What on Earth is Yuzu Fruit?

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What Is Yuzu Fruit?

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The scientific name of this fruit is Citrus Junos. It’s also called Yuja and it belongs to the Rutaceae family.

It originally in China a thousand years ago. Now, it’s grown extensively in Korea, Japan, and other parts of the world.

Yuzu is also known as Japanese citron and it’s a hybrid of Satsuma mandarin and Ichang papeda. When it comes to appearance, it’s somewhere between lemon and lime.

Flavour-wise, it’s extremely tart and sour. Its juice and zest are used for cooking.

Yuzu has a connection with the Japanese tradition. Japanese used to take a hot bath filled with the cut pieces as well as whole yuzu.

It was also believed that the fragrance of Yuzu fruit can drive evil spirits away. What is yuzu, it’s a lot more than fruit!

Uses of Yuzu Fruit

Yuzu helps you relieve stress and provide comfort. It has great skin benefits.

Another place where it really shines is culinary. It can be added to marinades, sauces, soups, salads, fish, and veggies.

It can also be used in cocktails and desserts like sorbet, pies, and custards.

8 Health Benefits of Yuzu

Now that we know what is a yuzu fruit, it is time to explore the benefits.

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Great Immunity Booster

Yuzu is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which are great ingredients for boosting immunity. These essential neutralize free radicals and fight the infections that are harmful to the body.

Healthy and Glowing Skin

Vitamin C present in Yuzu helps in boosting immunity. It helps play a significant role in producing collagen, which makes the skin healthy and radiant.

Yuzu also includes Vitamin A which helps protect the skin against bacteria that can result in breakouts and unwanted blemishes.

Natural Mood Booster

When you are having a stressful day, just sniff a yuzu. Its aroma is going to enlighten your mood!

Yuzu is one of those citrus fruits that can reduce stress and enlighten your mood. There is also a study that says the scent of this fruit can reduce anxiety and anger in premenstrual women

Reduces Chronic Inflammation

Did you know that chronic inflammation is the root of most diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and coronary heart diseases? The lumpy skin of yuzu can help combat that.

The yuzu zest is rich in limonene which can reduce inflammation and prevent the formation of free radicals in the body.

Great for Brain Health

Yuzu also has the potential of maintaining cognitive function and improving brain health.

From various studies, it has been revealed that beta-amyloid proteins when building up in the brain can result in cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Yuzu fruit helps fight those bad proteins and keep free radicals from damaging the brain.

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Improved Blood Circulation and Heart Health

Yuzu can also improve blood circulation. This detoxifies and nourishes the organs as well as muscles.

Hesperidin and naringenin are the two flavonoids present in this fruit that prevent blood clots. In other words, this citrus fruit is great cardiovascular health.

Prevention of Acne

Are you struggling with acne? Yuzu can help.

All you have to do is consume yuzu. It’s rich in Vitamin A, which protects the skin from bacteria, and hence, you are able to overcome the acne problem

The presence of Vitamin C in Yuzu reduces swelling and makes the acne small. Citric acid present inside Yuzu exfoliates the skin and reduces dead skin cells.

Your skin will fall in love with this citrus fruit.

Weight Loss Benefits

If you are struggling to lose weight, consider consuming Yuzu. It helps burn fat faster.

The acid present in the yuzu fruits helps the body absorb calcium better. As a result, you can burn fat faster.

The same acid also improves your digestive system so your body will not load itself with excessive fat.

Yuzu Recipes

Yuzu can be used in a variety of recipes such as:

yuzu cheesecake

Yuzu Syrup

The Yuzu syrup is used in chicken, shrimp, and pork recipes.

Yuzu Sauces

Yuzu sauce adds a tangy flavor to baked food. The sauce can also be served as a side dish with grilled and steam vegetables.

These are just a few recipes to name. Yuzu can be used to add flavor to a variety of other recipes.

Where to Buy?

It is difficult to find fresh yuzu outside Korea and Japan. Some countries have Imported Yuzu available to purchase from leading supermarkets.

In other countries where Yuzu is grown locally, finding one is not a problem! They are readily available at grocery stores, local farms, and supermarkets.


What does Yuzu taste like?

The Yuzu fruit is called the hybrid of the citrus family. To be exact, it tastes like lemon and grapefruit.

Why is Yuzu banned in the US?

The import of Yuzu is banned in America to prevent growers from disease prevalent in Asian groves.

What is Yuzu good for?

Yuzu has anti-cancer properties, it can improve blood circulation, prevent clots, treat respiratory infectors, improve the immune system and it’s great for skin health.

Is Yuzu and lemon the same?

Yuzu and lemon are two different citrus fruits. Yuzu is sour just like lemon but it has an umami taste which is quite distinct.

Is Yuzu good for the skin?

Yuzu has antioxidant properties. It promotes skin rejuvenation and possesses anti-aging properties.

It can give your skin a youthful appearance and neutralizes harmful free radicals present inside the body as well as the environment.

What can replace Yuzu?

If Yuzu is not available, the closest alternative is lemon.


What is a yuzu? It’s more than lemon, it’s more than orange. The juice and seeds of this citrus fruit are used for gourmet flavourings.

The health benefits of this fruit are amazing as well. It can reduce inflammation, improve bone health, remove free radicals, prevent the growth of bacteria and so much more!

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