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Get a tofu press to revamp your entire tofu experience!

Tofu that has been pressed

Going vegan often requires a total change in your diet.

We have to do away with so many products that we have grown up eating, and this can be pretty challenging.

However, once you start transitioning, you’ll notice that it gets easier and your body will often thank you for it. 

One of the staples of a vegan diet is tofu. Like Miso, tofu made from soybean curds, tofu is an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium. However, preparing tofu isn’t quite simple.

If you’re a vegan, or if you just like the taste of tofu and want to start incorporating it into your diet, consider getting a tofu press.

A tofu press is THE secret to getting that fantastic tofu texture that you get in restaurants.

If you’re interested, keep reading below for the different types of presses in the market, and which one is the best for you.

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Why You NEED to Press Tofu

When we order tofu in restaurants, you’ll notice it’s always firm and crisp when it’s supposed to be.

That’s because tofu in restaurants is pressed before its cooked.

Tofu is made from coagulated soybean curds that are pressed into blocks. Depending on the kind of tofu that you get, the moisture content will vary. However, even pressed tofu varieties in the market can still have a high moisture content.

When you don’t press your tofu, you can end up with looser squares that don’t have the texture you want.

Furthermore, no matter how many tutorials you read online, you can’t get the same results with a DIY tofu press made at home. So, to satisfy your cravings for crisp, caramelized tofu, keep reading below.

fried tofu

Should I press tofu every time?

Whether or not tofu or silken tofu requires pressing depends on what you’re cooking.

If you are making smoothies or mousses, your tofu block doesn’t need to be pressed.

In fact, for such recipes, you can even use silken tofu which has a lot of moisture, making it perfect for adding a creaminess to your dishes.

If you want to add crisp or firm tofu to soups or salads, however, you need to use a press to make sure you get the perfect texture. Here are the different types of presses you can find on the market:

Types of Tofu Presses:

Box-style tofu press

For beginners, this is probably the best tofu press model out there.

The box-style press requires no extra attention from you and it pretty much pick up and go.

All you need to do is put in a rectangular block of tofu, add some pressure with the spring, and leave the gadget to do its work.

This is perfect for those who can’t devote so much attention to pressing their tofu either.

You can stick some tofu in before work, and come home to perfectly firm tofu, ready to be grilled.

A drawback of this style is that it can only be used on tofu the size of the box. Any smaller, and your tofu will be cracked and uneven.

wooden tofu press

Plate-style press

For this tofu press machine, you have to place the block of tofu between two metal or plastic blocks that press the liquid out.

These are simple enough to use, but you do have to keep an eye on them.

You need to keep tightening the screws on either end to press the tofu tighter as it shrinks.

The plate style a great budget-friendly option, and it can help make the process of pressing your tofu a bit more hands-on if that’s your thing.

maison and white tofu press

What to look for in a tofu press?

A good tofu press has three key features:

  1. It’s easy to clean
  2. It’s sturdy
  3. It’s simple to use.

The best press will have ridges, that allow the water to collect as it drains out of the tofu.

It will also be sturdy, giving you evenly pressed tofu on all sides. Of course, an added plus is the low price!

Below we have four tofu presses that fit all these categories.

This is a simple and budget-friendly plate-style tofu press that’s ideal for someone who wants a durable product at low cost.

In just 15 minutes, this tofu press can squeeze out most of the excess water in your tofu, making it extra firm and perfect to fry.

You can also press any size of tofu blocks in this press, making it versatile.

This is a fun product that vows to cut down all your marinating time to give you the most flavorful tofu that you’ve ever had.

Just a few minutes in this press can give you tofu that’s transformed.

Additionally, if you don’t like the product, they even promise a full refund. For meatier tofu, this tofu press has lattice panels that no other press has. These allow the tofu to be super dry so that it can soak up your marinade better. 

If you need to press your tofu and are looking for a dishwasher safe press, this is your answer. 

This is a box-style press that promises stellar results when it comes to revamping your tofu experience.

Cleaning is effortless with this model, as you can easily tip out the collected water and wipe down the gadget.

Additionally, it takes up extremely little space. You can leave the tofu to press overnight, or an hour before you start cooking, and there’s no extra attention that this press requires. It’s also a cheap tofu press.

This is a multi-purpose product that has a range of applications.

You can use it for halloumi cheese, Indian paneer, and as a tofu press as well.

The wooden tofu press is traditional yet chic, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen.

This gadget gives you a traditional yet effective way of pressing tofu, and the great reviews on the product speak volumes of its quality.


A tofu press is a small one-time investment that can revamp your tofu experience entirely.

This product is a must-have for vegans, as you have to incorporate a lot of tofu in your diet to get your protein and vitamins. However, it’s also an excellent addition for anyone with a flair for cooking, and for someone who wants to do justice to an ingredient as incredible and versatile as tofu.

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