The 5 Best Magnetic Knife Holders in 2021

As a chef or even a home cook, you’ll have tons of tools around the kitchen to help you cook with greater ease. They say a chef is only as good as his tools, and without these handy items, you won’t be able to achieve the same level of finesse in your food.

Although there are many tools that a chef needs to focus on, knives are inarguably the most important. Without a sharp, full set of knives, you can fail to complete even the simplest of tasks.

Whether you’re chopping up vegetables, carving meat, or mincing herbs, you need knives every step of the way. However, while most chefs do have a full set of knives, they don’t have somewhere suitable to store them.

How you store your knives makes a huge difference not only in their longevity but also in your safety. Tossing them in a drawer may seem like the easiest option, but it can be incredibly detrimental.

If you want to store your knives safely, getting a magnetic knife holder may be the best choice. A magnetic knife holder is a handy little gadget that’ll reduce clutter in your kitchen and ensure your safety too.

If you’re interested in learning more about the merits of the magnetic knife holder, keep reading below.

Our Top Magnetic Knife Holder Picks




Recommended Products

  • Quality magnets
  • Seamless wood structure
  • Various installation options
  • Innovative design
  • Heavy-duty mount
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Extended length
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extra-large design
  • Easy installation
  • Strong design

An Indepth Look At Magnetic Knife Holders

FINDKING Acacia Wood 12'' Magnetic Knife Strip

Magnetic Knife Holder




  • Quality magnets
  • Seamless wood structure
  • Various installation options

FINDKING Acacia Wood 12'' Magnetic Knife Strip Review

It’s designed to fit in any kitchen and help you safely store your knives. The stunning design and multi-functionality make it perfect for any kitchen.

This magnetic knife holder wood has a strong magnet strength that can last for years. You can securely place your knives in this knife holder without worrying about anything slipping and falling.

This strip is constructed from acacia wood which is incredibly beautiful, durable and high-quality. Acacia wood is also water and scratch-resistant and can last you many years without ever getting stained or dull.

This wood knife strip offers you two types of options for installing it. You can install it with a tape or screw, based on what is more suitable for you.

Having two installation options makes it easier to place the knife holder wherever you want.

Linoroso 42 cm Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall

linoroso knife holder




  • Innovative design
  • Heavy-duty mount
  • Lifetime guarantee

Linoroso 42 cm Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall Review

A sleek knife holder which can help you store all knives easily. While most knife holders come in a predictable cubed shape, the parallelogram shape of this knife holder is a sight for sore eyes. This wooden knife holder can look incredibly sleek and stylish in your kitchen.

One of the stand-out features of this knife holder is that it gives you a heavy-duty wall-mount instead of just drilling a hole. This ensures that there’s no chance of the knife holder slipping or falling, no matter how heavy your knives are.

You’ll find a lot of knife holders on the market that goes bad after a few months or years of use. However, this knife holder isn’t one of them.

If you ever feel the product isn’t satisfactory, you can return it and avail a lifetime money-back guarantee.

15 Inch Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

15 inch magnetic knife holder




  • Multipurpose tool
  • Extended length
  • Easy cleaning

15 Inch Magnetic Knife Storage Strip Review

A magnetic knife holder with an extended length to keep all your knives stored securely.

You can use this knife holder for a range of purposes. You can add it to your laundry room or garage to hold any tools, alongside storing knives in the kitchen.

The heavy-duty magnets make it perfect for securely organizing even the heaviest tools.

The 15-inch length makes this knife holder perfect for holding all of your tools in one place. This easy organization can make cooking much easier as you won’t need to shuffle through drawers anymore.

This knife holder is super easy to use and clean. You can wipe it down with a wet cloth or clean it with detergent if you feel that’s necessary.

LARGE 56 cm Magnetic Knife Rack

Long magnetic knife strip




  • Extra-large design
  • Easy installation
  • Strong design

LARGE 56 cm Magnetic Knife Rack Review

Sort away all your tools with this super long organizing rack.

This is the largest knife rack on this list and can store a range of tools inside and outside the kitchen. 56cm space can make this ideal to use on large walls and minimize any clutter on your countertops.

This knife rack comes with an instruction booklet which makes it easy to put up and use. The given attachments ensure that the knife rack is securely fixed in place, without any chance of mishaps.

Two long strips of magnets ensure that you don’t have to worry about your knives and other tools slipping and falling off.

Magnetic Knife Block Rack

magnetic knife block




  • Countertop model
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Food-grade material

Magnetic Knife Block Rack Review

A sleek magnetic block rack to keep your knives hygienically in place. Some chefs would prefer having their tools right in front of them, and this wooden magnetic knife holder gives you just that.

You can store your knives safely on your countertop. The non-slip feet ensure that there are no accidents.
You can use this block rack to store a range of tools such as scissors, cutlery widgets, shears and other utensils.

The natural wood design is food-grade safe and allows you to store your knives safely and hygienically. Natural wood is antibacterial, so you don’t need to worry about any bacteria build-up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Knife Holders

Are magnetic holders bad for knives?

It’s always a concern that can magnetic knife holders damage the knives, but it all depends on the type and quality of the magnet you use. When you pull your knife, always avoid hitting the knife’s edge to the magnet strip as it can dull the blade.

Are magnetic knife holders any good?

Magnetic knife holders are the best choice for your quality knives. Magnetic knife holders are the best options for keeping your knives safe.

They have strong and durable magnets inside the strip, making them an easy way to organize your knives. With a magnetic knife holder, all you need to do is reach out and grab your knives quickly whenever you need them. Furthermore, hanging your knives on a magnetic knife holder keeps your knife blades protected and stable as it avoids damage to the edge.

You can stick your magnetic knife holder anywhere you want, and you can display your knives attractively anywhere.

Will a magnetic knife holder stick to the fridge?

A magnetic knife holder can easily stick to the fridge-freezer if it has a heavy-duty magnet on the backside. The side of your fridge is the perfect spot for keeping your knives, especially in those cases where people don’t want to make a hole in the wall.

Do all knives stick to magnets?

If you pick a good knife holder which has a high-quality magnet, then your knives will easily stick to the strip and won’t fall. But stainless steel knives don’t stick to magnetic knife holders, and you might need to find another way to store them.

Magnetic Knife Holder Buying Guide

What are Knife Holders?

You can use a magnetic kitchen knife holder to hold your knives securely and keep them from causing any unnecessary clutter. It will take care of all your utensils and help your kitchen look more professional.

A magnetic knife holder is made from a long magnet strip that you can easily mount on your walls. Magnetic knife holders come in many styles and are incredibly versatile.

You can mount them vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. You can mount them on your refrigerator or anywhere that’s most convenient for you.

A magnetic knife holder is an excellent way to keep your knives safe without having them cluttering your workstations on your drawers. Furthermore, they help you save a lot of space on storage.

Additionally, a magnetic knife rack also helps you keep your knife’s blades from getting dull.

4 Benefits Of Magnetic Knife Holders

Magnetic knife holders have many benefits; here are a few for you.

Provide safety

One of the biggest advantages of having a magnetic knife holder is that it helps you maximize safety in the kitchen. Knives may be essential, but they are also incredibly dangerous, and you need to use and store them safely.

Without a magnetic knife holder, you have nothing to keep sharp knife edges away when you’re shuffling through your drawers. With a magnetic knife holder, you keep all knives safely stored away where you can’t accidentally cut yourself with them.

Furthermore, if you place your knife holder high enough, you can keep all knives away from your children. This part is exceptionally important for parents because children can gravely injure themselves if they get their hands on sharp blades.

Storing all knives in one place and completely out of range of children is thus vital, and a knife holder magnetic provides you with this safety.

Save space

Not every kitchen has a lot of counter space or storage place, but every kitchen has wall space. So, for that reason, most people will love this magnetic knife holder option.

A spot above your sink is also a good option, as it would also be convenient for you to return your knife after washing.

A magnetic knife holder saves your kitchen space well as it will be wall-mounted, so your kitchen counter stays clear, and all your knives are in one place. Additionally, you can use this holder for other metallic spatulas, whisk and strainers.

Easy cleaning

These magnetic knife holders are very easy to clean as compared to slotted knife holders. You just have to wipe it with a sponge or cleaning cloth.

The metallic holder will dry up fast, and they are very hygienic compared to other options. These magnetic holders also help keep your knives clean as they are not cluttered, and you can see which knives need more cleaning as they are exposed.

Slotted knife holders can accumulate a lot of bacteria in the slots, which can be impossible to clean.

Easy access

Magnetic knife holders provide easy access whenever you need knives or other metallic kitchen items as they are visible in line. There is no need to hunt in all the drawers to look for knives.

You can see all your tools in one place and easily pull out the required ones.

Buyers Guide

Here are some tips to consider when buying a magnetic knife holder.

Magnetic strength

Magnetic strength is a vital factor to consider when it comes to functionality. For a metallic knife holder, a medium or high strength magnet is more suitable as it holds your knives securely.

A high strength magnet will keep them from being in a swinging position, and when you want to pull out your knife, it will easily come out.

However, you don’t want to opt for super heavy-duty magnets. These will keep you from pulling out your knife easily, and you don’t want to fight every time just to pull your knife or cleaver.

So, always check the magnet strength and quality and invest in a medium-strength hold. Heavy duty and weak magnets are not recommended.


Another vital factor is the price. Some cheaper versions with medium-strength magnets may seem like a more cost-effective option, but they can be incredibly harmful. Cheaper, low-quality magnets can lose their strength with time, and your knives can easily slide off, which can be pretty dangerous.

Strip depth

When you’re going to purchase a magnetic knife holder, do check the depth of the strip. A depth of about three-quarters of an inch is a good depth to grab your knife easily without hurting your knuckles.

Furthermore, with this depth, it will still look slim and stylish without making your walls look bulky.

Strip surface

Magnetic knife holders come in different materials, such as plastic, wood, aluminium and stainless steel. Plastic magnet holders come in many colours, shapes and sizes, and they are mostly affordable or low prices, but the quality is not very high.

Stainless steel and aluminium magnet holders are also affordable and durable. They look very neat and professional; also, they are super easy to clean.

Wooden models are more expensive and demand high maintenance, but they can give a warmer look to your kitchen.


Adding a magnetic knife holder to your kitchen is a small measure that can make a world of difference. This handy gadget can help your countertops stay clean and organized.

Furthermore, they can make your kitchen look much more professional, and you can show off your prized knives wherever you wish. This is a long-lasting investment that’ll surely pay off well.

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