The UK Guide To Low Moisture Mozzarella

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Low Moisture Mozzarella

You can’t find anyone who doesn’t love mozzarella, especially the low-moisture mozzarella that is the top pick to make perfect pizza due to its meltability. It is enjoyed every year by many people than any other type of cheese for its tangy flavour. Fresh mozzarella is a moist white cheese that is not as easily melted.

 It has short shelf life due to its high moisture content, unlike low moisture mozzarella, which melts easier and comes with better stretching when heated. In this guide, you will learn everything about the low moisture mozzarella UK that makes every meal special.

What is low moisture mozzarella?

Low-moisture mozzarella is a variant of fresh mozzarella that is often referred to as Part-skim mozzarella. It is made with the souring fresh mozzarella and then dried out with salt. Once its moisture is lowered, its shelf life increases.

The low moisture version has less wetter than its counterpart, fresh mozzarella. It is considered the best option for any dish that requires more melting action, e.g. New-York style pizza or homemade pizza. Or mozzarella stick, where your goal is to make gooey cheese pull.

The best thing about this soft cheese is that it offers a storm of incredible meltability and becomes stretchy. Mild in taste, this American variant delivers a rich and saltier flavour that makes it the perfect choice for pizza toppings. 

Part-skim vs whole milk Mozzarella:

Low-moisture mozzarella comes with two labels, i.e. part-skim mozzarella and whole milk mozzarella. Part-skim has lower butterfat content, while the whole milk version offers a different flavour profile due to its higher butterfat content.

Fat aside, whole milk mozzarella melts better than part-skim and offers a silkier texture when melted. Part-skim browns better than whole-milk mozzarella.

Fresh mozzarella vs Low moisture mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella is a soft and fresh white cheese that comes in a water bag. Unlike pre-shredded cheese mozzarella, it offers fresh flavour and melts well. It has around 60% of water content and should be consumed within a week.

 If you use fresh mozzarella for pizza, you need to bake it at a high temperature because it doesn’t burn easily like its counterpart low moisture mozzarella. Fresh mozzarella has a short shelf life because of its high moisture content. You can’t shred it like low moisture mozzarella. Instead, use it in cubes.

It is usually suited to cold dishes and offers a better flavour when served with them. On the other hand, low moisture mozzarella is a dry Italian cheese that can be eaten raw and used in cooking. It is best suited to hot dishes because of its amazing melting qualities. You can also combine it with other ingredients before consuming it. The main difference between fresh mozzarella and low-moisture mozzarella is the water content.

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Types of low moisture mozzarella

You can find low moisture mozzarella in three different forms in grocery stores, i.e. string, shredded and blocks. Commonly pre-shredded and plastic-wrapped blocks are used for cooking. However, pre-shredded mozzarella has some additives that don’t let it melt well. This means you can’t expect the same meltability as freshly grated cheese offers. 

String Cheese

String cheese is super stretchy and delicious. Mozzarella is stretched, stretched and further stretched to make it stringy. The stretching and shaping of this cheese into strings leads to aligning the milk protein and forms strings. Low moisture mozzarella string cheese is also a good option for snacks like homemade cheese sticks, string cheese mummies and more.

Shredded Mozzarella

This is another type of low-moisture mozzarella that is commonly used for cooking for its quintessential cheese pull. It comes in a bag and is a staple ingredient for American pizza. It melts well, which makes it an obvious choice for pasta and gooey appetizers.

When you sprinkle shredded mozzarella over pasta, oven-baked snacks and pizza, it browns wonderfully and gives a creamy texture and makes a crunchy surface.

Block Mozzarella

This form of low-moisture pizza melts like a dream and becomes super stretchy and elastic. You can grate it, slice it or shred it. Pre-shredded mozzarella is a time-saver, but it contains a lot of starch to prevent it from crumbling.

However, low moisture mozzarella that comes in blocks skips these additives. It comes with a promise of well-melted cheese. Freshly grated block mozzarella makes a difference when you have the expectation of gooey melted cheese.

What Makes it better for pizza?

Who doesn’t love pizza? Of course, no one as its meaty topping with gooey and melty cheese and crispy crust delight the taste buds and beat the hunger. Low moisture mozzarella is commonly used for pizza, and its lower water content makes it melty and delicious. It is used for New-York style or American style pizza due to its rich flavour and high-fat content. Whole milk mozzarella with low water content always tastes well and melts like a dream. The pre-shredded or block low moisture mozzarella becomes elastic and stretchy when heated.   

Can you get it in the UK?

Low moisture Mozzarella is often used in the USA for NY-style pizza. It is often sold in pre-shredded bags, string cheese and whole blocks. It is not widely available in the UK, but you can purchase it from Amazon and Galbani UK. You can even find quality mozzarella cheese at Tesco that contains low water content. Mozzarella cheese block Tesco is perfect for pizza making. 

Galbani low moisture mozzarella is perfect for grating, shredding and even slicing due to its denser texture and low water content. Whether you want to make an Italian dish or your favourite pizza, Galbani Cucina never forgets to stretch and offer extra melting ability while leaving no water residue.

It melts evenly across the base of your pizza and gives a delicate flavour. Moreover, Lidl and ASDA also offer pre-shredded and block low moisture mozzarella, which melts well and offers rich flavour.

Where can you buy low moisture Mozzarella in the UK?

It is hard to find the low moisture mozzarella cheese in the UK, but you can buy it from Galbani Uk, Amazon, Wisconsin Cheese Mart, Morrisons, Tesco, ASDA, Lidl, and Ubuy.

What mozzarella is best for pizza UK?

If your goal is to make pizza covered with evenly melted cheese, there is no better choice than to go for low-moisture mozzarella. However, buffalo’ milk mozzarella is tastier, creamy and has more high-fat content than the cow milk version.

It comes with a hefty price tag and less accessible mozzarella cheese. The shredded low moisture mozzarella shines when you apply heat and offer great elasticity that makes it perfect for pizza. Here are some other reasons that make it a clear winner over its counterpart, fresh mozzarella:

High-Fat: Low moisture mozzarella cheese has a high-fat content that produces a high stretchy effect making it a perfect choice for pizza.

Meltability: This cheese melts quickly when heated and spreads evenly across the surface of your pizza.

Low Moisture:  Everyone wants a sturdy pizza, and that’s where low moisture cheese comes in because it won’t release water which makes it soggy.

What is the difference between low-moisture mozzarella and regular mozzarella?

Low moisture mozzarella is usually considered the regular mozzarella. The fresh mozzarella is soured and then drying it out to make this low moist mozzarella version. This low moisture variety is better than fresh mozzarella when heated.

That’s why it is commonly used for pizza in shredded form. This forms a crunchy surface and gives a creamy texture that makes your pizza more delicious. It can be used for any oven-baked snack as it browns quickly and wonderfully.

Which brand mozzarella cheese is best for pizza?

Are you wondering what branded mozzarella cheese is the best for pizza? Let’s take a look at some brands that offer good quality cheese that makes your pizza more delicious.


If you want to make a delicious pizza in an Italian way, no other mozzarella cheese is better than Galbani mozzarella Cucina. It melts perfectly, and its fresh and milky taste makes it the number one choice for pizza. 


Kraft cheeses need no introduction. Its mozzarella cheese is famous for its rich taste that makes your pizza drool-worthy. The best thing about kraft is that their mozzarella contains no presentative. 


Morrisons is another famous brand that offers high-quality mozzarella cheese that gives your pizza a creamy texture and great flavour. 


ASDA is probably the most trusted name in the UK for buying mozzarella cheese, especially when the goal is to make a super delicious pizza. It is the top choice of many due to its great meltability combined with creamy flavour, which makes it a perfect cheese for pizza. 

Sargento shredded Mozzarella cheese

Sargento offers shredded mozzarella cheese, which is a convenient option to make pizza. As pre-shredded mozzarella has starch, so anyone who likes crispy, dry pizza with a slightly burnt cheese layer can be a great option. Sargento mozzarella comes with good packaging that keeps it fresh and offers a nice taste. Above all, it doesn’t include any artificial substances.

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