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Our Top Smokeless Indoor Grills Picks

Our Top Smokeless Indoor Grills Picks

Grilling out in the open is a great way to spend an enjoyable time. However, sometimes, we all wish to do so from the comfort of our homes. While it’s possible to do so with a regular grill, the smoke can get quite troublesome. 

Smoke rising from a grill is not only frustrating but can also cause breathing issues. What’s even more concerning is that using a regular grill indoors can also create a fire hazard.

However, smokeless indoor grills are the perfect solution to grilling indoors without having to face fire hazards and dangerous smoke particles. 

An indoor smokeless grill is quite portable and can easily be set up in an instant inside your home, providing the same results as a regular outdoor grill. 

But when it comes to buying such appliances, it’s best to make the right decision. You don’t want to end up getting a smokeless grill which may create complications for you in the future and wouldn’t perform its job properly. 

So, to help you get the most suitable smokeless grill, here are our top picks for 2022.



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An In-depth Look At Smokeless Indoor Grills in 2022

Here are some of the most reliable and top-notch smokeless indoor grills you can get. 

HengBO Indoor Grill Machine




HengBO Indoor Grill Machine Review

The HengBO indoor grill machine is one of the best kitchen appliances of its category available on the market. 

One of its most useful features is the availability of two different compartments for grilling. The flat section is for cooking eggs and similar items, while the other section is reserved for chargrilling items. 

Furthermore, this product has its grill located above another compartment for cooking food items in small trays. For example, you can cook food items such as cheese under the grill while you cook other items and easily access the cheese once it’s needed. 

In total, there are eight different trays that come with the grill, allowing you to store and access several different food items at once inside the grill. Considering this design, it’s safe to say the HengBO indoor grill machine is quite easy to use. 

Alongside a brilliant design, the HengBO grill does not disappoint when it comes to quality. The entire build of the grill is manufactured with stainless steel and non-stick metal trays, which are both food grade. 

The HengBO grill also stands out in terms of performance. The temperature of the grill can reach a maximum of 260 degrees, and you can use both upper and bottom grills at the same time for multitasking. 

HengBO Raclette indoor grill




HengBO Raclette indoor grill Review

HengBO has another great indoor grill which has made its way to this list thanks to its unique features, reliability and quality. 

Similar to the previous design, the HengBO raclette indoor grill sports two different racks. The top rack has a large grill with one side reserved for chargrilling and the other section for frying other food items. 

The bottom part has another grill which is divided into eight sections. In each section, there can be placed a small tray with any food items of your choice. This feature makes the HengBO raclette grill a perfect choice for multitasking.

For instance, you can cook sides on the bottom grill while preparing the main dish on the top. Alternatively, you can simply store ingredients in the bottom compartment for easy access. 

To further improve the design of this grill, HengBO has manufactured it to be just about 3.3kgs in weight, which means you can easily carry it and set it up. Additionally, this grill has compact dimensions, which further adds to its portability.

However, the compactness of this product does not limit its functionality. The HengBO raclette grill boasts a 1500W premium grill which can reach incredibly high temperatures in a matter of a few minutes. 

KCZAZY Electric Smokeless Grill




KCZAZY Electric Smokeless Grill Review

Another reliable option for you to add to your kitchen is the KCZAZY electric smokeless grill. Unlike many other smokeless grills, the KCZAZY grill certainly lives up to its name.

It uses state-of-the-art airflow technology, which allows it to reduce the smoke to a negligible level. What’s best is that this technology does not compromise the taste of the food being grilled.

The KCZAZY smokeless grill will produce the same results in terms of taste and appearance as any regular charcoal grill, just without the smoke.

To do so, this smokeless grill uses powerful heating components. The UK version can reach a temperature of up to 250 degrees, which is enough to cook most food items without any issues. 

However, the KCZAZY smokeless grill is not only reliable when it comes to performance but also in design. 

The appliance is made to be lightweight and incredibly compact without compromising grilling capacity. Additionally, it also comes with a drip tray that can collect any grease falling, preventing stains. 

Most importantly, this appliance can is dishwasher safe, which means you no longer have to worry about scrubbing tough grease stains from the grill after use.

George Foreman Smokeless Electric Grill




George Foreman Smokeless Electric Grill Review

The George Foreman brand is a household name when it comes to smokeless grills. It’s not surprising it has made its way into this list. 

In terms of performance, the George Foreman grill really stands out due to its 80% reduction in smoke emissions. As a result, while using this appliance, you won’t notice any smoke at all.

Additionally, this grill sports a 1606W heating component, which can heat things to incredibly high temperatures. This is quite impressive for a grill as compact as the George Foreman grill. 

Whether you’re cooking a large piece of steak, a patty from a burger press, or simply grilling some vegetables, the George Foreman grill will be able to heat up anything you throw at it. 

When it comes to design, this smokeless grill does not fail to impress. Not only is this appliance lightweight and compact, but it also comes with features such as a drip tray for reducing mess.

What’s best is that the George Foreman grill is easy to clean. All you need to do to keep your grill spotless is place it in the dishwasher after use.

Tefal OptiGrill




Tefal OptiGrill Review

The Tefal OptiGrill is one of the best smokeless grills if you’re looking for a more modern appliance. 

The Tefal OptiGrill is equipped with several sensors which allow it to support smart features such as automatic thickness measurement. After measuring the thickness of food items such as meat, the device sets the temperature accordingly for the best results.

Other smart features include an LED cooking level indicator. For instance, if you want your steak well done, it will alert you when it has been prepared through an LED. 

Additionally, the Tefal OptiGrill also comes with nine cooking modes for different foods, such as seafood, fast food, and red meat. Selecting from these options will enable the grill to automatically set each temperature setting to provide you with the perfect results. 

As a result, the Tefal OptiGrill surpasses almost every other indoor grill when it comes to ease of use.

Alongside an easy-to-use design, the Tefal OptiGrill is also quite impressive when it comes to performance. After all, the grill is rated at 2000W, which is enough to reach high temperatures found in charcoal or gas grills. 

A grill with such a high-power rating can reach high temperatures and cook anything you throw at it in minutes. For example, you can cook frozen sausages without having to wait for a long time.

Quest Indoor Electric Grill




Quest Indoor Electric Grill Review

The Quest Indoor Electric Grill is a robust kitchen appliance with plenty of features and an impressive performance.

The Quest indoor grill boasts a 2000W electric grill which can allow you to cook anything right from the comfort of your home. The appliance is also equipped with a water-filled drip tray to reduce smoke to a minimal level.

What’s best is that the water-filled drip tray not only reduces smoke emissions but also puts a stop to odours from spreading and ruining your grilling experience. 

For ease of use, the Quest indoor electric grill features an easy-to-understand control system along with anti-slip feet, which allow you to anchor it in place. 

In addition to being user-friendly and high-performance, the Quest indoor grill is also quite aesthetically appealing due to its efficient use of high-quality materials.

Aigostar Smokeless Electric Grill




Aigostar Smokeless Electric Grill Review

If you’re looking for a portable yet powerful smokeless indoor grill, the Aigostar electric grill is one of the most suitable options.

The appliance weighs in at only 1.9kgs and has a powerful heating component rated at 2000W. This means you can easily carry this grill and heat food at high temperatures constantly, making it one of the best portable grills for BBQ on the go.

Moreover, this indoor grill uses ingenious mechanisms to reduce smoke to an insignificant amount. The drip tray in the grill not only reduces grease leaks but also has a water compartment to cool down all the grease and reduce smoke.

Despite being compact and lightweight, the Aigostar smokeless indoor grill has a 41cm by 24cm grill surface, which is enough to grill several items at once. 

What’s best is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning such a large surface as this appliance is dishwasher safe and easy to clean due to being non-stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should you clean your smokeless indoor grill?

The first step to cleaning a smokeless indoor grill is making sure it has no power supply. So, pull out any power cords attached and turn off all switches. This will ensure your safety while cleaning.

Next, you will need to detach any removable components which need to be cleaned separately. For example, you can remove grill compartments and trays.

After disassembling the appliance, check if it can be washed in a dishwasher and let the dishwasher do the job for you if it’s possible.

However, if the appliance is not dishwasher safe, you will need to wash it with a mixture of warm water and detergent. Make sure to scrub any greasy stains for a spotless result.

But keep in mind to let the grill dry fully before you plug in power. Otherwise, you may put yourself in danger and harm the appliance. 

What distinguishes a smokeless indoor grill from a regular outdoor grill?

A regular grill uses charcoal or gas as fuel to heat up. As a result, a flame is created, which leads to heavy smoke emissions. However, a smokeless indoor grill does not use charcoal or gas for heating up. 

Instead, an indoor smokeless grill uses electrical heating components to achieve the same heating effect without creating a flame or smoke. 

The food cooked on an indoor grill is typically the same as that cooked on an outdoor grill. However, you don’t see the smoke or flames heating up the food.

Furthermore, indoor grills are also more portable as compared to outdoor grills, which are usually quite large and heavy.

How does a smokeless grill work?

To achieve a smokeless effect, an indoor smokeless grill uses electrical heating components. There are no open flames or fuels used to create heat.

Furthermore, smokeless grills make use of drip pans, cool air zones, fans, and temperature-controlled grill grates to reduce smoke to a minimum.

Buying Guide

We have narrowed down some of the best smokeless indoor grills for you. However, there still appear to be several different options. In such a situation, it can be challenging to select the most suitable appliance. 

So, to help you pinpoint the right indoor grill for you, here is a buyer’s guide that will point you in the right direction.


The first aspect to consider when it comes to purchasing a smokeless indoor grill is its performance. There are several ways to gauge the performance of such an appliance, the easiest being the power rating.

The power rating of the heating components of a high-performance grill is typically above 1500W. Only then can it heat food at a consistently high temperature. 

Additionally, you must also consider the smoke-removal capabilities of the grill. Most grills use a water container and a fan system to cool down the grill and reduce smoke effectively.

Lastly, you need to consider the accuracy of the grill’s temperature and its evenness. Without considering these aspects, you might end up with a grill that won’t cook food properly and burn it.


The design of a smokeless grill is as important as its performance. In fact, its performance greatly depends on its design. 

An intelligently designed will be easy to use. One of the key components of an easy-to-use design is multitasking. A good design will always include several grilling compartments for different purposes and dishes.

Furthermore, the controls of the grill must be easy to understand. You don’t want to press countless buttons just to change the temperature. 

But most importantly, the grill should be easy to clean. Grilling appliances that are made challenging to clean end up with countless complications that limit their functionality. This is especially true if the appliance is electric.

So, make sure the grill you purchase is dishwasher safe, non-stick, and easy to disassemble for deep cleaning.

Manufacturing quality

Another aspect to consider before buying an indoor grill is its build quality.

High-quality indoor grills are built with tough stainless steel, which does not degrade over time. Moreover, they also have tough non-stick coatings to reduce grease build-up, which can ruin their appearance and functionality. 

Additionally, each material used in the manufacturing of the grill must be food-grade. You don’t want any toxic chemicals seeping into your food, causing permanent harm to your well-being.


A smokeless indoor grill is one of the best appliances you can add to your kitchen. It allows you to start grilling food anywhere at any time in an instant without having to worry about smoke or fire hazards.

However, not all indoor grills are worth buying. Some are better than others, and it’s best to get the most suitable appliance for your needs. 

So, keep in mind our list of the top indoor grill picks and make sure to choose from it to get the best appliance you can.