hard kombucha come from the fact that it is a fermented drink. Fermentation produces probiotic bacteria, which can have various benefits.

Probiotic bacteria can help reset your gut health and can prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing in your gut. So, hard kombucha can help you improve your digestion and have a healthy gut.

kombucha pot brewing

Lower cholesterol

A surprising benefit of kombucha is that it can help lower your cholesterol levels. Drinking hard kombucha regularly can help you reduce your LDL levels while boosting HDL.

The health benefits of kombucha are somewhat similar to green tea, and green tea drinkers have a 31% lower risk of developing heart disease. This benefit can apply to hard kombucha drinkers too.

Kombucha has antioxidants

Antioxidants can help keep away free radicals that damage your cells. Luckily, hard kombucha is full of antioxidants to help you combat oxidative stress.

Kombucha also provides you with natural antioxidants, which are much more beneficial than antioxidant supplements.

probiotics in kombucha

Hard kombucha can help manage diabetes.

Hard kombucha can help slow down carbohydrate digestion, leading to lower levels of blood sugar. So, to control your blood sugar levels, it can help have a glass of hard kombucha a day.

How Hard Kombucha is made

Brewers make hard kombucha with the same ingredients as regular kombucha, but a slightly different process. Sugar, yeast, bacteria and green or black tea are mixed.

Then, we leave the mixture out to ferment for some weeks. Unlike regular kombucha, to make hard kombucha, we add more sugar and yeast to the mix, to increase the alcohol content.

Calories In Hard Kombucha

The calorie content of hard kombucha depends on sugar levels. The yeast digests most of the sugar added to kombucha during the fermentation process.

However, some manufacturers may add additional sugar after the fermentation process. However, one serving of kombucha can have around 5-13g of carbs.

Typically, the sweeter your kombucha, the more calories it’ll have. So, while hard kombucha is incredibly healthy, it is also carbohydrate-rich.

FAQ's On Alcoholic Kombucha

Is hard kombucha good for you?

Brewers make hard kombucha with the same ingredients as regular kombucha, but a slightly different process. Sugar, yeast, bacteria and green or black tea are mixed.

Then, we leave the mixture out to ferment for some weeks. Unlike regular kombucha, to make hard kombucha, we add more sugar and yeast to the mix, to increase the alcohol content.

Does hard kombucha get you drunk?

Regular kombucha has less than 0.5% of alcohol, but hard kombucha is much different. Depending on the brand you pick, hard kombucha has different alcohol levels.

Some brands can have 4.0% of alcohol, which is the same as light beers. You can find even more alcoholic kombucha brands, with the alcohol content going up to 8%, same as craft beers.

What kind of alcohol is in hard kombucha?

The alcohol content in hard kombucha comes from the fermentation process. The yeast produces alcohol as it breaks down the sugars in the mixture.

What is the best hard kombucha?

The best hard kombucha depends on your taste. You can find many brands that flavour their hard kombucha with fruits, honey and herbs.

For us, the best hard kombucha would have to be Wild Tonic. It comes with a distinct, green tea flavour profile that distinguishes it from the rest.


Hard kombucha is one food/health trend that genuinely is here to stay. It is an excellent alternative to beer, as it can give you antioxidants and nutrients while letting you get a buzz.

Plus, hard kombucha comes in various flavours so you’re sure to find one that you can get hooked on.

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