6 Reasons YOU Need a Burger Press

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What's the Deal with Burger Presses?!

Beef Burger

Devouring a juicy burger has to be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world, especially if you’re famished after a day’s work.

The meaty nuances, delicious sauces, and flavour-rich patty combine to introduce your taste buds to the delicacies of the fast-food king; a hamburger.
But making a hamburger is a messy process, where chunks of ground beef need to be processed into patties.

You also require oil, and since this whole process is done manually, you’ll need to wash your hands repeatedly due to the constant accumulation of fat and meat on them. So indeed, there has to be a gadget that can make this process simpler and more manageable. And yes, there is; a burger press.

Read on to learn more.

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What is a burger press?

tower of burgers

A burger press is a handy kitchen gadget that can range from a simple well-oiled metal ring to a sophisticated machine capable of multiple pressing and stacking functionalities.

The primary function of a burger maker press is to reduce the mess created by a manual hamburger making process and introduce uniformity to them.

Depending on your requirements, you can find multiple-sized burger presses (quarter-pound, third-pound, half-pound) in the market.

What do they do?

You can use a burger press to make uniform patties without the need for a hands-on approach. First, you oil the metal ring inside the burger press and then place the meat inside it. Once the meat is inside all the edges, you can close the “press” through a clamp or lever.

It is straightforward to use, and even a person with no prior grill experience can make delicious hamburgers for home or a social event. If you’re a fan of burgers in general, a burger press UK can be a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances.

6 Reasons Why Should You Use Burger Press

All the chit chat brings us this key talking point; why should you invest in a burger press?

Well, there are several reasons for you to switch from a hands-on approach to a burger press. We are listing some of them here. Take a look:

1. Even, Uniform Patties

No matter how hard you try to make uniform patties with your hands, you cannot achieve the perfect uniformity a burger press brings to the table. Each patty will be the same size and diameter, which is especially helpful if you’re making more than one hamburger. For example, a food joint that sells burgers can extensively use a burger press to watch their meat usage.

Additionally, uniform patties cook quickly and entirely as the heat reaches each meat part, leaving you with a delicious, well-cooked treat.

2. Ideal Weight

Since the ring inside the burger press comes in measurable sizes, you can choose your patty size easily. Typical burger press products offer quarter-pound, third-pound and half-pound.

3. Easy To Clean And Maintain

Once you’re done making your delicious burgers, it is straightforward to clean the shiny surface of this tool. And since it usually is not too big, you can store it easily in a cabinet or a drawer.

It is often advisable to use special wrapping sheets to keep the burger press extra clean while preparing your patties. Place the sheet inside the ring before putting the meat on top of it. Then use another sheet for the top and continue with the pressing process. This way, you’ll save your kitchen tool from getting oily or meat stained.

4. More Compact Patties

Many people face a significant problem while serving burgers: the cooked patties keep breaking down and making a mess. Of course, you would like the meat to stay inside the bun so you can fully enjoy it without worrying about wasting any of it.

Additionally, you won’t need add-ons such as egg yolk or bread crumbs to hold the meat together. This way, the beef stays pure and offers the most natural taste.

5. Eliminates The Need For You To Use Hands

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that handling meat with your hands can make it mushy. Your hands are usually warm, and once you use them to assort meat, the warmth melts the fat particles and degrades the quality of the meat. Ideally, a hamburger patty needs to be prepared using cold tools to keep the meat from getting mushy. And a burger press can be a perfect option.

6. Aids In Keeping Raw Meet Cold

Most burger press products have a metal composition that has a cold surface. You can use them to keep your meat refrigerated or make the perfect hamburger free of mushy components.

Top Three Burger Press Options on Amazon UK

If you’re on the lookout for premium beef burger press products, we have searched and reviewed some of the best options readily available on Amazon UK. Take a look:

WHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press

BUrger Press




  • Non-stick, aluminium construction
  • 60-day warranty
  • Interior ribbed surface

WHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Review

The first one on our list is a highly-reliable burger press by WHOLE. This burger press can be an optimum option for you if you’re looking to add a compact, non-stick kitchen utensil to your grilling toolkit.

The sturdy aluminium manufacturing design makes this burger press a lot more efficient, even with extended hours of usage.

You don’t have to worry about it falling in between tasks, so you’re always prepared for any of your restaurant or home endeavours. Additionally, the plastic handle makes it easy for you to operate the tool without slipping from your hand.

This burger press comes with a set of 100 wax sheets that you can use while prepping your meat or preparing patties. For people unaware, wax sheets make it easy for you to go about the hamburger making process without getting pieces of meat stuck to the burger press. This way, the process is sanitary, and no meat goes to waste.

Furthermore, the burger press has an interior lining texture that gives the patty a ribbed design to cause a sear effect while cooking.

You can also take it apart for easy cleaning, and since it is dishwasher safe, you don’t have to worry too much about keeping it as good as new. If you don’t like this product or received a faulty one, you can always claim your 60-day money-back warranty to get the product replaced.

Claspme Burger Press

Claspme burger press




  • Sturdy construction and non-stick surface
  • Dishwasher friendly and detachable parts
  • Three-in-one burger press

Claspme Burger Press Review

Another excellent option for many people out there planning a burger press purchase is Claspme Burger Press.

It offers a three-in-one design that lets the users create three different sizes of burger patties. You can use the bottom component to make a large patty, while the central piece is ideal for a stuffed one. If you want mini-sized patties or sliders, you can use the top part.

Many people complain about sticky moulds left after using a burger press, and rightly so because they can be a pain to clean.

However, Claspme Burger Press brings the best cleaning experience through a non-sticky construction and a dishwasher friendly design. You can rely on this burger press to carry out your grilling activities and have the peace of mind that you won’t have to discard it after. Additionally, the various parts of this tool detach for even easier cleaning.

This burger press offers a modern design that significantly improves its outlook over many other options available in the market. It also comes with 70 burger paper sheets inside the packaging, so you’re ready to prepare a delicious burger as soon as you unwrap the burger press.

Burger Press Hamburger Maker by Mountain Grillers

Mountain Grillers burger press




  • Dishwasher safe
  • Consistent patties
  • Multiple sizes

Burger Press Hamburger Maker by Mountain Grillers Review

The final product on our list is a premium burger press by Mountain Grillers. The manufacturers claim that this burger press can make perfectly sized patties that are consistent and cook evenly every time. So you can say goodbye to the meat falling on the grill and keep your patties in a compact form to enjoy them to the fullest.

You can also put any extra add-ons, such as vegetables, cheese, mushrooms, etc., on top of the meat and press it.

This way, the added elements will mix thoroughly and evenly throughout the meat. Like many other burger press products, this tool also has a dishwasher friendly design, and you can take apart its different components to clean it easily.

As a treat, you also get 40 wax patty papers that you can use to separate your burgers, so they don’t stick together, primarily if refrigerated.


Whether you are new to the grilling scene or want a helpful tool to accompany you through your regular restaurant work, a burger press can prove its worth in the form of juicy, delicious burgers. However, while purchasing a burger press for your use, it is essential to be careful to invest in high-quality products.

Hence we gave you some reliable options that make the process much easier. We hope you now know all there is to know about burger press. Cheers!

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