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The different ways you can use Padron peppers in the kitchen

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Any chef will know that spices are what make any dish shine. Spices don’t just give a fiery hit to your food; instead, they have an incredibly diverse flavour palette.

Peppers and spices can give your food a delicious sweet smokiness, or they can provide a tangy pop. With the vast range of peppers out there, you have many flavours to pick from.

Padron peppers are one such variety of peppers that have an incredibly unique taste. However, these peppers are relatively lesser known than others.

If you’re looking to give your food a new dimension, keep reading below to learn about Padron peppers and how best to cook them! 

What are Padron Peppers?

padron pepper

If you haven’t tried peppers from other cuisines, you might be wondering what are Padron peppers?

Padron peppers are small peppers that can range from being green to red or yellow. These guys are usually mild, but sometimes you may come across a particularly spicy variety.

They are a part of the capsicum family and have an elongated shape.

Where do they come from?

Padron peppers are named after the area where they originate – Padron, Spain.

The soil in Padron, Spain is incredibly fertile, and there is an ample amount of rainfall, perfect for growing these delicious peppers.

Padron is located in the northwest part of Spain, and farmers grow these peppers in the summer months and early fall.

Padron peppers are incredibly popular – so much so that they have their festival. People also grow them in Mexico and the United States.

How can Padron Peppers be used?

There are several ways you can cook Padron peppers, but the most popular is tapas. There are many other Padron pepper recipes to try too.

First, you fry them in olive oil until the skin starts to blister. It helps release the sweet, smoky, nutty flavour of the peppers.

Then, you can sprinkle the peppers with flaky sea salt and enjoy! You can also drizzle hot olive oil on the cooked peppers and soak it up with bread.

You can also enjoy them as a side dish with fried eggs, potatoes, or alongside Spanish cheeses.

padron peppers cooked

Where to store Padron Peppers

After you’ve figured out where to buy Padron peppers, you can figure out how to store them.

It isn’t hard to store these peppers. You can keep them in your refrigerator as you would with any other ingredient.

If you store them in a plastic bag, they can keep for around 1-2 weeks. Keeping them in a netted bag will prolong their lifespan even more.

Health benefits of Padron Peppers

While Padron peppers are exceptionally delicious, they also come with a host of health benefits.

1. Cardiovascular health

All peppers have plenty of B vitamins, and the Padron pepper is no different. Eating these delicious peppers regularly can help you keep your heart healthy.

Studies have found that the higher the levels of B6 and folate, the lesser chance you have of heart disease or stroke.

2. Fight arthritis

Vitamin C can help you fight off arthritis and other orthopaedic diseases, and you can get an ample dose from Padron peppers.

Green and yellow peppers have a lot of vitamin C, and adding these to your diet helps you keep your bones strong and healthy.

3. Up your fibre intake

While you may not imagine it, Padron peppers are an excellent source of dietary fibre. Incorporating them into your diet can keep digestive issues at bay.

Where to buy Padron Peppers

You can buy Padron peppers at any grocery store. If you want certified Spanish peppers, you can also find these peppers with gourmet retailers.

However, those peppers would have a higher price than regular ones. You can find these peppers all through summer and in the early fall.

You can find Padron peppers Tesco & Sainsburys.

Are Padron peppers hot?

Many wonder that are Padron peppers spicy?

Most of them have a mild, smoky, nutty taste. However, one in every ten peppers can pack a punch and leave your eyes watering.

They say that the way you water the peppers influences their spice level. If you water just the soil, the pepper is likely to be less spicy.

However, if you water the whole plant, including the leaves, you’ll have a spicier pepper on your hands.

Furthermore, the longer you leave peppers in the fridge, the spicier they’ll get.

padron peppers

How do you eat Padron peppers?

The blistered Padron peppers recipe is the most popular choice. Still, there are several other ways you can enjoy these peppers too.

You can make stuffed Padron peppers as a delicious side dish or add them to a tapas spread. You can also make pickled peppers.

Are Padron peppers healthy?

Padron peppers are incredibly healthy. They have vitamin B, C, A, and capsaicinoids that can fight off inflammation, free radicals and can improve your digestive system.

Furthermore, these peppers can help boost blood circulation and prevent high blood pressure. Cooking the peppers is incredibly simple, so you can easily reap these health benefits

Where can I find Padron peppers?

You can find Padron peppers in stores online and in supermarkets. If you’re looking for authentic Spanish varieties, consider visiting your local Spanish stores.

You can find them in Waitrose easily during most summer months. However, in winters, expect the supplies to be short.

What do Padron peppers taste like?

The first question in your mind must be, ‘are Padron peppers hot?’

Padron peppers have an addictively good taste. They taste mildly sweet, nutty and piquant.

They pack quite a punch in terms of taste and can be intense, fresh, and mouthwateringly good. You can prepare them in several ways, and pair them with many dishes.

Be it cheese, carbs, or meat, Padron peppers can elevate anything you add them to.

Can I eat Padron peppers raw?

You can eat them raw, but their real taste only comes out when you cook them. Raw peppers might not taste great, and the spiciness might be more pronounced.

How to make Padron peppers is easy. When cooked, you get a lovely smokiness from these peppers that makes them so unforgettable.


Padron peppers aren’t just delicious – they are jam-packed with health benefits and are quick and straightforward to prepare. You can add these as a side dish to any meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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