Sour Cream Dip Recipe UK

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Sour Cream Dips



  1. Start by chopping and crushing you garlic so it’s more of a paste.
  2. Empty the sour cream into a bowl and mix in the crushed garlic, olive oil, lime juice & coriander.
  3. Add some seasoning and taste to see if you need to add more.

Making a great tasting Sour Cream dip at home is just as easy as whipping up a homemade salsa. It requires very few ingredients, just like it requires very little effort!

Stop buying these processed, store bought sour cream dips you see in the supermarket and start making your own at home. Not only will you body thank you, but your wallet will too!

We like to make our sour cream dips a little bit in advanced to give all of the flavour a chance to infuse and combine.

You’ve just made yourself a great tasting, but healthy, Sour Cream Dip in the comfort of your own home!

If you want to spice things up a little, we’d suggest adding a handful of chives into the mix or perhaps some dijon mustard!