Honeycrisp Apple UK Equivalent – A Guide

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Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp apples are known for their sweet-tart flavour and crisp bite. Native to America, this high-quality dessert apple is grown in cooler climates.

They are typically grown in the Northern and Midwest regions of America. This crunchy and sweet apple was bred for taste. However, it is not easy to grow and store them. Moreover, it is not ideal for shipping.

It comes with a hefty price tag. If you are an apple-snacking person, chances are you try to find Honeycrisp apple UK because it is not radially available in the UK.

This is a unique variety of apples, but there are some apple varieties that you can consume instead of Honeycrisp apple. Let’s talk about the history of Honeycrisp apple, Honeycrisp apple UK equivalent and more. Let’s get into it!

What are they?

Honeycrisp Apple

Honeycrisp apples are an American variety that was first bred in the agriculture research centre of the University of Minnesota. This yellowish-green apple is considered one of the best crispy apple varieties of the last century. Unlike other American apples, the Honeycrisp apple offers balanced acidity to its flavour. 

Its sweet and tangy flavour makes it an ideal choice for apple snacking. This light textured apple comes in medium to large sizes, and it is covered with an orange-red flush and has yellow or light green colour. 

Their crispiness remains the same when you store them. This apple variety is one of the most produced varieties of apples commercially worldwide. People love it for its bright colour, crisp texture, tangy and sweet flavour. 

They pay double or sometimes triple for its crisp and sweet-tart flavour that no other traditional variety offers. Its hefty price tag is probably due to its demand, but that is not the case. It is difficult to grow them because it prefers cooler northern climates to flourish.

Today, it is the state fruit of Minnesota which is the Midwestern state of the United States where winters are snowy, freezing and windy. 

It is best known for its crunch, juiciness and sweetness. It comes with a unique texture that is due to its cellular level. Studies have revealed that the size of Honeycrisp cells is double the size of cells in other apple varieties. 

You can store them in the refrigerator, and they can stay juicy and fresh for up to six months. You can use them in baking, salads and cooking, and they can also be eaten raw as a snack.

Bit of history on the apple

This unique apple variety was first introduced in 1991 by the American University of Minnesota. They were developed in the agriculture experiment station of the University of Minnesota in the 1960s.

They were bred with the intention of creating a variety of apples that could withstand the continental style weather climate of Minnesota. You can call it a modern apple variety that was developed through crossbreeding techniques.

This cold hard apple variety is classified as Malus Domestica. In Europe, they are known as HoneyCrunch apples. This is the most disease-resistant variety that belongs to the Rosaceae family.

Do they have them in the UK?

Honey crispapples have been bred to tolerate Minnesota’s extreme cold weather climates. As the climate in the UK is significantly different, they would not do well here. They are not grown commercially in the United Kingdom because of their susceptibility to mildew.


However, you can buy its tree in the UK if you want to grow it in your garden.

It is rarely sold in the United Kingdom. . If you live in the UK and don’t find them in the supermarket, then consider buying their equivalent. 

british apples

What is the equivalent called in the UK?

If you are an American living in the UK, you might not find this American apple variety at your local supermarket. Orchards promote other apple varieties with similar texture, crispness, and flavour profiles.

The UK climate doesn’t suit to grow them commercially. There are some Honeycrisp apples UK substitutes that come with a less hefty price tag and provide you with the genuinely sweet flavour and satisfying crunch you love. There are a lot of British apple varieties that have a similar texture and taste as this American apple variety has.

These apple varieties include pink lady, scrumptious, Saturn and others. Scrumptious is pretty similar to honey crisp apples, which is an English cultivar and more suited to the climate of the UK.

Best equivalents in the UK

If you are looking for the best equivalents to Honeycrisp apples in the UK, luckily, you have plenty of different varieties that you will love.

Consider picking these varieties, which have almost the same qualities as this rosy blush apple, without hurting your wallet.

Some apple varieties in the UK share the same firmness, sweetness, crispness, and tartness as your favourite honey crisp. 

Pink Lady

Pink lady apples, a.k.a. Cripps apples native to Australia, are a popular apple variety available in any grocery store. There are a lot of characteristics that both varieties share i.e. sweetness, crisp crunch and juicy flavour.

Like Honey crisp apples, you can eat them raw due to their ultra-crunchiness, texture and juicy white flesh that offers sweet flavour in every bite.

Bright in colour, this Australian apple is perfect for snacking like honey crisp. Moreover, you can use them in cooking too. They have rosy pink skin with yellow or green undertones.

In the UK, they are radially available in the produce section of the grocery store.

Pink Lady apples sold in the UK are imported from other countries. It is very exciting that you can now buy UK-grown pink lady, which is the best Honeycrisp apple UK equivalent. 


Saturn is another apple variety that is a great equivalent to the Honeycrisp apple. Like Honeycrisp, they are also disease resistant apple variety. It is a modern apple known for its crisp flesh and sweet flavour.

With a clear appearance, Saturn is a deep red in colour with a yellow tinge to the crisp textured flesh. However, it is not as crispy as honey crisp apple, but it offers great flavour, but not too much sugary. With high juice content, Saturn is an ideal apple for juicing.

This apple variety is not too much popular in the UK and is suitable for eating fresh and making apple juice. 


Scrumptious is a modern English apple that can be a good substitute for honey crisp. This early dessert apple is best known for its sweet flavour, and its distinctive flavour makes its way to the market.

No other early-season apples come with more flavour than scrumptious apples. Its flavour sets it apart from other varieties. Moreover, it is the most successful garden apple variety because of its resistance to early-season diseases, unlike other early season apples.

It has creamy white flesh described as honeyed, sweet but not sugary, crunchy, fragrant and aromatic. The fruit is primarily good for eating raw rather than cooking. You can use even this sweet apple with cheese.

 For instance, you can try tangy blue cheese or mild cheddar with scrumptious apples to enjoy the marriage of savoury and sweet. However, this sweet apple doesn’t store well like other early season apple varieties and must be used within a week or two.

What to look for in a good Equivalent

Honey crisp is best known for its distinctive crisp, sweet flavour and incredible juiciness. When looking for a Honeycrisp apple UK equivalent, consider buying a variety that has the same characteristics as Honeycrisp apple.


The consistent crunch of Honeycrisp apple is set it apart from other varieties, but there are some apple varieties that have the same potential. Pink Lady and Scrumptious are the best Honeycrisp equivalent because it offers almost the same crispness.


Honeycrisp apples offer a good flavour. Some apple varieties are radially available in the UK, and they are rich in flavour. Scrumptious has a good sweet flavour when planted in a sunny position.

The excellent flavour is driven by the acid level, sugar levels and aromatic compounds. Their acid levels also determine tartness. If you love the flavour of Honeycrisp apples and they are not available at the supermarket, consider these factors to buy other apple varieties.


Honeycrisp apples offer a balance of tart and sweet flavours that make them unique. The standout point of this variety is not only its flavour profile but also its juiciness and texture.

Saturn apple also has awesome juiciness. So if you are looking for a good Honeycrisp equivalent that is juicy, pick this deep red apple.

Bottom Line:

Honeycrisp apples are one of a kind apple variety due to their combination of texture and flavour. There is no doubt that it has unique characteristics that most apples don’t have. However, the varieties mentioned above can be the best equivalent to Honeycrisp apple UK. Have you ever tried the honey crisp apple UK equivalent? Let us know in the comment box!

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