Our Top Oil Spray Bottle Picks

Adding oil to food before cooking seems like the easiest task one can come across while in the kitchen. However, we’ve all had trouble at times trying to add just the right amount of oil. 

Sometimes the oil ends up being spilt all over the counter, and at other times, we add much more than what is required. Minor issues like these not only make it more challenging to cook but can also ruin our food.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about, as there is a perfect solution to adding oil the right way in the form of an oil sprayer. These simple and easy-to-use tools can allow you to cover your food in a fine layer of oil without having to create a mess in an instant.

But it’s important to keep in mind that not all oil sprayers are worth purchasing. After all, there are several oil sprayers that are not reliable in the long run.

To help you buy the most suitable, durable, and reliable oil sprayer, here are our top oil spray bottle picks of 2022. 



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LAOLINGSY Oil Sprayer Bottle


CBGGQ Oil Sprayer


ActivoTex Oil Spray Bottle


GUTE Oil Sprayer


Xpsirny Oil Spray Bottle


Xpsirny Oil Spray Bottle


An In-depth Look At Oil spray bottles in 2022

Here are six oil spray bottles that you can consider adding to your kitchen in 2022. 

LAOLINGSY Oil Sprayer Bottle




LAOLINGSY Oil Sprayer Bottle Review

The LAOLINGSY oil spray bottle is one of the best products available in the market, and for a good reason. The LAOLINGSY spray bottle comes with a 200ml capacity which is enough to store oil that will last you for days, if not weeks. 

However, alongside quantity, the LAOLINGSY oil sprayer also boasts top quality. It is built with top-notch materials, including stainless steel and durable glass. 

What’s best about its build is that the materials are not only durable and reliable but are also safe for use with food. The product is lead and BPA-free alongside being eco-friendly. 

This type of build also gives the LAOLINGSY spray bottle an appealing look, which will suit well with your kitchen.

Moreover, in terms of use, this oil sprayer is quite easy to use. The use of transparent glass allows you to see the amount of oil left and add more whenever it’s about to be empty. The spray button has also been made quite comfortable for use. 

Additionally, the LAOLINGSY spray bottle is not only made for oil but can be used for any liquid of your choice. You can easily detach the cap and add any liquid, such as vinegar, soy sauce, and lemon juice. 

It will serve perfectly well for olive oil and other Italian ingredients if you’re interested in such cuisine. 

CBGGQ Oil Sprayer



CBGGQ Oil Sprayer Review

Another great choice for your kitchen is the CBGGQ oil spray bottle. This product sports a 210ml capacity, which is more than enough for most households.

In terms of its build quality, it lies in the category of high-end oil sprayer bottles thanks to its use of high-quality materials. 

Instead of glass, the CBGGQ relies on the use of durable plastic. As a result, you don’t have to worry about breaking this oil sprayer and hurting yourself, as it won’t break due to falls. 

Moreover, this oil sprayer has an ergonomic design and is known to be easy to use. The pressing handle has been manufactured with anti-slipping capabilities, and the entire product can be easily disassembled for cleaning. 

To further add to its ergonomic design, the CBGGQ oil sprayer has been created with the perfect dimensions to fit the average hand for comfortable use. The cap also comes with a seal to prevent any leakages. 

Most importantly, the spraying nozzle of the CBGGQ sprayer has been designed to give you the most control over the oil emitted. So, you can add just the right amount of oil to your food, avoiding any waste and reducing calories. 

ActivoTex Oil Spray Bottle




ActivoTex Oil Spray Bottle Review

The ActivoTex oil spray bottle is also a great candidate if you’re looking for some of the best oil spray bottles on the market. The product comes with a whopping 300ml capacity, which means you won’t have to refill it any time soon after filling it once. 

While this product has an all-plastic build, it is still quite durable and reliable for use. What’s best is that every building material is certified by European and US authorities for use with food. So you don’t have to worry about contaminating your food with intoxicants. 

In terms of its performance, the ActivoTex oil spray can certainly do a great job. Unlike many other spray bottles, this product comes with a polyvalent suction valve that allows it to spray every last drop of oil left in the bottle.

The nozzle has also been created to spray a fine mist instead of an inaccurate trajectory filled with large drops of oil that lead to wastage. 

Additionally, ActivoTex offers great customer service for its products. So, if you face any issues with this product, the company will most likely help you out. 

GUTE Oil Sprayer




GUTE Oil Sprayer Review

GUTE is known for developing reliable and high-performance oil sprayers. The GUTE oil sprayer comes with a 100ml capacity; however, it is quite ahead of its competitors in other aspects. 

For instance, the build quality of the GUTE oil sprayer is unmatched. It is manufactured using 304 stainless steel along with tough clear glass, which does not break on fall impact. 

Not to mention, every material used in this product is food-grade and completely free of any harmful chemicals that can seep into the oil and your food. 

Moreover, the GUTE oil sprayer has been designed with ease of use in mind. The product has been designed in a compact shape that’s easy to store and handle. 

More importantly, an accurate scale has been printed on the product to give you an idea about the amount of oil you use. As a result, you will only add the right amount of oil, saving yourself from high calories.

Furthermore, the GUTE oil sprayer comes with a cleaning brush and an oil funnel. You can use the cleaning brush to clean your oil sprayer in an instant without any issues. 

On the other hand, the oil funnel can help you refill the bottle without creating a mess. All you need to do is place the funnel on the bottle and add oil using an oil pourer to refill the container. 

Xpsirny Oil Spray Bottle




Xpsirny Oil Spray Bottle Review

The Xpsirny oil spray bottle is another suitable option for your kitchen. This product has a decent capacity of around 220ml, which is great for everyday use. 

This product is manufactured using high-quality plastic, which is both lightweight and tough. The materials used are all food grade and certified for use with food. 

The bottle is also designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. Instead of a spray button, the Xpsirny spray bottle sports a spray lever which can be considered to be easier to use. 

The dimensions of the Xpsirny spray bottle also add to its comfort and ease of use. You can easily wrap your hand around it, unlike some products, which can be tiring to hold. 

Thanks to being easily detachable, the Xpsirny oil sprayer can be cleaned in just a few minutes. All you need to do is unscrew the cap and rinse the bottle with detergent and water. 

Furthermore, when it comes to performance, the Xpsirny spray bottle serves quite well. Its atomizing nozzle gives you effective control over oil emissions, which is crucial for adding the right amount of oil evenly across your food.

Bealieor Oil Spray Bottle




Bealieor Oil Spray Bottle Review

Bealieor oil spray bottle is another compact yet effective spray bottle for your kitchen. Due to being compact, this product only has a capacity of 100ml.

However, when it comes to build quality, the Bealieor spray bottle is a high-end product. It is manufactured using a combination of durable glass and 304 stainless steel, which are both certified for use with food. 

Furthermore, the Bealieor sprayer is manufactured with an easy-to-hold cylindrical design. The spray button also has anti-skid capabilities for easy use. Moreover, the nozzle is surrounded by a stainless-steel compartment to prevent any divergent oil particles from creating a mess.

Due to its high-quality build and unique design, the Bealieor oil sprayer appears to be quite aesthetically appealing. Adding one to your kitchen will certainly improve its overall look.

But most importantly, the Bealieor sprayer is exceptionally effective in oil emission control. The spray button can be pushed down with great degrees of accuracy to get the right amount of oil in a fine mist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about oil spray bottles alongside their answers to clear out your confusion.

Can you add different types of oils to an oil spray bottle?

The answer is yes. It’s possible to add different types of oils into your spray bottle. For instance, you can add sesame oil to the oil spray bottle instead of a different type. After all, it is a general-purpose tool and does not support a specific type of oil.

In fact, you can even add different types of liquids to the oil spray bottle. At the end of the day, an oil spray bottle is simply a container that can emit a liquid. Adding any type of liquid does not harm the container, nor does it limit its use.

How to clean an oil sprayer bottle?

It’s quite easy to clean most oil sprayer bottles. The cleaning process can vary from product to product, as each bottle has its own mechanism and design.

However, typically, to clean an oil sprayer, you simply need to detach its cap, fill it with detergent and water, and shake it a few times. After doing so, you can rinse it with water and clean it with a brush if you prefer to clean it thoroughly. 

However, it’s not just the container you need to clean. It’s equally important to clean the sprayer nozzle and tube. 

To do so, you need to add water to the container and use the nozzle to spray out water. This will effectively remove any debris and oil from the tube and nozzle.

Another thing to keep in mind is to clean your oil sprayer almost regularly. Without maintaining your sprayer on a daily basis, the sprayer nozzle will become inaccurate over time and might even stop spraying oil.

Where to store your oil sprayer?

Keeping your oil sprayer out in the open is usually not a good idea. This is especially true if your oil sprayer is manufactured with glass and plastic. 

Make sure to keep the bottle away from direct sunlight and preferably inside a kitchen cabinet. This will prevent it from degrading over time and contaminating the oil inside. 

The inside of a kitchen cabinet has the perfect temperature and external conditions for the safe storage of an oil sprayer bottle. 

Moreover, before storing your oil sprayer, keep in mind to clean up its nozzle to prevent debris from blocking its path.

Buying Guide

While we have given you a list of some of the best oil spray bottles in the market, it can be quite challenging to choose the most suitable product out of so many options.

So, to help you pick the best product, here is a buyer’s guide that will be quite useful.

Build Quality

While there are several aspects to consider before buying an oil spray bottle, you should never forget to check the build quality of the product. 

In general, glass and stainless steel are the best build materials for oil spray bottles due to their durability and reliability in the long run.

However, a plastic build can also serve equally well if the plastic being used is durable and of high quality. A combination of a plastic and stainless-steel build would be a perfect choice.

If you prefer an oil sprayer that’s lightweight, easy to clean, and not easily breakable, it’s best to go with a plastic build. However, if you want an appealing product that doesn’t absorb odours, a glass build is the right option.


Another important aspect to consider is the performance of the oil sprayer in emitting oil. As the purpose of an oil sprayer is to improve control over adding oil to food, it should be accurate in emitting oil.

To make sure your oil sprayer fits the description of an ideal oil sprayer, check the nozzle type of the product. It should be an atomizing nozzle that can emit highly pressurized oil in a fine mist at varying levels of accuracy, depending on the pressure applied to the spray lever or button.

Moreover, the pump inside the spray bottle should be able to pull up every last drop of oil in the container to avoid wastage. 


Lastly, you must consider the capacity of the oil spray bottle you are about to purchase. 

However, this aspect depends on how much you expect to use the oil sprayer. If you will be using it on a daily basis, it’s best to get one with a large capacity of above 200ml.

But if you’re not a regular user, an oil sprayer with a 100ml capacity will serve quite well.


An oil sprayer is a simple yet amazing tool to enhance your cooking style and make your life easier. 

With the use of an oil sprayer, you can avoid creating a mess and add just the right amount of oil to food, saving oil while reducing calories. 

However, it’s best to get an oil spray bottle that lives up to its promise by choosing from the list we provided. There are some of the most reliable and high-end oil sprayers that will serve you for years to come.