Oven Conversion Chart UK

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Oven Temperature Conversion Chart

There is nothing worse than discovering a great looking recipe, only to find the oven temperatures are listed in Fahrenheit but you use gas or celsius.  Sounds like what you need is an oven conversion chart! 

The number of times I have had to search for things like: 

  • What is 180 degrees celsius on gas cooker? (Gas Mark 4)
  • 170 degrees in gas? (Gas mark 3)
  • 425 degrees fahrenheit to gas mark? (Gas Mark 7)

So, to help both ourselves and all of you, we have created an easy to read oven temperature conversion chart! 

If you’d prefer not to refer to this conversion chart every time your need to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit, then try to remember that Celsius is roughly about half the temperature of Fahrenheit. 

You can either use the chart below and keep coming back when you need to look up oven temperature conversions, or, you can download this chart as a PDF, print it out and keep it somewhere in your kitchen.

Oven conversion chart

Free Oven Conversion Chart

Oven Temperature Guide

To make things even easier for you, we have also created a conversion table for electric ovens vs electric ovens with fan assist vs gas ovens. 

Again, you can either bookmark this page and come back every time you need to convert your ovens temperature, or download the handy PDF and keep it somewhere accessible in your kitchen. 

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