15 Of The Best Coffee Beans UK You Can Buy in 2021

Here we are going to review fifteen different coffee beans including, organic, and non-organic in detail.

These are all from various brands and the beans themselves oringiate in various different countries. 

Every Brand tries to promote their products, but you should figure out which one is going to be the best  for you based on manufacturing location, variety, etc.

Each of those details is given in the buying guide in this article. From there, you will be able to figure out the type of coffee beans you need and find the Best Coffee Beans UK 

If you are a nespresso machine user, no worries, check out our best Nespresso compatible capsules, check out our complete buyers guide!

An Indepth Look at the Best Coffee Beans UK

We independently research, test, and recommend the best products just for you. In order to keep this site going,  we may receive commissions on some of the purchases made from the links below.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans

Lavazza Qualita Rose Coffee Beans are a perfect mix of Robusta and Arabica Beans. Arabica makes the Coffee taste sweet and become softer, whereas Robusta makes it durable and strong.

In Lavazza Beans, both Arabica and Robusta are mixed in adequate proportion making it an all-around excellent coffee bean either used with or without milk.

For the perfect cup, it should be mixed in the proper amount (near about 7 grams) per cup or mug.

Almost all Italian Families enjoy this Coffee, and you will often find it being served in the piazza’s of Rome & Florence. It helps in overcoming frustrations and keeping you refreshed with immediate action.

Lavazza beans originate from Brazil, Africa.

Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee Beans

Taylors of Harrogate is a 100% pure Arabica Bean, which makes it sweet, soft with the flavor of fruits and berries.

The Amazing Flavor of this Coffee will take you back to Northern Italy. It contains rich dark chocolate and bits of almonds.

Taylors is devoted to bringing a delicious taste throughout their range of products and their coffee beans are no exception. 

Taylors is an independent tea and coffee brand in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. It provides a remarkable flavor from the world’s best coffee growers.

Looking for the best coffee beans UK? Taylors might just be the one! 

Lavazza Crema e Aroma Coffee Beans

Lavazza Crema e Aroma is also a mixture of Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans.

Arabica beans from Colombia, India, and Brazil, 20% Robusta from Indonesia and Vietnam.

To get started, you should first grind the Lavazza Beans to Coffee Powder and then add it to your coffee machine.

These beans have got overwhelming reviews from the customers on Amazon and beyond. Some customers reported that they found it far better than Starbucks or Costa as well.

It has an adequate amount of caffeine and contains deficient fat, making it a perfect drink for health-oriented people as well

Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Brown Bear is a high-quality coffee producing brand originated in the United Kingdom.

It has a rich taste and is very smooth. Brown Bear make their products go through various quality checks before packaging, and it has a negligible amount of mycotoxin in it.

To make it taste sweeter and fresher, you must make sure that it is ground super fine before use.

These are the best coffee beans UK for daily use and for that must-have Monday morning pick-me-up. 

5% of their sales is donated to Free the Bears Charity protecting vulnerable bears with over 950 bears rescued & bear sanctuaries across South East Asia.

Costa Coffee beans Signature Blend

Costa Coffee Beans are ideal for a Aromatic and Dark cup of Coffee. They have achieved a perfect balance of delicate Arabica and strong Robusta beans that have been slow-roasted for a smooth and nutty flavour and rich aroma.

It has a delicious flavor and depicts exactly what good Coffee should be like. It tastes fantastic both in espresso or cappuccino and it will help you stay awake during that next work meeting.

It refreshes your mind and helps in getting relief from stress. It is best to take before a hectic and busy day.

The Costa Signature Blend is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring sustainable farming to encourage sustainable livelihoods by transforming consumer behaviour

Hampshire Coffee Co Medium Roast Arabica Whole Beans, House Blend No 1

House Blend No 1 is a pure Arabic coffee bean product by Hampshire Coffee Co.

It is an award-winning product that won two gold stars in Great Taste Award in the year 2014.

It has no artificial flavors, colors, and fat content in it.

The coffee beans have a subtle spice notes, hazelnut, fruits, and a bit citrus, making it an all-round coffee with a great taste.

It has a decent amount of crema, and it tastes best with milk.

It has got excellent reviews from customers, and they loved it. Some even say that they can drink glass after glass without needing a glass of water, unlike other coffees.

Any regular coffee drinking person will love this coffee bean.

Rave Coffee - The Italian Job Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Rave Coffee Beans have a rich content of Dark Chocolate and Walnut flavour to them. 

This Continental Blend is roasted darker than Rave’s usual style and they also add in a splash of high quality Robusta. The result is a coffee that punches through milk and delivers a welcomed kick of caffeine.

They have no added artificial color or flavor.

Rave Coffee originated in the United Kingdom and has been a trusted brand for Coffee since then.

These coffee beans are flushed with Nitrogen while packaging after removing total oxygen from the bag to ensure that its quality doesn’t degrade even if it is stored for a long time.

Rave always keeps in mind the demands of its customers and produces some of the best coffee beans UK. 

Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombian is a 100% Arabica Coffee Bean with a sweet & soft taste and has excellent acidity.

It contains freshly roasted beans and is manufactured by The little Coffee Box Co, which originated in the United Kingdom.

It has caffeinated and aromatic beans, which help in keeping awake and getting rid of headaches, anxiety, stress, and refreshes you for a long time.

It is prepared from the best sources of Beans, making it a premium and most excellent coffee product. It is a must-have bean for coffee lovers.

Good Life Verve Paleo Coffee

These coffee beans are a pure Arabic whole-bean coffee with a sweet and soft taste.

Good life doesn’t add any artificial colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

A caffeinated coffee bean manufactured by Good Life Coffee Brand originated in Karnataka, India, in 2019.

It refreshes the mind and is a much-liked coffee product of many customers. It has no bitterness in its taste and is heavenly aromatic. Verve have produces some of the best coffee beans UK that are available to buy. 

Its beans are nutty and have an essence of caramel as it is on popcorns. It is an organic coffee and still, customer says that it makes Starbucks Coffee inferior to it.

Spiller & Tait Signature Blend

Spiller and Tait is a UK coffee company that has won multiple awards since it began dealing in Coffee.

It has won Silver in the Taste of the West Award in 2014 and has also won the prestigious Great Taste Award in 2017.

It produces premium quality espresso coffee beans from various countries, including Columbia, Brazil, and India.

It has no artificial flavor, added salt, added sugar, and is free of gluten. It is again a caffeinated coffee bean making it a suitable choice for releasing stress and anxiety.

It is recommended to add 7-10 grams of Coffee per cup to get the best results.

Cafe Sula Premium Organic Ground Coffee

It is a premium quality organic coffee bean manufactured by Cafe Saula grown organically.

Cafe Saula has been a leading coffee producer brand since the late 1950s and has won three Gold in Great Taste Awards.

It consists of pure arabica organic coffee beans produced from various sources in Indonesia, South America, and Central America.

Cafe Saula originated in Espana in Spain and is a well-known Spanish Organic Coffee Brand.

These beans produce a rich coffee that soothes your mind and gives a luxurious feel. It is a highly rated coffee in the United Kingdom and truly some of the best coffee beans UK.

Coffee Masters

Coffee Masters is a prestigious brand that produces pure organic Arabic coffee beans. Their coffee beans are grown in Ethiopia, Honduras, Peru & Sumatra. 

Its Coffee is delicious, sweet, and smooth with almost no bitterness.

The Brand was originated in the United Kingdom. The Coffee is caffeinated and gluten-free and is suitable for all, especially vegans.

It produces Coffee from various sources throughout the world, thus giving a premium and most excellent quality organic coffee bean.

It is a triple-certified mixed espresso coffee beans.

Pelican Rouge Barista Coffee Blend

Pelican Rouge Barista Coffee is a full-body flavor coffee with the essence of caramel and almonds. 

It is best for those who like persistence in their Coffee and is best suited for espresso or black Coffee. 

A whole bean caffeinated Coffee manufactured by Pelican Rouge and originated in the Netherlands and best suited for vegans. 

It is a perfect mixture of Arabica and Robusta Coffee seed, which tastes sweet and delicious and smells great. A rich coffee without bitterness and is a choice of many coffee lovers in the United Kingdom.

Bird & Wild Seasonal Medium Roast Ground Coffee

The company grows pure arabica coffee beans under a safe environment to make it soft and smooth.

It is pure Arabica, so it is sweet and delicious with no bitterness.

A feeling of dark and rich chocolate with a floral essence can be found when brewed.

Bird and Wild is a company that originated in Peru and is a certified one. It donates six percent of its entire sales to RSPB for Wild Life protection as it aims to protect wildlife and believe in the welfare of all living beings.

Even its name is Bird, and Wild is kept after this motive to preserve wildlife.

It has won the Global Impact Award in 2019 and the best ethical Coffee of the year award in the year 2018.

Beanpress - Strada Blend

Beanpress is a specialty coffee roaster in the United Kingdom. 

They use specialty arabica coffees and fine grade robusta coffees to create what they call their Strada Blend.

They have adopted the classic italian espresso approach but introduced arabica beans to the mix. The resulting coffee is a unique, full bodied drink that delivers an enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

Beanpress also takes proper care of the packaging of their products. They pack it in recyclable metallic jars and flush the coffee beans with Nitrogen before packing. This makes sure that the quality of Coffee does not get degrade even if it is stored for an extended period. Best coffee beans UK? These are the one. 

Always buy Whole Bean Coffee

You might not be aware but you cannot just use your coffee beans in the form in which they come. 

Coffee Beans are the seeds from the fruits grown in the coffee plants. They are harvested and then the bean is then roasted, which gives the coffee beans we get in packets. 

Before we can use the best coffee beans UK to brew coffee, you have to get the coffee powder from the bean. For that, you have to grind those coffee beans. Once the beans are ground, they start oxidising, and its quality starts to degrade. That’s why you should not buy pre-ground coffee and instead buy the beans and grind them yourself as much as required and keep the rest beans packed. It will help you in getting a fresh and vibrant coffee experience every time. 

Find the country of origin of your Coffee

Although Coffee is a beverage that is produced almost throughout the world, the best coffees are provided in the coffee belt. 

Such countries lie between the coordinates of 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South along the equator. The best Coffee producing countries are Brazil, West Ethiopia, and Columbia. However, the Coffee grown in each region have some specialty.

So, you should try different coffees and check their country of origin in the back of the packet and try to figure out which one is the best for you. This is the only way to find the best coffee beans UK.

Chose between Arabica and Robusta

Almost all the coffees across the countries are made either from Arabica Beans, Robusta Beans, or both. 

Arabica beans produce sweet and soft beverages, whereas Robusta, as the name suggests, produces loud and harsh Coffee and highly caffeinated, making it less prone to diseases. 

Robusta is easy to cultivate and thus is a cheaper variety of Coffee. However, Arabica is the most-selling variety of Coffee. 

Almost 60% of coffees produced throughout the world are of Arabica type. It is best when these two varieties of coffee beans are blended, making the Coffee an all-rounder one. Also, since Arabica Beans are costlier, it is best to mix both types to enhance the taste and make it affordable.

Choose your Best Roast Variety

If you like a mild coffee with high caffeine content, go for the lightly roasted beans. They are light brown. Light Roasts are also known as Cinnamon and England Roasts.

If you want a strong coffee yet non-oily surface, you should go for medium roasted coffee beans. This is the favorite roast of people of the United States of America, and so this roast is also known as American Roast.

If you want more vibrant color and flavor than medium roast, then go for a medium-dark roast. These coffee beans are less-oily and taste bittersweet after consumption. These Roasts are also known as Full City Roasts.

If you like Dark Black coffee beans with an oily surface with a bitter taste and healthy, you should go for Dark Roasts. It is popular among people with anxiety, stress, headache, and a sensitive stomach. This coffee roast is also known by the name Continental and Espresso.

Once you choose your favourite roast variety, you will not doubt be on the right track to finding the best coffee beans UK.


Here is the list of Best Organic Coffee Beans UK. 

Go through the buying guide in which there is a complete description of different varieties of coffees and points to remember while you purchase Best Online Coffee Beans UK. 

You can check which Coffee is produced in which region, whether whole bean or powder, what type of coffee best suits your coffee needs, and choose accordingly. 

Here are 15 different coffee beans (organic and non-organic) reviewed along with their buying links

So, just figure out your favourite Coffee, click on the link, find the best coffee deals and order the best coffee beans UK to get it delivered to your home!

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