dark brown muscovado sugar

What Is Muscovado Sugar?

Muscovado Sugar – The Best Sugar Alternative? With the various health drawbacks of white, refined sugar coming to light, many switch to alternative sweeteners. However, artificial sweeteners don’t give us the oomph that white sugar does. What if we were to tell you that there’s a better alternative to white sugar than artificial sweeteners? This …

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KFC Supercharger Sauce

KFC Supercharger Sauce Recipe

In addition to his ‘finger-lickin’ chicken, the Colonel has also brought us some great tasting sauces that deserve some of the spotlight. One of those sauces is the KFC Supercharger sauce. Here in the UK, we are blessed to have the KFC Supercharger sauce back on the menu after a brief period of absence. But …

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big tasty sauce

Big Tasty Sauce Recipe

Sick of relying on McDonald’s to bring the big tasty back to get your fix? Well, we have the thing for you! After months of experimentation, we’ve created the closest possible recipe to the world-famous big tasty sauce. Despite needing a healthy number of ingredients, our big tasty sauce recipe is actually quite straightforward. If …

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Hawkins Futura Dosa Pan

Best Dosa Pans

5 Best Dosa Pans to Make Perfect Dosas At Home Buying a dosa pan isn’t easy. There are so many dosa pans to choose from out there and all of them claim to make the best dosas. So, to make things easier for you, we have prepared a list of the best pans out there …

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Japanese Yakiniku


A Guide on Japanese Style Grilled Meat – Yakiniku Sushi or Ramen might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Japanese Cuisine, but there are several other dishes to try that let you learn more about the Japanese culture and food. Yakiniku is a Japanese style of grilled meat …

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kombucha pot brewing

Hard Kombucha

Why Hard Kombucha is the Best, New Way to Drink Food trends come and go, and only a few can exert their influence and stick around. If you keep yourself updated with all the new trends, you’ve undoubtedly heard of hard kombucha by now. Hard kombucha is the feistier alternative to regular, virgin kombucha. Packed …

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white rice

Rice Dispensers 101

Why a rice dispenser is indispensable for your kitchen Rice is a staple food across the globe, and for a good reason. It can give you all the energy you need, all in a tasty, fluffy bundle. Rice gives you the carbohydrates you need to power you through the day while giving you essential vitamins …

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steaming vs boiling

Steaming Vs Boiling Vegetables

Steaming Vs Boiling Vegetables – Which Is Better? When it comes to cooking vegetables, what do you prefer? Steaming or boiling? Regardless of your preference, these are two acceptable and popular methods of preparing vegetables. If you are inclined to preserve the colour, flavour, and nutrients, you must stop and consider both methods. This steaming …

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burrata cheese

Burrata Cheese

What Is Burrata Cheese? Everything you need to know about this Cheesy Delight There is no surprise that anyone loves the dish with cheese in it. But if this cheese comes not melted, not grated but comes in a whole new and appealing avatar, then imagine how this cheese tempting would be. This is what …

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Global Cooking Book

Are You Up To The Challenge?​

Cook one dish from every country in the world and travel the globe in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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