Chop Garlic Without Smelling for Days!

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Garlic on a Chopping Board

Chop Garlic Without Smelling for Days!

Garlic is incredible.

It tastes great, it smells great both before and after cooking, and it can really take a dish to the next level.

If it were socially acceptable, we would put garlic in everything.

The only issue with the wonderful garlic is the smell that it leaves on your fingers after handling it.

We’ve all been there. Your cooking up an absolute storm in the kitchen & the end result is met with applause from your guests. However, you can’t relish in all of the praise your hard work has received as your worried about the damn smell left lingering on your fingers!

We don’t want our fingers and hands to stink of garlic for at least the next two days after we cut and chop this versatile ingredient. We don’t want to be reminded every time our fingers fly underneath our noses that we made homemade garlic bread a few days ago.

Now, this won’t ever stop us from using Garlic, but there has to be something that we can do to limit the smell. There has to be right?.

Before we take a look at how to avoid the lingering smell left on your fingers after chopping, we thought we’ whip out the science books and find out what it is that makes garlic smell!

Garlic cells release an enzyme called allinaise when they are ruptured by cutting, mincin or pressing. This enzyme chemically changes the inherent alliin into allicin, a sulfur-containing molecule, resulting in that garlic smell we all know (and love?!). When we consume Garlic the sulphur molecules is absorbed into our bloodstream and lungs an escapes through exhaled air and perspiration. This results in what is widely known as Garlic Breath!

Right now we’ve got the science out of the way, let’s get down to how we can actually get rid of the smell!

How to remove the garlic smell from your fingers & hands

Removing the garlic smell from your hands is actually pretty simple.

All you have to do is rub your hands with something made of stainless steel. Really that’s it!

Just grab one of your stainless steel spoons, pots, or whatever else you have lying around made of the metal.

The reason why stainless steel removes the garlic smell is due to a process called oxido-reduction
To remove the garlic smell from your hands, the solution is pretty simple. All you need to do it rub your hands with something made of stainless steel material, such as a spoon or a pot, or even a stainless steel soap bar. This miracle happens because of oxydo-reduction.

This natural process that occurs with stainless steel removes strong odors in seconds and can leave your hands odor free!

If your are often chopping garlic, we’d recommend you purchase yourself a stainless steel soap bar to was those nasty garlic fingers of yours!

How to get rid of garlic breath?

Now getting rid of stinky garlic breath is actually a bit more difficult.

You can do some immediate things such as munching on some parsley right after consuming a glove or two, but in reality who has got time for this?!

The most effective way of getting rid of garlic breath is to immediately use some strong, powerful mouthwash (such as listerine) after you have finished your meal. This will help to remove the strong odors lingering on your tongue and will leave your mouth feeling minty fresh as an added benefit!

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