The Only Guacamole Recipe You Need In The UK

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Guacamole is a divine gifts from the gods.

We are not worthy of its deliciousness but that should not stop us from whipping up a quick dip of dreams.

For the best guacamole, you will need 4 ingredients. That’s it. Simple, yet yummy as hell.

How To Make The Best Damn Guacamole You’ve Ever Had

Step 1 – Using a sharp knife, cut into the avocado side on from top to bottom. Cut all away around the avocado until you can simply pull the now 2 halves apart. 

Step 2 – Once your standing there holding 2 halves of avocado, discard the Pip and squeeze out the fruit (yes, avocado is a fruit) into a bowl (if you have a mortar & pestle i’d use that instead).

Step 3 – Mash that lil fruit until creamy and no lumps remain. Mix in the lime juice & salt. At this point you want to taste your creation. If you’d like it more salty, hell, add more salt. 

Step 4 – Finally, dice those red ass cherry tomatoes and mix them into your perfectly seasoned guacamole.