Why You NEED a Corn Stripper in 2023

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The Only Corn Stripper Guide You Need!

peeling a corn on the cob

Sweet corn scattered over a salad adds to its richness and proves to be a healthy choice for many people looking for a simple office mid-day meal. 

But the process of taking the corn off the cob is mostly so time-consuming and a struggle that your simple meal process becomes a pain, especially if you’re using outdated tools or your thumb.

We all know the knife and bowl technique, but there has got to be a better way to avoid exposing yourself to the dangers of a slipped knife that can probably cut your fingers. And there sure is! Enter a corn stripper, a handy tool with the sole purpose of getting corn off the cob.

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What is a corn stripper?

a corn stripper

A corn kernel stripper is a unitasker kitchen appliance that makes it easier and simpler for you to strip hundreds of corn kernels off the cob. It works equally well with cooked or raw corn while ensuring a clean and quick operation.

3 Benefits of a corn stripper:

As much as unitasker kitchen appliances add to the mess in your kitchen, there are, of course, some exceptions that prove their worth through their practicality.

Corn stripper is one such tool. Whether you want to use it at home or your office, purchasing one such corn stripper will be a significant relief, and you can enjoy nutritious sweet corn alongside your meal.

Let us list down some of the key benefits that will justify your investment in this kitchen tool.

1. Safe, quick, and easy

A person like myself who isn’t handy with knives remains exposed to the threat of the knife slipping from my hand while cutting the corn, leading to minor to a significant injury. If you’re someone who also finds it challenging to use a knife, a corn stripper can be a perfect addition to your kitchen collection.

You will eliminate the danger of laceration and get rid of the hassle that comes with the said task. Anyone can use it even if they’re a kitchen novice and have to do it for the very first time.

2. Eradicates the need to use a knife and extra bowls

Another problem with the traditional corn cutting methods is using different bowls and silverware, which you’ll have to wash after you’re done. If you get your hands on a corn stripper with an attached compartment to collect the corn, you can save yourself the pain of washing so many utensils.

3. Easy Storage and Cleaning

Adding another kitchen tool to your collection is sometimes challenging, especially if you’re someone who likes their things managed and in order at all times. The sleek and small design of a corn stripper makes it easier to store in your culinary drawer without taking too much unnecessary space.

Most corn strippers are also dishwasher safe that makes them easy to clean without the danger of exposing yourself to the attached blades. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can clean them by separating the corn peeler and washing each part separately.

Where can you buy a corn stripper?

You’ll be surprised by the number of variants a corn stripping machine has in the market, with each branding offering something unique to their product that adds to customer safety and convenience

If you’ve made up your mind about going through with the purchase, you can do a quick search on Amazon to skim through your options and pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Having so many options is great, but it also adds to the inconvenience of the buyer as they might get confused by the sheer volume of brands. How do you know which one is the best? How do you pick one that will prove its worth in the coming years?

To answer these questions, we researched many corn peelers on Amazon.co.uk and made a list of what we think could be your best options. They are listed below:

Our Top Corn Stripper Picks

OXO Corn Stripper

OXO Corn Stripper




  • Quality Material
  • Durable design and Anti-rust blades
  • Safe Blade design

OXO Corn Stripper Review

OXO Corn Stripper has a versatile design that resembles a hand-held peeler and works with corn cobs of most sizes. It comes in the package of three corn strippers.

The manufacturers ensured an ergonomic design by using light materials such as rubber/plastic for the body and stainless steel for the blades. The handle stays firmly in your hand even if the corn juice spills over it due to its rubber, non-toxic composition.

The blades have an anti-oxidation coating that makes them highly resistant to rust to increase the product’s longevity. Additionally, the steel blades, handle, and plastic parts are durable enough not to break while peeling off the corn.

The blade of this corn stripper has a smartly curved design to protect your skin against any cuts or incinerations. The curved blade also helps peel off corn easily than other corn strippers.

Corn stripper by Kare and Kind

Corn stripper by Kare and Kind




  • All-in-one design
  • Sturdy Base
  • Attached container

Corn stripper by Kare and Kind Review

Corn stripper by Kare and Kind is multipurpose, which means you can use it to peel vegetables and grate chocolate too. It proves to be a perfect tool to serve fresh food to your family or visiting friends. It is effortless to use with many helpful features.

Kare and Kind market this product as an all-in-one tool to peel the skin off vegetables and fruits, grate chocolate, and of course, strip corn off the cob. This design eliminates the need to have different peelers for each food product, ultimately saving space in your kitchen.

The base of this corn stripper has a silicone ring that keeps it sturdy and doesn’t allow it to slip during operation. This non-slip design makes it easier for you to work safely without the danger of spilling the container over.

Lastly, this corn stripper has an attached container at the bottom to collect corn or vegetable peels, so you don’t need an extra bowl.

The container also allows you to keep your kitchen counter clean as everything is contained and there’s no debris falling around. Most importantly, the whole kit is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

RSVP International Yellow Deluxe Corn Stripper

RSVP International Yellow Deluxe Corn Stripper​




  • Container
  • Durable plastic and efficient blade
  • Dishwasher friendly

RSVP International Yellow Deluxe Corn Stripper Review

RSVP International Corn Stripper has a cylindrical-shaped design that complements very well with the shape of the corn cobs. It comes with an attached container that allows you to keep the corn and its juice inside it, so there’s no mess and splashes while stripping a cob.

Manufacturers ensured a durable design using high-quality plastic in the kit’s construction. The 18/8 stainless steel blade does its job efficiently, so you don’t have to apply too much force.

Cleaning up the mess is always an issue after you’re done cooking, so this corn stripper lessens your washing work by being dishwasher compatible. Use it, toss it inside the dishwasher, and that’s it.

FireKylin Stainless Steel Cob Corn Stripper

FireKylin Stainless Steel Cob Corn Stripper​




  • Stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic and convenient design
  • Easy to use

FireKylin Stainless Steel Cob Corn Stripper Review

The last one on our list of reliable Corn Strippers is FireSkylin Corn Stripper. It comes in a three-piece structure where different people can use each piece to speed along the process.

The ABS stainless steel blade does its job perfectly by stripping off corn in one go. It is sharp and sturdy, so you don’t have to overwork yourself while operating the kit. The plastic part of this corn stripper has a concave and convex design that adds to its appeal and allows a very firm grip over it.

Use it a few times to register it into your muscle memory, and you’re good to go anytime you want fresh corn.

Buyers Guide

Looking through the above options, you’ll realize that there is an option of a corn stripper for everyone out there.

Whether you want a quick homemade meal with the nutrition of corn or you are in the office thinking about your lunch, a corn stripper can make the process easier and safer.

corn strippers

Types of Corn Stripper

We snooped around a little bit and found out that there are three main types of corn cob strippers. Here they are:

1. Peeler Style

One type looks very similar to a regular vegetable peeler that you would find in almost everyone’s kitchen.

It comes with a plastic or metal handle with saw-tooth blades that peel off the kernels with ease. You’ll still need a bowl, so the detached corn falls into it rather than scattering all over your kitchen shelf.

2. Handles with a circular blade in between

Another variant of corn stripper comes with a circle-shaped middle with serrated teeth and handles stretching out on each side.

You wrap the circle around the corn cob and pull it down to release the corn from their captivity in a single motion. Although quick, such corn strippers are usually less efficient as they do not amount for different cob sizes, which ultimately leads to disproportionate dismembering.

3. Cylindrical-Shaped

The third type is typically a cylindrical container with similar serrated teeth as other variants on each corner. You can put the cob through the cylinder and pull the top handle to strip the kernels off the cob completely.

Choose the one that would serve you the best and make your corn needs hassle-free. Cheers!

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