How to Cook Risotto Rice: Get It Right Every Time

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How to Cook Risotto Rice

Risotto is one of the most popular and also one of the most feared dishes in the entire world of home cooking. Weirdly, all your friends claim to be too afraid even to attempt making. It’s a delicious bowl of creamy rice—but with hidden vegetables lurking somewhere inside. How on earth could you possibly cook risotto? Surely it must be an impossible challenge for any normal human being?

Fortunately for all your unafraid friends out there, it’s not as tricky as you might think! And we have an easy step-by-step guide on making perfect risotto every time. Let’s get started.

How much risotto rice per person

So, let’s start with the most important thing when cooking with risotto rice—how much risotto rice per person. You’ll need to remember that you’ll be adding other ingredients to this, so you don’t want to use a tremendous amount for fear of running out.

So, how many cups of risotto rice per person is enough? One cup of uncooked rice should be enough for two servings of risotto. That might seem like a small amount—but remember, it will be mixed with other ingredients and swell up as it cooks.

For reference, half a cup of risotto rice per person is ideal.

Types of Risotto Rice

There are different types of risotto rice that you can use to make your risotto.

Arborio Rice – Arborio is the most popular choice for risotto. It’s soft and starchy, making it perfect for this dish. As the rice is cooked, it creates the creamy texture essential in a perfect risotto. Arborio rice is usually used in restaurants as it has a round, white shape and a soft brown color. You may already be familiar with this rice treat if you are well-informed about bomba rice.

Risi e Bisi – Risi e Bisi is also an excellent choice for risotto. It is a bowl of rare Italian rice used in many classic Italian rice dishes, including risotto. It is even sometimes referred to as “Italian rice.” Risi e Bisi rice has a round, white shape and a soft brown color.

Vialone Nano – Vialone Nano is medium-grain rice often used to make risotto and other Italian rice dishes. It is a good choice if you want the rice to make risotto with a less starchy texture than Arborio rice. Vialone Nano rice has a round, white shape and a soft brown color.

How many people does 1 cup of rice serve?

So, let’s move on to how many people a single cup of rice can serve. Risotto is a very filling, nutritious meal packed with hidden vegetables, and it is ideal for feeding many people with a small amount of rice. One cup of uncooked rice will serve two people.

If you are feeding a large group of people, you will need to increase the amount of rice you use. A large group of people will eat more than two, so you need to have enough rice to feed them all.

To be safe, use a rice dispenser so you ensure that you’re using the perfect amount each time.

risotto rice

How many cups of risotto do I need for four people?

When preparing a meal for four people, you will need one and a half cups of uncooked rice. The simplest way to work this out is to add one cup of rice to a pot and then fill the pot with water until the water is at least an inch above the top of the rice. If you use a pressure cooker, you will need to add more water, as the pressure cooker will make the rice cook more quickly.

Liquid to Rice Ratios

There is no exact ratio for the amount of liquid you should use for each cup of rice. Instead, you should keep an eye on the rice and ensure that you add more liquid if necessary. The amount of liquid you add will depend on how much cooking time you give the rice.

If you want your rice to be soft but still have a bit of a bite, then you should cook it for about 18 minutes with three cups of liquid for each cup of rice. If you want it to be softer, you should cook it for 25 minutes with four cups of liquid for each cup of rice.

If you use a pressure cooker, you should cook with less liquid as the pressure cooker will make the rice softer, and shorter cooking times are recommended.

The Best Risotto Recipe:

If you are new to cooking risotto, the best recipe to start with is the classic recipe for Italian Vegetable Risotto. Cooking this traditional recipe is a great way to get used to making risotto. The formula is simple and easy to follow, packed with delicious flavors and hidden veggies.

 If you want to try something a little different, then you could also try making a Mexican Risotto. This recipe is similar to the classic recipe but with a Mexican twist.

Risotto is a classic Italian dish that is perfect for a special occasion. While it may seem daunting to make risotto at home, it is pretty easy to do. With this step-by-step recipe, you can make a delicious risotto that is sure to impress your guests.

First, you will need to choose your ingredients. You can use any rice, but Arborio or Carnaroli rice is typically used for risotto. You will also need broth, white wine, Parmesan cheese, butter, and olive oil. Once you have all of your ingredients, you can start the cooking magic.


  • 1 cup of Arborio rice
  • One onion, diced
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • 4 cups of chicken or vegetable broth
  • 1 cup of white wine
  • 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, grated
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion and cook until it is translucent.
  • Add the rice and cook for a minute or two until it is evenly coated with oil.
  • Add the chicken or vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add the white wine and continue cooking for another 5 minutes until the liquid is absorbed and the rice is tender.
  • Stir in the Parmesan cheese and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately.

Some people also like to use cantabrian anchovies and tinned tomatoes in the recipe but we will leave that up to your creativity and personal preference. If you follow the above given recipe carefully you’ll end up with a delicious treat to remember for ages. Remember, practice makes perfect. So keep retrying the recipe to become the master of the craft.


Do you need to wash risotto rice before cooking it?

There is no need to wash the rice before cooking it. Risotto rice is grown in areas with a lot of water, so it is naturally exceptionally clean. Some pests live in water, so rice is often grown in regions that are not flooded.

If rice is grown in areas with a lot of water, it will need to be washed before you can use it. But if you use risotto rice, you don’t need to worry about washing it before cooking it.

Why is Risotto Rice so Popular?

So why is risotto rice so famous? There are a few reasons.

First, the texture of Arborio rice is perfect for making a creamy risotto. Risotto rice is famous because it is the ideal canvas for chefs to create their masterpieces. We highly recommend giving it a shot if you’ve never tried it before.

Second, risotto is a very versatile dish – it can be made with various ingredients, so there’s something for everyone.

And finally, risotto is just plain delicious! The rice can absorb all of the flavors in the dish, resulting in a rich and creamy dish packed with flavor.

Risotto is a nutritious, filling meal that can cater to many different taste buds. From classic Italian Vegetable Risotto to Mexican Risotto, there is a risotto for everyone. Risotto is also very easy to customize with whatever vegetables and herbs you have in your kitchen.

If you are looking for a tasty but straightforward dish to make for yourself or a group of friends, then risotto is the perfect meal. Risotto is a top-rated meal that can be made with various ingredients and flavors, and it is a creamy rice dish that is perfect as a comforting meal on a cold day.


Now that you have the know-how of the iconic risotto rice, we hope you are well-equipped to put on your cooking gloves and start experimenting. If you haven’t tried this delicious treat at home or a restaurant, you’re in for a great surprise. We conclude this article with best wishes to anyone looking to incorporate this delicacy into their diet. You won’t regret it. Cheers!

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