The Best Roasting Tins For Your Kitchen

With the cooler months coming around, we all crave something that warms us up from the inside. Whether it’s a hearty bowl of stew or soup, these dishes all taste much better in the cold, dry weather.

However, if there’s any dish that’s the hallmark of winter, it’s the roast. Roast meat is incredibly hearty, satisfying, and delicious.

However, making roast meat isn’t as easy as you may imagine. Without the right tools, it can be impossible to get the perfectly crisp, browned skin you want.

A roasting tray is the best thing you need to help you get a perfect roast each time. This pan is a multipurpose tool you can use to roast meat, vegetables and can even use it for baking.

If you’re still confused about investing in the best roasting tins, we have some pointers below, which will clear out your confusion. So, keep reading below to find out how you can up your cooking game.

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What are they?

A roasting tin is cookware that allows you to roast the meat directly in the oven. They are different from baking pans, and these tins are oven safe and used for higher temperatures.

The best nonstick roasting tins are high walled and mostly come with inside racks which keep the meat above the dripping fat and juices. These racks allow the heat to circulate evenly for better roasting results.

Roasting tins are available in different sizes and dimensions, and they are available in high and low depths. You can put some vegetables along the meat to absorb the juicy drippings, and you can easily braise your vegetables.

Now, it’s your choice which one you like – with a rack or without a rack.

Roasting tins are made from different materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, enamelware and clay cooker. Some come with lids, and some don’t need them.

Dark surface tins can cook your meat faster and brown your meat much better than shiny ones. So, you can easily determine which is the right one for you.

Roasting tins are commonly used for larger meat pieces.

If you want to invest your money in a roasting tin, then don’t think twice and go for it.

A roasting tray will never disappoint you and become your best kitchen accessory and can help you make delicious roasted meat each time.

best roasting tins

The Benefits Of a Roasting Tin

Here are some benefits of using roasting tins.

One-pot cooking

Roasting tins are a very practical way of cooking everything all at once. It cooks large cuts of meat alongside the vegetables, and they also roast the meat and braise the vegetables beautifully.

Roasting tins allows you to cook plenty of dishes in it and the high walls make sure to cook everything evenly. These roasting tins are ideal for meat lovers who cook large cuts of meat or love to make dishes for their families.

One-pot cooking is also infinitely more flavorful than cooking in several different pots, and it allows you to keep the flavours in perfect harmony.


Never compromise good flavours on budget. A roasting tin gives you professional cooking results in just one pan. These tins are not just for meat roasting; you can cook plenty of dishes in it like vegetables, noodles and many other recipes of meat.

You can also bake many dishes in these tins, so don’t put your roasting tin in the corner.

Their incredible range of functionality and sturdiness makes them super practical for cooking.

Roast meat beautifully

These roasting tins are designed for roasting meat, and they are made with different materials which affect your meat differently. These pans can help you get wonderfully browned, juicy, tender bits of meat each time.


A roasting pan is a durable, long-lasting investment you won’t regret. These pans will likely last you many years to come, and they don’t wear away easily.

Our Top Roasting Tin Picks




Recommended Products

  • Sandblasted non-stick body
  • Made with carbon steel
  • Safe for any food items
  • Teflon non-stick coating
  • Heavy carbon steel, weigh 2.14 kg
  • A non-stick rack and handles
  • Vitreous enamel finish body
  • It comes with a lid
  • Suitable for all ovens.
  • Carbon stainless steel nonstick body
  • U shaped rack
  • Sturdy handles

An Indepth Look At Roasting Tins

MasterClass Non-Stick Deep Large Roasting Tin

masterclass roasting tin




  • Sandblasted non-stick body
  • Made with carbon steel, it provides even, smooth heat £ £
  • Safe for any food items, oven and dishwasher

MasterClass Non-Stick Deep Large Roasting Tin​ Review

The Master class roasting pan is truly a roasting pan for seasoned chefs. It comes with two layers of quantum II nonstick coating, which can keep any charred bits at bay.

So, roasting in this tin releases food very easily, and it will make cleaning your tin super simple. Non-stick properties are essential for your roasting tin as you don’t want that your meat or the seasoning to burn or be stuck to the surface.

This roasting tin is on the heavier side and can thus distribute heat evenly throughout your food. Whether you’re making roast meat, vegetables, noodles or baking, your food will be evenly cooked throughout.

Furthermore, this pan is made from carbon steel, which also prevents the food from burning.

This roasting tin is made from a hundred per cent BPA, PTFE and PFOA free material, and it’s dishwasher and oven safe.

So, not only are cleanups simple, but you don’t have to worry about any unhealthy chemicals leaching into your food.

MasterClass KCMCHROAST36

MasterClass KCMCHROAST36




  • Teflon non-stick coating
  • Heavy carbon steel, weigh 2.14 kg
  • A non-stick rack and handles

MasterClass KCMCHROAST36 Review

This is yet another excellent baking pan from the award-winning bakeware range by this trusted UK brand. The Teflon non-stick coating gives you excellent performance and easy cleaning.

This master class roasting tin is made from carbon steel material, which allows for easy heat distribution to ensure your roast is perfectly golden throughout. Furthermore, the weight allows it to retain heat much better.

This roasting tin has a removable rack inside, which improves your roasting results immensely.

Furthermore, it also makes your food healthier as all the drippings of fat drain to the surface, and you can make a tasty gravy.

If you’re health-conscious, you’ll appreciate having the chance to drain away fatty drippings and have a lower calorie meal.

The rack and handles are also nonstick, which not only improves their functionality but also makes them easy to clean afterwards.

Russell Hobbs CW11491

Russell Hobbs CW11491 ​




  • Vitreous enamel finish body
  • It comes with a lid
  • Suitable for all ovens.

Russell Hobbs CW11491 Review

This beautiful looking roasting tin is made from long-lasting alloy steel with a durable vitreous coating. The black vitreous enamel body looks wonderful, and it’s easy to clean.

It also won’t get discoloured or stained and can easily fit in most of the ovens. Overall, this is a stylish option you won’t regret investing in.

This roasting tin has a lid that allows you to steam or braise the meat if you want it more tender with its juices. All you need to do is close the lid and enjoy the meat the way you want.

This roasting tin is suitable for gas and electric ovens and retains temperature well. Furthermore, the size makes it perfect to fit into ovens, and it can hold a good quantity of meat too.

Circulon Nonstick Bakeware





  • Carbon stainless steel nonstick body
  • U shaped rack with easy lifting 
  • Sturdy handles and can withstand high temperatures.

Circulon Nonstick Bakeware Review

This heavy-duty stainless steel roasting tin provides even heat distribution in all parts of your dish.

Additionally, due to its nonstick finish, it is super simple to release food from it without leaving any mess. When your roasting tin is made with high-quality, heavy material, the results of roasting meat will be fantastic.

It also has a U-shaped rack in it which keeps the meat raised from the surface and keeps the meat fat or juices from braising the meat. The rack stays, thus keep your meat’s skin from getting soft and allows the skin to become perfectly brown and crisp.

This roasting tin is oven safe to 450 degrees, and it has strong handles to grab the tin easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roasting Tins

What is the difference between a roasting pan and a baking pan?

Although you may not imagine it, roasting pans and baking pans are very different. Baking pans are usually made from ceramic or glass and need to be used at lower temperatures.

They also have lower walls and aren’t meant to roast larger cuts of meat. Roasting pans are usually made from metal and have higher walls.

Furthermore, they also have racks that can help you get perfectly crisp, browned skin each time.

Does a roasting tin need a lid?

It doesn’t need a lid necessarily, but a lid can make a huge difference. Without a lid, food cooks faster, but if your meat’s browning is occurring too quickly, then a lid can help you slow the process down.

Once you cover a roasting tin with a lid, you can keep your meat from drying down or burning. A lid can thus help you keep your meat juicy and tender at all temperatures.

What is the best pan to cook a roast in?

Although there are various options to consider when investing in a roasting pan, the Circulon nonstick pan is one of the best choices. This roasting pan has an excellent size, which is not too big but not small either.

It is a durable, long-lasting investment that you can use in various ways. You can use the rack to have perfectly roasted meat, whereas the bottom of the pan is perfect for roasting vegetables.

Are enamel roasting tins safe?

Many chefs prefer enamel roasting tins as they are easy to clean, and there are no issues with seasoning. The inner coating has some mild nonstick properties, which can keep the food from sticking and burning.

Furthermore, enamelware comes in many colours. Enamel-coated cast iron cookware’s main benefit is its inertness.

The enamel coating is non-reactive, so you can cook all dishes in it without worrying about leaching. However, when your tins’ surface is damaged or removed, it may cause an issue.

Are roasting pans worth it?

Roasting tins are large oven-safe dishes that hold your meat with or without racks and roast your meat beautifully. These tins are used for large birds to roast turkeys or large meat cuts, and these tins sear or braise your meat fantastically.

You can even use these on a stovetop as they can bear high temperatures easily. However, if you’re not a fan of meat or you just cook meat rarely, then you may not buy these tins as they are just an addition to your cookware.

Meat lovers, in particular, will love having these lovely pans in their cooking arsenal.

What pan is best for roasting vegetables?

Roasting tins are far more useful than just roasting meats. A good roasting tin can cook or bake vegetables perfectly.

Stainless steel roasting tins are good for roasting vegetables as they are good for browning food and can resist the temperatures of high heat. Enamel coating cast iron roasting tins are also good for roasting vegetables as they hold heat better for a longer time.

The non-stick surface is easier to clean, too and can reduce the time you spend on menial tasks in the kitchen.

The Best Roasting Tin Buying Guide

Roasting tins are available in so many sizes, shapes, materials and prices, so you might be confused about how to choose your tin. Here are some guidelines to follow if you have a plan to buy a roasting tin.

Size and depth

When you’re purchasing a roasting tin, consider the size and depth of the tin. You need to ensure that your roasting tin is smaller in size than your oven so that it can easily fit in your oven.

If you bought a tin that is too small, then your meat will cook in its juices rather than roasting. So if you frequently cook large birds or large meat pieces, then you must buy a large roasting tin for fitting your meat perfectly in it.

Ideally, your roasting tin should be 5 to 8cm from all sides so that the roasting juices won’t dry up too quickly and your meat stays juicy. If you love juicy vegetables along with your meat, then you need to buy a roasting tin with good depth as it makes your dish more flavorful.

Vegetables absorb the juicy fat drippings of meat if your tin has good depth. Depth can affect roasting profoundly.

If your tin is too deep, it prevents the hot oven air from circulating properly beneath the meat, and if your tin is too shallow, your meat juices will spill out, and your roast will become dry.

Sturdy body, good material

Your roasting tin must have a heavy and sturdy body as not every material can handle cooking heavy meats for a long time. So, it’s really important to invest your money in roasting tin made from the best materials.

However, you also don’t want it to be super heavy, as you don’t want to drop it when it’s full and hot. Metal tins are an excellent choice, like stainless steel or anodized aluminium. They are good when it comes to weight, and aluminium is an excellent heat conductor.

These pans are lightweight and non-stick and perfect for roasting all kinds of meats.

Another excellent material to pick in roasting tins is cast iron. It’s a good heat conductor, and it will also keep your meat will stay warm for a longer time.

It is also super sturdy and is incredibly easy to clean. Cast iron pans also do not lose their seasoning easily and can stay non-stick for a long time.

Stoneware is also an excellent material to invest in as it looks very appealing when you serve your meat in it. Additionally, it is capable of retaining heat for a long time.

All these materials are easy to clean and cook your meat beautifully, keeping it warm and juicy and brown.

Additional accessories

When buying a roasting tin, there are various small but important things you should consider. Firstly, the tin’s handles are vital to consider.

When taking the tin out of the oven, the entire weight rests on the handles. If they are not strong enough to hold the whole weight of tin and the meat, then they may fall.

So, you want to look for the best roasting tins in the UK with sturdy, stable handles that are cool to touch.

Furthermore, some roasting tins come with lids, and what you pick depends on your needs.

Racks are another thing to consider. Some roasting tins come with racks that are non-stick, and if not, then you can spray them with some cooking spray.

Some racks are traditional V-shaped racks, and others are perfectly fit into the cavity of the bird, which holds it upright above the juices. These racks are super helpful while roasting as they allow hot air to circulate evenly during roasting.

Thus, your meat won’t get mushy, and it keeps your meat juicy but not stewed or braised. Also, after cooking, you can rest your meat on these racks.

These racks allow your meat to stay intact without falling apart. So these are small things but very important and convenient when it comes to roasting.


Roasting is one of the most famous dry cooking methods all over the world. People love roasting on many occasions, whether it’s thanksgiving, Sunday brunch, family get-togethers or any other event.

So, having a roasting tin in your home makes roasting very convenient, and you can easily make it anytime.

Roasting tins are available in different materials, shapes, and sizes; select the one for you, which is suitable for your oven and kitchen.