Monk fruit sweetener uk

Monk Fruit Sweetener UK

What is Monk Fruit Sweetener? Why Is It So Popular? People have started to switch to healthier food options nowadays. They are not just buying organic food but avoiding sugar consumption by choosing alternative sweeteners. One such alternative is Monk fruit. Monk fruit sweeteners have been around for decades, but their popularity has increased recently. …

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cooking using wok burners

Wok Burners 101

A Wok Burner is Exactly What your Cooking is Missing! Cooking is an art that requires not just skill, but the right tools as well. You need to know the food that you are cooking, the palette to know what flavours work well together, and the right tools to make your vision come to life. …

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does baileys go bad

Does Baileys Go Off

Solved: Does Baileys go off? With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to take inventory of the drinks cupboard and ensure your supply is fit for purpose. Stocking up on your favourite drinks just before Christmas is an annual tradition (at least in the UK!) and is one that is almost never forgotten. In …

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chestnut puree

Chestnut Puree

What Is Chestnut Puree?? Chestnuts are a bit like Michael Bublé. They are absolutely everywhere over the Christmas period but as soon as the festive season is over, they return to their hiding place. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eating a Chestnut in June. But that’s is not …

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how much pasta per person

How Much Pasta Per Person

How Much Pasta Per Person is the Right Serving Size? To this day, I have never met anyone who doesn’t like pasta. In fact, I can’t even imagine what someone who hates pasta would even look like. To be honest, I think pasta haters are just a legend, like sewer crocodiles or bigfoot. When you …

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Tofu that has been pressed

Tofu Press

Get a tofu press to revamp your entire tofu experience! Going vegan often requires a total change in your diet. We have to do away with so many products that we have grown up eating, and this can be pretty challenging. However, once you start transitioning, you’ll notice that it gets easier and your body …

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double yolk eggs

Double Yolk Eggs

Everything about double yolk eggs explained Making your breakfast in the morning is probably the last time you expect to get any surprises. But sometimes a certain situation can take you by surprise. If you’ve ever cracked open an egg to make your morning omelette or you scrambled eggs and come across a double yolk …

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Global Cooking Book

Are You Up To The Challenge?​

Cook one dish from every country in the world and travel the globe in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Get 195 Recipes from 195 Countries & Start the Global Cooking Challenge Today!

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