Le Creuset - Is It Worth It?

Is Le Creuset worth it? The age old question – Answered.

If you are in the market for a Le Creuset or any other enameled dutch oven, then you have come to the right place! Purchasing one of these is a sound investment for any homecook worth their salt in the kitchen. The vast majority of them last an incredibly long time and will never let you down!

The only problem with purchasing the classic dutch oven is that there are so many on the market now it can be difficult to know the pros and cons that each offer. All have a different level of durability, warranty and require differing levels of maintenance. So, you are left with the question: is le creuset worth it?

This guide will just cover Le Creuset, but if you are in the market for an alternative to le Creuset check out our other guide!

So without further adieu, lets answer the question – is le creuset worth it? 

Le Creuset History

Le Creuset was founded in France in the ripe old year of 1925. Their first product to be sold to the mass markets was the covered casserole dish, also known as the Cocotte.

Due to the incredible quality that Le Creuset offered, it was no surprise that the company grew exponentially after WW2. It began shipping it’s products to the rest of Europe and the Americas and has really grown from strength to strength, earning its world renowned status by producing reliable, quality products.

Pros of Le Creuset

  • The products are handmade in France
  • Le Creuset enforce strict oversight and quality standards during production
  • Available in around 17 colours worldwide
  • A variety of shapes and sizes available to suit every cooking need.
    White enamel on the inside provides for a better cooking experience
  • Really easy to clean – Dishwasher safe.
  • Quickly switch from hob to oven using the wide handles.
  • Outstanding lifetime warranty.

Cons of Le Creuset

  • Le Creuset is the most expensive of it’s kind on the market.
  • The white enamel can become scratched.
  • Handles often get quite hot so you need to remember to use oven gloves when handling.
  • They tend to be quite heavy in weight, even before you start cooking anything.

Is Le Creuset Worth The Expensive Price Tag?

We believe that Le Creuset is definitely worth the price. It will last you an incredibly long time and the reliability, durability and quality of these finely made products will really improve your cooking and confidence in the kitchen. They offer new levels of versatility and will allow you to experiment with recipes that perhaps you couldn’t have done with other products.

So, for us,  the answer to the question “Is Le Creuset worth it?” – Yes. We cannot recommend Le Creuset enough!

The Le Creuset Round Casserole Pan

is le creuset worth it

This is the most recognisable Le Creuset pan that is an absolute essential kitchen classic. You can cook absolutely everything in this from a quick beef chili to a slow-cooked chicken cacciatore. The Le Creuset has been meticulously designed to enhance your cooking as the cast iron casserole dish distributes heat evenly across all areas. This take you cooking game to completely new heights.

With an Easy-grip,45% larger handle you can rest easy knowing the dishes weight will be distributed more evenly, allowing you to carry the product from hot to oven more easily.

The casserole dish offers easy clean with the toughened enamel interior resistant to most stains.

The tight-fitting lid boasts built-in stabilisers that help seal in all of those delicious flavours you will be cooking with in your new casserole dish!

The vast range of colours that Le Creuset offer for their signature round casserole dish means you will 100% find a colour to suit your kitchen design. From the ever recognisable Volcanic to beautifully French Marseille Blue, there is a colour out there perfect for you!

Oh and did we mention they offer a lifetime guarantee?! Is le creuset worth it? Absolutely. 

The Le Creuset Shallow Rectangular Pan

Le Creuset Casserole dish

The exquisitely made 26cm rectangular dish with side handles is the perfect companion for cooking lasagne and roasting vegetables & other such roasting activities! Like any of the great Le Creuset products, this dish is completely versatile. You can use it for marinating, baking, roasting, serving or simply storing.

Again, much like the casserole dish, the rectangle dish comes in a variety of stunning colours that will help to inject colour and style into your kitchen.

All Le Creuset stoneware is designed to go from the freezer to the oven, and to the table in the most efficient manner possible. This product is manufactured using the world renowned high quality materials and techniques that have given Le Creuset it’s global status.

The shallow rectangular dish will not absorb flavours and is stain and scratch resistant.

Much like the other products Le Creuset produce, the white enamelled surface is scratch resistant and allows for super easy cleaning. You can even store food in the fridge or freezer with this versatile dish. So, if you are looking for a casserole dish but are wondering if is le creuset worth it, then the answer is yes! 

Le Creuset Wok

le cruset wok

The Chinese Wok is one of the most versatile cooking vessels on the known world. It is used to do everything from frying, steaming, deep frying, searing to name just a few. So it’s only right that the most versatile dish makers, Le Creuset, venture into the Wok making world!

The Le Creuset Wok is based on the ancient traditional shape, but modernised with the world renowned Le Creuset flair.

Just like all of their products. the Le Creuset Cast Iron Wok is made from the traditional cast iron we have known to love. It provides a 100% even heat distribution and retains heat much more efficiently.

The authentic deep bowl Wok shape is designed to provide a larger cooking surface area and with the addition of a quality glass lid you are capable of adopting more versatile cooking styles.

You’ll be thrilled to learn that the Le Creuset Wok comes in ever popular Volcanic, along with a whole host of other great looking colours.

Start experimenting with favours and cuisines today with the incredibly well make Le Creuset Wok today. We think for this Wok, when it comes to the question, is le creuset worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! 

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