What Is Muscovado Sugar?

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Muscovado Sugar – The Best Sugar Alternative?

muscovado sugar

With the various health drawbacks of white, refined sugar coming to light, many switch to alternative sweeteners. However, artificial sweeteners don’t give us the oomph that white sugar does.

What if we were to tell you that there’s a better alternative to white sugar than artificial sweeteners? This alternative is Muscovado sugar, and it can give a rich, deep flavour to brighten up any dish.

You might be wondering what is Muscovado sugar. Keep reading below to find out more about this healthy and flavorful alternative.

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What Is It?

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Muscovado sugar is unrefined cane sugar. It has added molasses which can give it a rich, toffee-like flavour.

Muscovado sugar is an artisanal sugar, made with a much more labour-intensive process than regular sugar. This labour-intensive process also helps intensify its flavour, and give it an unparalleled depth.

To make Muscovado sugar, labourers evaporate the liquid from cane juice and leave behind only the molasses and solids.

While there are different types of Muscovado sugar, they all have a deep flavour, moist texture and coffee-like colour. If you’ve been looking to up your baking game, there’s no better option than Muscovado sugar.

What Is Light Muscovado?

Light Muscovado sugar is Muscovado sugar with a lower level of molasses. It is golden brown and looks similar to brown sugar.

Light Muscovado has a lesser treacle-y flavour, owing to the lesser amount of molasses. However, it can still be perfect to use in any sweet dishes and gives a toffee-like flavour.

What is Dark Muscovado?

Dark Muscovado has the highest amount of molasses, making it deep brown and incredibly moist. Dark Muscovado has an intense flavour, and you can use it in savoury and sweet dishes alike.

With a higher amount of molasses, you get a more significant number of minerals and vitamins too.

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Substitutes for Muscovado Sugar

When it comes to dark Muscovado, the first obvious substitute for Muscovado sugar is dark brown sugar. Dark brown sugar has a similar taste and colour owing to the molasses content.

However, dark brown sugar is more refined in texture than dark Muscovado, and its taste is also slightly milder.

Jaggery or panela can be suitable substitutes for light Muscovado. They have a similar taste and texture, as they are also moist sugars.

If you don’t have brown sugar on hand, you can mix molasses into white sugar until it looks like wet sand. This will give you the depth of flavour that comes from molasses-rich Muscovado.

Uses for Muscovado Sugar

Muscovado has an incredibly complex flavour profile. Aside from the buttery, toffee-like flavour, it has other layers too.

Muscovado sugar can have a burnt, deep flavour making it perfect for baking and pairing with many savoury dishes.

You can use dark Muscovado sugar in barbeque sauce, to give it a burnt, sweet flavour profile. Additionally, you can use dark Muscovado in marinades, and stir-fry sauces.

You can also use dark Muscovado in sweet dishes that require a more in-depth, caramel flavour. You can also add it to salad dressings.

Similarly, you can add light Muscovado to a variety of sweet dishes. You can make ice cream, cookies, chocolate goods and much more with light Muscovado.

You can also add it to your coffee to create a drink with an exceptionally refreshing flavour. Furthermore, you can add it to your daily oatmeal to take it from being bland and boring to complex and delicious!

How to store

If you don’t store your Muscovado sugar right, it can harden up into a block. It is due to the sticky molasses in the sugar.

To prevent any such incidents, store Muscovado sugar in an airtight container, so that it doesn’t lose any moisture. If your sugar hardens, place a damp towel on it overnight, and it’ll have softened by morning.

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Is light muscovado sugar the same as light brown sugar?

Light brown sugar is white sugar with added molasses, while Muscovado sugar is unrefined cane sugar. The taste is comparable because might brown sugar has added molasses.

However, light Muscovado has a deeper molasses flavour and has a chunkier texture. Brown sugar can be a suitable Muscovado sugar substitute

Can you use brown sugar instead of muscovado sugar?

If you don’t have Muscovado sugar on hand, but want the caramel’s deep flavour, you can use brown sugar. Brown sugar is an easy alternative to Muscovado sugar which can be hard to find sometimes.

Can I use dark muscovado sugar instead of light?

Dark Muscovado has a much deeper, intense flavour compared to light. If you have to substitute, make sure you use less dark Muscovado than you would light.

The flavour can easily become overpowering, so exercise caution.

Is light Muscovado soft brown sugar?

Light Muscovado sugar is not soft brown sugar. The two sugar have different manufacturing processes.

The difference in manufacturing leads to both having different flavours, textures and nutritional value.

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Is Demerara sugar the same as Muscovado?

Demerara sugar is made in the same way as Muscovado, with a few changes. It is also made from evaporated cane sugar and can have a similar taste.

However, demerara isn’t processed for as long as Muscovado, giving it a drier, coarser texture. Furthermore, demerara has a lower molasses content than Muscovado sugar.

This gives it a lighter colour and a milder flavour. You can use it as a Muscovado sugar alternative if you can’t find Muscovado.

Which is healthier Muscovado or brown sugar?

Due to brown sugar being white sugar with added molasses, it has a low nutritional value. We all know that overly refined products are harmful to our health, and that’s precisely why you should sub the Muscovado for brown sugar.

Muscovado sugar has many health benefits, and it carries many minerals. These minerals can help you feel energized and can fight many diseases.

On the other hand, Brown sugar can raise the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. So, you must limit your sugar intake.

Sugar is also incredibly addictive and can cause cravings and overeating.


Muscovado sugar is an excellent way for you to get your sugar fix without feeling guilty. Not only is this a healthier sugar, but it’s also incredibly delicious.

You can use this sugar in a wide range of dishes, and enjoy the complexity of flavour it offers. If you’re serious about cooking and want the best flavour each time, a little Muscovado can go a long way.

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