Kosher Salt: What Is it & Why You Need it

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What is Kosher Salt called in the UK & why you need to add it to your diet

kosher salt

Kosher Salt is an essential ingredient in every chef’s kitchen, adding the perfect savoury flavour that brings life to any dish. From regional favourites to international delicacies, this humble mineral has been prized for its ability to enhance a meal and bring out delicious nuances found nowhere else – without it, your culinary creations would lack the spark of true gastronomic pleasure!

No matter what you’re cooking and how many other spices and aromatics you add, any dish is incomplete without salt. There are a variety of salts, and all have different-sized crystals and textures.

Salt is collected from salt mines and seawater. When the water evaporates, it leaves salt behind, which labourers gather into pans. There are several varieties of salt you can choose from, and they are different in taste and texture. Some are well known, like maldon sea salt, others are perhaps lesser known in the UK, like Diamond Crystal Kosher salt. 

While you need to add salt to your food as you cook it, there are also various other ways you can use it. Kosher salt is one such salt you can use in a variety of ways.

It is much different from table salt and brings a more refined touch to any dish. If you’re interested in learning more about what is kosher salt uk, keep reading below.

What Is Kosher Salt?

kosher salt vs table salt

Kosher salt uk is a mineral that occurs naturally, and it has two components; sodium and chlorine. It’s different and better from other salts and has lighter flakes than table salt and iodine salt.

It has rougher and wider crystals which give your food an even better taste. You can use it in cooking or baking too, and cooking professionals prefer kosher salt.

It is more preferred to use as finishing salt for dusting over sweet and savoury dishes alike for a brighter taste. Kosher salt enhances your dish flavours instead of making it too salty. If you have a salt pig, then Kosher Salt is the salt you should be storing in there. 

Mostly kosher salt comes from mines, and these underground mines were once seas. Once the salt is collected, the workers process it to kosher salt.

Kosher salt comes from seawater or mines. Although the taste is the same, they can have a slight difference in mineral content.

Uses for Kosher Salt

There are numerous ways to use kosher salt.

Better seasoning

You can use kosher salt in plenty of dishes and so many ways. You can season your dishes with kosher salt because it has a mild unique flavour compared to other salts.

You can also add this salt while cooking like you can add it in when you’re boiling pasta, vegetables, and rice.

kosher salt with food

Finish cooking faster

Kosher salt makes the water temperature rise, and you can finish cooking in less time. You can also add it in sauces, especially when you’re making a stir-fry and balancing your dish.

Just add a sprinkling amount of kosher salt, and you will be satisfied with the result.

Texture your dips

Kosher salt gives even better results when you’re making different types of herb dips. Add it with your herbs or chilli flakes or any dried herbs.

Kosher salt gives these dips the perfect smooth texture that can make them seem extra refined. These herb dips can significantly enhance your food flavours.

Perfect for brining and preserving

Kosher salt is also excellent for brining when you’re making meat dishes, poultry or even salt fish. Put your meat in salt water and leave it overnight, and you will get the perfect result in taste.

Kosher salt is also excellent for preserving food like meat. You can rub this salt on your meat to add a texture and roughness to your meat with a dry rub.

When you make beef hunter with this salt, it will give your meat an excellent taste and quality.

Sprinkle on top

Kosher salt is excellent for hand picking. If you want to season your plate well, you can pick kosher salt crystals by hand and quickly season your meal. Due to its coarse flakes, there is no chance of an overdose.

Use as a cleaner for cookware

Due to its large crystal size, you can also use kosher salt as a scratchy cleaner for cookware. You can mix the salt grains with oil and scrub your pots and pans to clean away any grease and burnt bits of food.

diamond crystal kosher salt

Health Benefits of Kosher Salt

There are various health benefits of switching to kosher salt.

Lower sodium content

All salt has the same amount of sodium, but kosher style salt has larger grains than other salts like table salt. For example, you can put half a teaspoon of kosher salt rather than one teaspoon of table salt in your dish, which means consuming less sodium.

Health advisors recommend limiting your sodium intake, and too much sodium can cause hypertension, bloating, and kidney disease.

Fewer additives

Salt is the primary seasoning used widely, and we take it daily in our diet. Table salt often has added chemicals that can be detrimental to our health with time.

Kosher salts have fewer additives like anti-caking agents, and it may have no iodine. Kosher salt is considered purer than sea salt.

Healthy components

Salt has two nutritional components: sodium and chlorine, and both elements are essential for our body.

They help your brain and nerves send electrical signals to your body, helping you maintain normal bodily functions.

Dissolves better

Traditional salt varieties with added anti-caking agents may not dissolve as easily. Instead, kosher salt dissolves fast and gives your dishes a rich, deep taste.

You thus get the full health benefits of the mineral components without using too much salt.

Where to Buy Kosher Salt in the UK?

You can buy kosher salt or coarse salt from any grocery chain; many brands offer this salt. Amazon has a great selection of Kosher salt to choose from, including our favourite brand: Diamond Crystal

FAQ's on Kosher Salt

What's unique about kosher salt?

The wide grains of kosher salt gives it a distinct taste that table salt cannot rival. It gently flavours food without giving it an overpoweringly salty taste.

Kosher salt flakes look appealing on your food, and the rough and shapeless flakes on top give your dish a professional look. Although, if you are looking for a more professional style of finishing salt, then we’d recommend Maldon sea salt. 

Why does iodine content matter?

Salt has many varieties, and kosher salt is the best compared to all other variations. It has more suitable flakes to pick, no additives, and may contain less or no iodine.

The iodine content matters because added iodine can give food a bitter taste. Kosher salt has no iodine, which keeps it from affected your food’s taste adversely.

Why do so many recipes call for kosher salt?

Many cooking experts recommend kosher salt because it’s purer and has less intensity. It also has large flakes, which are easy to pick.

Which is the healthiest salt?

Sea salt is highly regarded as the healthiest salt, with uk kosher salt being a close second. Pink Himalayan salt is also a healthy option, as it has many additional minerals.

Is iodized salt unhealthy?

Iodized salt comes with a host of health drawbacks. Too much-iodized salt can adversely affect your thyroid and cause long-lasting problems.

When do you use kosher salt?

You can use kosher salt as you would ordinary salt, and you can use it for dry rubs, brining, cleaning, or simple seasoning.

What is kosher salt called in the uk?

The UK’s Kosher salte equivalent is called rock salt or coarse salt in the uk. Most people in the UK aren’t familiar with the name of kosher salt.

Different brands are giving kosher salt under these names like coarse salt, rock salt, or salt flakes. A very known brand in the UK, SAXA offers a kosher salt named coarse salt.

Where to buy kosher salt uk?

Kosher salt is available in most supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury, and many other stores have this salt on their shelves. It is easily accessible and a cost-effective addition.

What is uk equivalent of kosher salt?

Sea salt is the best equivalent of kosher salt because sea salt also comes in coarse crystals, and you can put the same amount as kosher salt in your dish.

Sea salt is slightly more expensive than kosher salt. You can also use it as a pickling salt, just as you would use kosher salt.

Why is it called Kosher salt?

The kosher salt name comes from the Jewish tradition of koshering in old times. It is used on meat to draw blood or moisture from the meat.

The crystal size is perfect for drawing moisture from the meat. It has a larger and coarser size of crystals with a unique taste.

Some salt companies started naming the salt boxes as kosher salt instead of koshering salt; this name stuck with time.


As we all are aware, salt plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. Salt is the primary source of sodium and chloride, and it’s vital to regulate human body fluids.

However, you should always limit your sodium consumption. Excessive consumption can give you hypertension.

Salt has many uses like preserving, flavouring and it’s also used in processing many things like dyeing, tanning, or bleaching. Salt is also widely used in the chemical industry.

Different brands offer kosher salt in different shapes and sizes, so always pick according to your dish. Kosher salt is excellent for those used to a hand-picking salt routine while putting salt in their food.

Expert chefs will always prefer adding kosher salt instead of table salt, and this seemingly small change can make a huge difference. It’s available widely with different names under different brands.

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