Why You NEED a Coffee Percolator

There are a lot of things that make up your morning routine, but we’re sure that no matter what your age or gender, a strong cup of coffee is a constant. Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up for those sleepy mornings where you just can’t will yourself to get out of bed.

However, not any cup of coffee can do the trick. So for an excellent start to your day, you want to have a potent, smooth, rich coffee blend that’ll whisk away your sleepiness.

However, it might be challenging to achieve that without a coffee percolator. Although this device may sound fancy, it is straightforward and lets you get a perfect cup of coffee each time.

If you’re wondering what the electric coffee percolator is and how you can use it, keep reading below for all the facts.

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Our Top Coffee Percolator Picks




Recommended Products

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • High capacity
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy clean-up
  • Old fashioned, classic design
  • Makes a tasty cup of coffee
  • Excellent quality
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Good Capacity
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  • Durable body
  • Compact Size
  • Ergonomic Design

An Indepth Look At Coffee Percolators

Farberware Classic​

Farberware Classic




  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • High capacity
  • Easy Cleaning

Farberware Classic​ Review

Makes 12 cups of coffee, ideal for a big family

The stainless steel material means this percolator can last you a long time. The material is also resistant to high temperatures, and you don’t need to worry about any abrasions or leakages. Furthermore, the stainless steel percolator has a beautiful, polished surface that will look stunning on your countertops and tables.

The blue knob indicates when the percolator begins boiling the brew, and you can get ready to have a rich cup.

It is large, which lets you make 12 cups in just one go for your whole family or a group of friends. The capacity makes it the perfect stovetop percolator, and you can take it along on camping trips too.

This percolator is super easy to clean. The stainless steel makes it dishwasher safe. However, to get a deeper clean for the glass knob and the inside tube, you can give it a hand-rinse too.

Coletti Bozeman Percolator

Coletti Bozeman Percolator




  • Easy clean-up
  •  Old fashioned, classic design
  •  Makes a tasty cup of coffee

Coletti Bozeman Percolator Review

It’s a 12 serving coffee percolator, perfect for robust coffee on the go.

It’s a stovetop coffee percolator that gives you a classic blend of coffee, unlike a drip coffee maker. This coffee percolator brings the full solid and rich flavours out of coffee grounds.

This coffee percolator has a retro, nostalgic design which can take you right back to your childhood. You may have seen your grandparents having similar percolators in your youth. This percolator takes the same design with a modern twist. As a result, it has excellent quality and allows you to make a robust cup of coffee.

This percolator pot has a stainless steel body and a glass knob. As a result, it’s perfectly safe for dishwasher cleaning, making clean-up much more uncomplicated.

Furthermore, this design has a filter included which isn’t necessary, but if you want to prevent the coffee grounds from falling over the basket, you can use the filter to avoid that.

RAINBEAN Espresso Maker​

RAINBEAN Espresso Maker​




  • Excellent quality
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Good Capacity

RAINBEAN Espresso Maker​ Review

This percolator has a stunning design and gives you a delicious cup of coffee each time.

This design has a body made from food-grade aluminium. The ripple ring design makes it look gorgeous and makes it the perfect gift.

This stovetop coffee percolator is dishwasher safe and very practical, so you can easily clean it. There isn’t any hassle in and even after using it.

This coffee percolator makes 6 cups of coffee in one go, and you can enjoy a robust and rich cup of coffee with your family.

La Cafetiere ES000001

La Cafetiere ES000001




  • Durable body
  • Compact Size
  • Ergonomic Design

La Cafetiere ES000001 Review

A high-quality product for small families.

This percolator is perfect for a single person and even for small families as it makes 3-9 cups.

The ergonomic design coupled with soft-touch handles makes this percolator perfect for even children to use safely, under supervision. You don’t need to worry about touching a burning hot kettle every time you need to get a cup of coffee with this design.

It has a nice durable body of aluminium, ensuring that it has a lightweight design that is also incredibly durable.

Espresso Maker Moka

Espresso Maker Moka




  • Multipurpose
  • Rich Flavour
  • Safe Model

Espresso Maker Moka Review

This is an attractive espresso maker with a compact design.

This coffee brewer allows you to get a deep, smooth coffee cup each time with the percolating process. As a result, you can enjoy a full-bodied cup with a deep, intense aroma.

This coffee percolator is made from durable aluminium, which reduces any chance of any rust or flakes going into your coffee. Furthermore, the safety valve design keeps any coffee from spilling and hurting your hands.

You can use this kettle-type coffee percolator for tea or boiling water and coffee too. This design gives you immense convenience, whether you’re making coffee at home or on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Percolators

Why does my percolator make weak coffee?

If you’re getting a weaker coffee taste, you must use fewer coffee grounds. The average ratio of coffee per cup is one tablespoon.

You can multiply the number of coffee grounds per your needs to achieve a more robust, rich flavour.

Does a percolator make good coffee?

Coffee percolators make rich, strong, and flavorful coffee every time. So if you are one of those people who love a strong coffee cup each time, you will go with this product.

They help you get a deep brew with minimal effort.

What is the best coffee percolator to buy?

The Coletti Bozeman percolator makes the best brew, and it allows you to make as many servings as you like. It also has a portable, attractive design that makes it perfect for taking along to the office or on picnics and road trips.

Do they still make coffee percolators?

Coffee percolators are still in demand and have their fans. As many people don’t want their coffee made another way, it’s still in market demand.

Furthermore, percolators are easy to carry, whether it’s electric or manual. So, you can easily find a wide range of percolators on the market.

What is the difference between a coffee maker and a percolator?

Coffee percolator makes more robust coffee than the coffee maker. There are many differences between coffee makers and coffee percolators.

A coffee maker brews coffee, but a coffee percolator brews coffee until the desired tastes and strength is achieved. As a result, both of the methods give a different flavour.

Is a coffee percolator better than a drip?

There is a big difference between both of them. Coffee made in the percolator is a more strongly brewed coffee as it brews in double the time.

Drip coffee is less robust than percolator coffee because water runs just once through the coffee grounds.

This gives you a softer, milder taste of coffee instead of percolator coffee. However, percolator coffee is more flavourful, and it all depends on your taste.

What is the healthiest way to brew coffee?

There are many health benefits of drinking coffee, like a reduced risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, less weight gain, and many other benefits.

Research shows that filtered coffee is the healthiest coffee for every age group, as it also reduces artery disease and lowers the death risk. Decaf coffee brewed in a percolator is a great alternative to enjoying the popular coffee taste, without the jitters. 

Coffee Percolator Buying Guide

What is a coffee percolator?

A coffee percolator is a device for brewing coffee, and its shape is like a kettle. People who like their coffee hot and rich will love the coffee percolator.

Brewing coffee with the percolator is old-fashioned, but it’s still in demand in true coffee lovers.

The coffee percolator has a chamber that has water in it, and the water continuously boils. As a result, the coffee beans draw a more robust coffee flavour through each boil until you turn it off.

The heat creates steam, and then a vacuum develops, which pours down on the coffee grounds, and you get a rich and robust brew every time.

Coffee percolators come in two types; electric and stovetop. Both work the same, but they use different sources of heat.

Electric coffee percolators are more on the expensive side as compared to the stovetop type.

Why Use One?

There’s no other way of having robust and rich flavoured coffee for those who love percolator coffee. It cycles boiling water continuously through the coffee grounds and gives you a robust taste.

If you love to have steaming hot coffee, you need to have this device. Furthermore, if you enjoy get-togethers often and travel with friends, then the percolator lets you have a strong cup on the go.

Benefits of Using Them

Using a coffee percolator has many benefits, and below we will discuss a few of them for you.

Compact and easy to use anywhere

Using a coffee percolator means you can carry it anywhere with you due to its size. Furthermore, if you plan to go camping, you can take a stovetop percolator with you and easily enjoy your favourite coffee anywhere.

Some coffee machines take plenty of space on your kitchen top as they are on the larger side, but coffee percolators are compact, and you can place it easily in your kitchen. It’s also easy to carry it with you if you wish.

Coffee percolators are best for those who enjoy outdoor fun and often go camping and forest trips. So, if you’re wondering how to use a coffee percolator, you can rest assured that it is quite easy.

Provides a Variety of Flavours when used with different Coffee

If you love coffee anytime in the day and love different kinds of intense brewed flavours, the coffee percolator would be the best choice. Coffee percolator gives you beautifully brewed coffee every time, and you can have different flavours using different beans in it.

If you want your coffee with subtle flavours and you can’t monitor your coffee percolator, then you can get the electric coffee percolator. It automates the function of brewing and doesn’t brew the coffee again and again.

When the coffee is ready, it flashes an indicator and allows you to end the brewing process.

Takes less time

You can make coffee in less time with a percolator, as you have complete control over the brew cycle. However, it depends on your preference and what sort of coffee you like.

Overall, it can take you around 7 minutes to make your coffee and a few extra minutes to let your coffee rest, so you get a more robust flavour.

Some latest coffee percolators can shorten this time even more and give you a delicious brew in under 4 minutes. So, these percolators let you have your favourite coffee even on the busiest days.

Much like coffee bags, Coffee percolators are especially useful if you’re cooking for many people and need to have quick, delicious brews. With a percolator on hand, you can make plenty of cups in one go.

In comparison, the coffee maker can’t give you this ease in such a short time.

Buyers Guide

As everyone loves coffee and a large number of people start their day with a cup of coffee, you need to know which points to keep in mind when buying a coffee percolator.

Always consider special features.

If you are a person who starts your day with a robust cup of coffee and can’t even think without a cup of coffee in hand, you need to consider special features – just like you would when buying a Nespresso machine. The electric coffee percolator suits best to your needs.

You can set it the night before, and it will automatically start at the fixed time and then shuts off automatically when the coffee is ready. This way, you can have a richly brewed cup of coffee even on days when you’re in a rush.

Check the brewing temperature.

The ideal brewing temperature of the coffee is 196 degrees to 205 degrees. So, if you like perfectly brewed coffee, you need to ensure you buy a machine that has the same brewing temperature.

Most of the brands list their brewing temperature on boxes, and you can quickly analyse which one would be a better investment.


Capacity is an important consideration when buying a coffee percolator. You want to choose a percolator based on your needs.

If you are not a coffee person and go with just one cup of coffee per day, then go with a one serving percolator.

However, if you are a big family or love having coffee several times throughout the day, you must buy a bigger percolator to get you through the day. However, having a bigger percolator is generally the safer choice because you won’t need to brew coffee repeatedly.

Easy to access and clean

It’s important to consider cleaning when you buy a percolator. It is best to invest in a dishwasher-safe model, which makes cleaning super simple.

Even if your model isn’t dishwasher safe, it’s essential to consider whether the percolator has many ridges that’ll make it hard to clean.


When you’re buying anything for the kitchen, make sure you buy the product suitable for your kitchen.

You don’t want to buy a percolator that’s too big, or you might have an issue taking it along or even storing it in your cabinets.


If you enjoy having a smooth, richly brewed cup of coffee each morning, you’ll love having a percolator at home. This is a unique, easy-to-use gadget that’ll upgrade your everyday cup of joe.

With a coffee percolator at home, you won’t need to head to the coffee shop each morning. Instead, all you need to do is turn on the percolator and wait a few minutes for a rich cup of coffee.

It’s the perfect addition to your morning routine and your family get-togethers, too, if you all enjoy your coffee as much as we do

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